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Week 12 Target Watch: NFC

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Orleans Saints


Jimmy Graham: BYE-3-12-5-11 (31) (7.8), Pierre Thomas: BYE-3-10-7-5 (25) (6.2), Marques Colston: BYE-6-dnp-8-8 (22) (7.3), Lance Moore: BYE-4-10-2-4 (20) (5), Darren Sproles: BYE-4-1-7-4 (16) (4), Kenny Stills: BYE-4-5-4-2 (15) (3.8), Robert Meachem: BYE-3-5-1-2 (11) (2.8), Ben Watson: BYE-3-1-3-dnp (7) (2.3), Mark Ingram: BYE-dnp-1-3-2 (6) (2), Josh Hill: BYE-2-1-0-2 (5) (1.2), Nick Toon: BYE-0-4-0-1 (5) (1.2), Jed Collins: BYE-1-1-0-1 (3) (0.8)


Drew Brees completed 30-of-43 passes to 11 different players. That is the most he’s distributed the ball this season and really is amazing. When you think of many teams in the league it’s nearly impossible to think of 11 players capable of catching a ball in a NFL game. This of course is always the run when trying to predict who will do well for the Saints, but with their high-powered offense you have a decent shot of getting lucky.


Marques Colston has turned things around with 12 receptions, 187 yards and a touchdown over the last two games. It does seem like his past injuries have been catching up with him this year and it’s not a given that he’s turned the corner, but it’s still good to see him getting the work again.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Jimmy Graham: Run 0/Tar 6, Pierre Thomas: Run 10/Tar 3, Lance Moore: Run 0/Tar 2, Ben Watson: Run 0/Tar 2, Marques Colston: Run 0/Tar 1, Darren Sproles: Run 2/Tar 1, Josh Hill: Run 0/Tar 1, Jed Collins: Run 2/Tar 0, Mark Ingram: Run 6/Tar 0



New York Giants


Victor Cruz: 7-10-BYE-10-11 (38) (9.5), Hakeem Nicks: 10-12-BYE-4-5 (31) (7.8), Peyton Hillis: 6-5-BYE-2-dnp (13) (4.3), Brandon Myers: 3-4-BYE-0-4 (11) (2.8), Rueben Randle: 3-1-BYE-3-3 (10) (2.5), John Conner: 5-1-BYE-0-3 (9) (2.2), Andre Brown: dnp-dnp-BYE-3-5 (8) (4), Jerrel Jernigan: 0-4-BYE-0-2 (6) (1.5), Bear Pascoe: 2-0-BYE-0-1 (3) (0.8), Michael Cox: 2-1-BYE-0-0 (3) (0.8), Louis Murphy: 0-0-BYE-0-1 (1) (0.2)


Victor Cruz was the best player for the Giants on Sunday catching eight of 11 targets for 110 yards.  He started the season with three 100+ yard games out of four, but hadn’t hit 100 again until this game. Unfortunately those first four games where Cruz went off, Eli Manning threw nine interceptions, was sacked 14 times and fumbled twice, oh, and the lost all of those games. They had to scale back the offense so Manning would stop killing them and in turn Cruz’s numbers suffered. Manning wasn’t horrible in this game, but he wasn’t at the top of his game either. I think it’s too early to say he’s turned things around, but getting the ball to Cruz is a good start.


Manning has thrown six touchdowns over his last six games and each one has gone to Rueben Randle. Of course he’s only averaging three targets a game over the last five games, so those touchdowns are going to be hard to count on.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Hakeem Nicks: Run 0/Tar 6, Victor Cruz: Run 0/Tar 5, Rueben Randle: Run 0/Tar 3, Brandon Myers: Run 0/Tar 2, Peyton Hillis: Run 4/Tar 1, Louis Murphy: Run 0/Tar 1, John Conner: Run 0/Tar 1, Jerrel Jernigan: Run 0/Tar 1, Larry Donnell: Run 0/Tar 1, Andre Brown: Run 9/Tar 1, Brandon Jacobs: Run 1/Tar 0, Michael Cox: Run 1/Tar 0



Philadelphia Eagles


DeSean Jackson: 8-11-6-5-4 (34) (6.8), Riley Cooper: 7-5-6-5-7 (30) (6), Jason Avant: 12-4-1-4-3 (24) (4.8), LeSean McCoy: 7-5-4-1-4 (21) (4.2), Zach Ertz: 5-4-6-0-3 (18) (3.6), Brent Celek: 4-3-4-1-1 (13) (2.6), Jeff Maehl: 4-0-1-0-1 (6) (1.2), Bryce Brown: 1-1-1-0-2 (5) (1), James Casey: 0-1-1-2-0 (4) (0.8), Damaris Johnson: 0-1-0-0-dnp (1) (0.2)


Nick Foles continues to play very well. This week he completed 17-of-26 passes for 298 yards and ran nine times for 47 yards and a touchdown. LeSean McCoy ran in two touchdowns as well, one after Nick Foles was stopped a hair from a receiving touchdown, which would have helped a slow day for Cooper compared to what he’s been doing, but he did lead the team with seven targets.


Foles’ efficiency is perfect for this offense. DeSean Jackson only had four targets, but caught all four for 82 yards. After getting beat to death by the fast pace and run game, defenses are susceptible to big pass plays. As long as Foles continues to throw an accurate deep ball, which he has, he’s going to keep this team in the fantasy points.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Jason Avant: Run 0/Tar 4, Riley Cooper: Run 0/Tar 4, Brent Celek: Run 0/Tar 3, Zach Ertz: Run 0/Tar 2, LeSean McCoy: Run 11/Tar 2, James Casey: Run 0/Tar 1, DeSean Jackson: Run 0/Tar 1, Nick Foles: Run 5/Tar 0



San Francisco 49ers


Anquan Boldin: 6-6-BYE-5-9 (26) (6.5), Vernon Davis: 8-4-BYE-2-5 (19) (4.8), Mario Manningham: dnp-dnp-BYE-6-4 (10) (5), Frank Gore: 3-1-BYE-2-3 (9) (2.2), Bruce Miller: 1-3-BYE-2-2 (8) (2), Vance McDonald: 2-0-BYE-2-2 (6) (1.5), Jon Baldwin: 0-dnp-BYE-0-3 (3) (1), Kendall Hunter: 0-0-BYE-1-0 (1) (0.2), LaMichael James: dnp-dnp-BYE-0-1 (1) (0.5)


Anquan Boldin led the way in this one with six receptions on nine targets for 56 yards and a touchdown. This was his first touchdown since Week 4. Vernon Davis on the other hand has been much more consistent in the touchdown department. He caught one in this game and now has eight in eight games (one he didn’t play and another he suffered a concussion early).  He remains the only truly viable receiving option on the 49ers for fantasy purposes.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Vernon Davis: Run 0/Tar 5, Anquan Boldin: Run 0/Tar 2, Kyle Williams: Run 0/Tar 1, Jon Baldwin: Run 0/Tar 1, Kendall Hunter: Run 2/Tar 0, Frank Gore: Run 12/Tar 0, Bruce Miller: Run 1/Tar 0, Colin Kaepernick: Run 3/Tar 0



Seattle Seahawks


Golden Tate: 7-7-3-7-4 (28) (5.6), Doug Baldwin: 1-1-10-8-2 (22) (4.4), Zach Miller: 7-3-5-0-5 (20) (4), Marshawn Lynch: 3-1-5-3-2 (14) (2.8), Jermaine Kearse: 3-2-2-4-1 (12) (2.4), Sidney Rice: 4-3-dnp-dnp-dnp (7) (3.5), Luke Willson: 2-0-0-2-1 (5) (1), Robert Turbin: 0-1-0-1-2 (4) (0.8), Ricardo Lockette: dnp-dnp-1-1-1 (3) (1), Kellen Davis: 1-0-0-0-0 (1) (0.2), Derrick Coleman: 1-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp (1) (1), Percy Harvin: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-1 (1) (1), Michael Robinson: dnp-0-0-0-1 (1) (0.2)


Russell Wilson has proven so far this season that he is the best quarterback from the great rookie class of 2012. In his last three games he has completed an amazing 73% of his passes and thrown two touchdowns per game. Wilson has the fourth most fantasy points for quarterbacks this season and is averaging just 25 pass attempts per game! He’s not going to throw for 400 yards a game, but he’s going to give you some rushing yards, won’t throw many interceptions and will get the ball in the end zone one way or the other.


Percy Harvin had a couple nice plays in this one as they eased him back, but it’s going to be difficult to make him enough of a centerpiece in this offense with Marshawn Lynch and not many targets to go around. Golden Tate who had been rolling of late had four targets of which he caught one for 26 yards. Zach Miller led the way this week in targets, receptions and yards with 5, 4 and 69. Those 69 yards were 20 more than he had had on any game this season.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Golden Tate: Run 0/Tar 5, Doug Baldwin: Run 0/Tar 4, Jermaine Kearse: Run 0/Tar 3, Sidney Rice: Run 0/Tar 1, Zach Miller: Run 0/Tar 1, Kellen Davis: Run 0/Tar 1, Marshawn Lynch: Run 16/Tar 1, Christine Michael: Run 1/Tar 0, Russell Wilson: Run 7/Tar 0, Robert Turbin: Run 2/Tar 0



St. Louis Rams


Jared Cook: 7-6-6-2-BYE (21) (5.2), Chris Givens: 2-5-8-4-BYE (19) (4.8), Zac Stacy: 4-3-7-3-BYE (17) (4.2), Tavon Austin: 5-3-2-3-BYE (13) (3.2), Lance Kendricks: 3-5-4-dnp-BYE (12) (4), Austin Pettis: 4-4-4-0-BYE (12) (3), Brian Quick: 6-3-2-0-BYE (11) (2.8), Cory Harkey: 2-1-0-3-BYE (6) (1.5), Daryl Richardson: 1-1-dnp-dnp-BYE (2) (1), Benny Cunningham: dnp-dnp-0-1-BYE (1) (0.5), Stedman Bailey: 0-0-1-0-BYE (1) (0.2)


This was the Tavon Austin Show and the Colts were forced to watch. Austin had a 98 yard punt return touchdown, a 57 yard touchdown reception another 81 yard touchdown reception.


Kellen Clemens completed just nine passes, but thanks to Austin two of those passes went for 138 yards and two touchdowns. Zac Stacy didn’t have a great game, but he did get in for a touchdown and remains the guy who sets up whatever passing game they can muster.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Jared Cook: Run 0/Tar 5, Austin Pettis: Run 0/Tar 2, Chris Givens: Run 0/Tar 2, Lance Kendricks: Run 0/Tar 2, Brian Quick: Run 0/Tar 2, Zac Stacy: Run 15/Tar 2, Stedman Bailey: Run 0/Tar 1, Benny Cunningham: Run 3/Tar 0, Daryl Richardson: Run 3/Tar 0



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Vincent Jackson: 22-13-4-8-12 (59) (11.8), Brian Leonard: 2-7-4-3-5 (21) (4.2), Tim Wright: 3-8-4-1-2 (18) (3.6), Tiquan Underwood: 1-4-3-5-1 (14) (2.8), Mike Williams: 5-6-dnp-dnp-dnp (11) (5.5), Mike James: 3-5-2-0-dnp (10) (2.5), Erik Lorig: 0-1-3-0-2 (6) (1.2), Tom Crabtree: 2-2-1-0-1 (6) (1.2), Eric Page: 0-3-0-0-0 (3) (0.6), Bobby Rainey: dnp-0-0-1-2 (3) (0.8), Chris Owusu: 3-dnp-dnp-dnp-0 (3) (1.5), Skye Dawson: dnp-1-0-2-0 (3) (0.8)


After a couple of down games target-wise for Vincent Jackson he saw double digits once again and it paid off with 10 receptions for 165 yards and a touchdown. Coach Greg Schiano had made it a priority during the week that he wanted Jackson to get more targets even if he was covered and it worked like a charm.


Of course the big story of this game was Bobby Rainey. He rushed 30 times for 163 yards and two touchdowns while also catching another touchdown to total three on the day. Pro Football Focus graded it as the best individual running back performance they’ve seen, ever.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Vincent Jackson: Run 0/Tar 12, Tim Wright: Run 0/Tar 3, Eric Page: Run 0/Tar 2, Tiquan Underwood: Run 0/Tar 2, Mike Williams: Run 0/Tar 2, Doug Martin: Run 0/Tar 2, Brian Leonard: Run 3/Tar 2, Tom Crabtree: Run 0/Tar 1, Erik Lorig: Run 0/Tar 1, Bobby Rainey: Run 8/Tar 1, Mike James: Run 9/Tar 0



Washington Redskins


Pierre Garcon: 8-11-11-10-10 (50) (10), Jordan Reed: 9-14-5-9-1 (38) (7.6), Leonard Hankerson: 5-3-6-5-1 (20) (4), Santana Moss: 2-5-2-3-7 (19) (3.8), Roy Helu: 2-1-1-4-4 (12) (2.4), Logan Paulsen: 1-1-3-3-3 (11) (2.2), Aldrick Robinson: 2-2-1-0-3 (8) (1.6), Josh Morgan: 0-2-1-1-dnp (4) (1), Darrel Young: 0-0-0-1-2 (3) (0.6), Niles Paul: 0-0-2-0-0 (2) (0.4)


Over the last two games it looked like Robert Griffin was ready to turn the corner on a disappointing season, but he once again was largely off his target against the Eagles completing just 17 of 35 attempts. On 16 throws over 10 yards he only completed four. He wasn’t helped by the loss of Jordan Reed and Leonard Hankerson in the game, but he was just having difficulty making the throws. He led a late charge to almost tie up the game, but made an errant throw and was intercepted to end their chances.


Pierre Garcon had 10 targets and Alfred Morris ran the ball 22 times, so the playmakers are getting their looks at least, but unless Griffin is steering the ship in the right direction they will continue to languish.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Jordan Reed: Run 0/Tar 6, Pierre Garcon: Run 0/Tar 6, Logan Paulsen: Run 0/Tar 4, Santana Moss: Run 0/Tar 3, Leonard Hankerson: Run 0/Tar 3, Darrel Young: Run 4/Tar 1, Niles Paul: Run 0/Tar 1, Roy Helu: Run 5/Tar 0, Robert Griffin III: Run 4/Tar 0, Alfred Morris: Run 14/Tar 0


Snap count data comes from our friends at Pro Football Focus.

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