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Week 14 Target Watch: AFC

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome to the AFC targets and touches for Week 14 of the NFL season. The NFC portion can be found with a click of the clicky thing.


I have all the targets for each player since Week 9, and then in parentheses are the total and then average targets per game played for that player. Then below that I have the Red Zone targets and touches for each player, now sorted for rushing attempts and passing targets from Week 9 on.  I hope you enjoy and if you get a chance give a follow on Twitter.



Baltimore Ravens


Torrey Smith: 8-14-8-4-10 (44) (8.8), Jacoby Jones: 8-2-2-6-7 (25) (5), Ray Rice: 4-6-5-1-7 (23) (4.6), Ed Dickson: 3-4-3-5-2 (17) (3.4), Marlon Brown: 9-3-dnp-2-1 (15) (3.8), Dallas Clark: 1-2-4-4-2 (13) (2.6), Tandon Doss: 4-1-5-1-0 (11) (2.2), Deonte Thompson: 4-1-3-dnp-dnp (8) (2.7), Bernard Pierce: 0-3-0-0-3 (6) (1.2), Brandon Stokley: dnp-dnp-dnp-1-3 (4) (2), Vonta Leach: 0-0-1-2-0 (3) (0.6)


Torrey Smith led the team in targets with 10 and caught six for 93 yards and a touchdown. He now has three touchdowns in his last four games and 10 red zone targets in his last five. That’s good news, especially as he goes up against the Vikings’ putrid pass defense this week.


Jacoby Jones has shown some life with 13 targets the past two weeks, but it’s hard to trust him when he had two in each of the two previous games, but in a good matchup he could have some value.


Dennis Pitta may return this week, but would be on a snap count. He’s not going to hurt anyone too much with so little time left in the season.


Ray Rice continues to be unable to get more than what is blocked for him, which isn’t much. He is getting targets and receptions, which is nice in PPR leagues, but he’s not able to do much at all after the catch.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Torrey Smith: Run 0/Tar 10, Marlon Brown: Run 0/Tar 3, Dallas Clark: Run 0/Tar 3, Ray Rice: Run 16/Tar 3, Jacoby Jones: Run 0/Tar 1, Deonte Thompson: Run 0/Tar 1, Joe Flacco: Run 0/Tar 0, Vonta Leach: Run 2/Tar 0



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Buffalo Bills


Steve Johnson: 7-10-dnp-BYE-8 (25) (8.3), Scott Chandler: 9-3-3-BYE-6 (21) (5.2), Marquise Goodwin: 4-4-9-BYE-4 (21) (5.2), T.J. Graham: 4-4-4-BYE-2 (14) (3.5), C.J. Spiller: 3-3-2-BYE-4 (12) (3), Fred Jackson: 2-4-2-BYE-4 (12) (3), Robert Woods: 8-dnp-dnp-BYE-3 (11) (5.5), Chris Gragg: 0-6-0-BYE-dnp (6) (2), Chris Hogan: 0-1-4-BYE-0 (5) (1.2), Lee Smith: 0-1-2-BYE-0 (3) (0.8), Marcus Easley: 1-2-0-BYE-0 (3) (0.8), Frank Summers: 0-0-1-BYE-1 (2) (0.5), Tashard Choice: 1-0-1-BYE-0 (2) (0.5)


C.J. Spiller’s return to prominence was the fantasy story in this one. He only played 24-of-64 snaps compared to Fred Jackson’s 39-of-64, but it was enough to get him 17 touches for 157 yards and a touchdown. Jackson also put up good numbers with two touchdowns and 78 yards on 15 touches. It doesn’t hurt that they were playing the woeful Falcons.


Robert Woods saw 53 snaps to Marquise Goodwin’s 23, but only had three targets, which he caught two of for 34 yards while Goodwin had four targets, but caught none.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Steve Johnson: Run 1/Tar 4, T.J. Graham: Run 0/Tar 3, Robert Woods: Run 0/Tar 2, C.J. Spiller: Run 2/Tar 2, Scott Chandler: Run 0/Tar 1, Marcus Easley: Run 0/Tar 1, Chris Gragg: Run 0/Tar 1, Tashard Choice: Run 1/Tar 1, Marquise Goodwin: Run 0/Tar 1, Jeff Tuel: Run 1/Tar 0, Fred Jackson: Run 11/Tar 0, EJ Manuel: Run 4/Tar 0, Frank Summers: Run 1/Tar 0



Cincinnati Bengals


A.J. Green: 19-15-5-BYE-7 (46) (11.5), Mohamed Sanu: 9-8-5-BYE-2 (24) (6), Marvin Jones: 7-7-2-BYE-3 (19) (4.8), Giovani Bernard: 4-8-5-BYE-2 (19) (4.8), Tyler Eifert: 4-10-1-BYE-2 (17) (4.2), Jermaine Gresham: 7-dnp-6-BYE-2 (15) (5), Andrew Hawkins: 2-0-2-BYE-3 (7) (1.8), Alex Smith: 0-2-1-BYE-0 (3) (0.8), BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 0-0-0-BYE-1 (1) (0.2), Dane Sanzenbacher: 1-0-0-BYE-dnp (1) (0.3)


Andy Dalton had another poor game, but his team’s ability to run the ball helped him out. He only completed 14-of-23 passes for 190 yards, one touchdown and one interception while BenJarvus Green-Ellis rushed 20 times for 92 yards and a touchdown and Giovani Bernard rushed 14 times for 57 yards. That left only seven targets for A.J. Green who averages 10 a game. He did turn those targets into five receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown.


Andrew Hawkins had his best game since returning with three targets and three receptions for 65 yards. The problem though lies in the number of snaps for any receiver not named Green. Green finished with 54 snaps compared to the spread out snaps of the other receivers – Marvin Jones 24, Mohamed Sanu 26 and Hawkins 14.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Giovani Bernard: Run 6/Tar 3, A.J. Green: Run 0/Tar 3, Mohamed Sanu: Run 0/Tar 2, Tyler Eifert: Run 0/Tar 1, Alex Smith: Run 0/Tar 1, Marvin Jones: Run 0/Tar 1, Andy Dalton: Run 1/Tar 0, BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Run 6/Tar 0



Cleveland Browns


Josh Gordon: 7-BYE-15-17-15 (54) (13.5), Jordan Cameron: 5-BYE-7-10-7 (29) (7.2), Chris Ogbonnaya: 6-BYE-12-5-5 (28) (7), Greg Little: 9-BYE-6-7-4 (26) (6.5), Davone Bess: 4-BYE-6-8-5 (23) (5.8), Fozzy Whittaker: 4-BYE-5-5-1 (15) (3.8), Willis McGahee: 0-BYE-2-0-2 (4) (1), Gary Barnidge: 1-BYE-1-0-0 (2) (0.5), Armanti Edwards: 1-BYE-0-dnp-dnp (1) (0.5)


This game was Josh Gordon’s as he saw 15 targets and compiled 10 receptions for 261 yards and two touchdowns. The next most productive receiver was Jordan Cameron who had seven targets with four receptions for 43 yards. That is less than 261.


Willis McGahee continues to plug away, but has so little upside that his 16 touches for 71 yards and a touchdown against the Jaguars is hardly repeatable even against a woeful Patriots run defense this week.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Josh Gordon: Run 0/Tar 7, Greg Little: Run 0/Tar 4, Chris Ogbonnaya: Run 2/Tar 4, Jordan Cameron: Run 0/Tar 3, Davone Bess: Run 0/Tar 2, Gary Barnidge: Run 0/Tar 1, Willis McGahee: Run 9/Tar 0, Fozzy Whittaker: Run 2/Tar 0, Armanti Edwards: Run 1/Tar 0



Denver Broncos


Demaryius Thomas: BYE-10-13-9-6 (38) (9.5), Wes Welker: BYE-6-10-8-5 (29) (7.2), Eric Decker: BYE-5-6-4-12 (27) (6.8), Knowshon Moreno: BYE-8-1-1-5 (15) (3.8), Julius Thomas: BYE-5-5-dnp-dnp (10) (5), Montee Ball: BYE-0-4-3-2 (9) (2.2), Jacob Tamme: BYE-0-0-5-3 (8) (2), Virgil Green: BYE-1-0-2-1 (4) (1), Andre Caldwell: BYE-1-1-0-1 (3) (0.8), C.J. Anderson: BYE-0-0-1-dnp (1) (0.3), Joel Dreessen: BYE-0-0-1-0 (1) (0.2)


Just when you think Eric Decker is the redheaded stepchild of the bunch he goes and has a huge game. He led the team with 12 targets, catching eight for 174 yards and four touchdowns. Demaryius Thomas did manage 106 yards on six targets and three receptions, but Welker was left out in the cold on this one with just three receptions for 38 yards. This just goes to reaffirm that you never sit any Broncos receiver if he’s playing.


The running backs also put up good overall numbers, Knowshon Moreno got his in the passing game and Montee Ball had a great ground game. Moreno had 45 snaps to Ball’s 24, but 19 touches to his 14 touches. It looks like we’ll see a split closer to this going forward, but dependent on game flow and productivity.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Eric Decker: Run 0/Tar 4, Demaryius Thomas: Run 0/Tar 3, Wes Welker: Run 0/Tar 2, Jacob Tamme: Run 0/Tar 2, Knowshon Moreno: Run 9/Tar 2, Montee Ball: Run 6/Tar 2, Virgil Green: Run 0/Tar 1, Joel Dreessen: Run 0/Tar 1, Julius Thomas: Run 0/Tar 1



Houston Texans


Andre Johnson: 13-12-17-6-9 (57) (11.4), Garrett Graham: 6-3-13-9-11 (42) (8.4), DeAndre Hopkins: 6-11-2-4-5 (28) (5.6), Ben Tate: 2-5-6-6-0 (19) (3.8), DeVier Posey: 4-6-4-1-0 (15) (3), Keshawn Martin: 0-0-5-2-1 (8) (1.6), Dennis Johnson: 0-1-0-2-2 (5) (1), Ryan Griffin: 0-1-dnp-2-0 (3) (0.8), Greg Jones: 1-1-1-0-0 (3) (0.6), Lestar Jean: 0-1-0-0-dnp (1) (0.2)


Case Keenum had a much better outing than his last two games, but most of the fantasy points went to Ben Tate who got into the end zone three times. Keenum also got into the end zone with his feet, which is good to see for his fantasy outlook.


Andre Johnson led the way with eight receptions for 121 yards on nine targets, but the target leader was Garrett Graham who had 11. Those 11 targets unfortunately ended up as three receptions for 36 yards, but it’s good to know how much Keenum looks his way.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Andre Johnson: Run 0/Tar 6, Ben Tate: Run 16/Tar 3, Garrett Graham: Run 0/Tar 3, DeAndre Hopkins: Run 0/Tar 2, Ryan Griffin: Run 0/Tar 1, DeVier Posey: Run 0/Tar 1, Keshawn Martin: Run 0/Tar 1, Matt Schaub: Run 0/Tar 0, Dennis Johnson: Run 2/Tar 0, Case Keenum: Run 3/Tar 0



Indianapolis Colts


T.Y. Hilton: 12-8-9-9-7 (45) (9), Coby Fleener: 5-10-10-8-5 (38) (7.6), Darrius Heyward-Bey: 6-6-3-6-5 (26) (5.2), LaVon Brazill: 2-5-1-5-8 (21) (4.2), Griff Whalen: 9-5-3-dnp-dnp (17) (5.7), Trent Richardson: 3-5-5-2-0 (15) (3), Donald Brown: 2-5-1-2-3 (13) (2.6), Stanley Havili: 1-4-1-dnp-4 (10) (2.5), Weslye Saunders: dnp-dnp-3-2-dnp (5) (2.5), David Reed: 0-1-0-2-dnp (3) (0.8), Daniel Herron: dnp-1-0-0-0 (1) (0.2), Justice Cunningham: dnp-dnp-dnp-1-dnp (1) (1)


This game was not one for the fantasy faint of heart. Not one receiver topped 50 yards and Andrew Luck was held to 17-of-32 for 200 yards, no touchdowns and an interception.


Your target leader in this one was LaVon Brazill who had eight, but only caught three for 42 yards. Darrius Heyward-Bey had another horrible drop-filled day as he caught one of five targets and it looks like Brazill will continue to get more going forward.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: T.Y. Hilton: Run 0/Tar 8, Darrius Heyward-Bey: Run 0/Tar 6, Griff Whalen: Run 0/Tar 4, Coby Fleener: Run 0/Tar 4, LaVon Brazill: Run 0/Tar 4, Donald Brown: Run 6/Tar 3, Stanley Havili: Run 0/Tar 1, David Reed: Run 0/Tar 1, Trent Richardson: Run 3/Tar 0, Daniel Herron: Run 1/Tar 0, Andrew Luck: Run 3/Tar 0


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