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Week 17 Target Watch

Friday, December 27, 2013

Welcome to the targets and touches for Week 17 of the NFL season. 


I have all the targets for each player since Week 12, and then in parentheses are the total and then average targets per game played for that player. Then below that I have the Red Zone targets and touches for each player, now sorted for rushing attempts and passing targets from Week 12 on for your pleasure.  I hope you enjoy and if you get a chance give a follow on Twitter.

Arizona Cardinals


Larry Fitzgerald: 11-8-12-9-5 (45) (9), Michael Floyd: 7-10-5-5-5 (32) (6.4), Andre Roberts: 5-8-2-3-2 (20) (4), Rob Housler: 5-6-4-dnp-2 (17) (4.2), Andre Ellington: 2-dnp-2-5-3 (12) (3), Jim Dray: 1-3-3-1-3 (11) (2.2), Stepfan Taylor: 1-3-3-0-0 (7) (1.4), Brittan Golden: dnp-2-dnp-2-2 (6) (2), Jake Ballard: 0-0-0-3-3 (6) (1.2), Rashard Mendenhall: 2-0-0-2-0 (4) (0.8), Jaron Brown: 1-1-1-0-0 (3) (0.6), Alfonso Smith: 1-0-0-0-0 (1) (0.2)


You don’t see too many winning quarterbacks going 13-of-25 for 178 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions, but that’s exactly what Carson Palmer did in a 17-10 win, the first loss for Seattle at home in two years.


As you might expect, the Cardinals’ defense led the team in fantasy points with Jay Feely not far behind. That of course doesn’t leave many fantasy points for others, but it was good to see Michael Floyd catch the game winner. It was his only catch of the day, but it was a great one that shows he can get it done in a big spot.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Larry Fitzgerald: Run 0/Tar 11, Michael Floyd: Run 0/Tar 4, Jim Dray: Run 0/Tar 4, Rob Housler: Run 0/Tar 2, Andre Ellington: Run 8/Tar 2, Andre Roberts: Run 0/Tar 1, Jake Ballard: Run 0/Tar 1, Rashard Mendenhall: Run 14/Tar 1, Carson Palmer: Run 0/Tar 0, Stepfan Taylor: Run 5/Tar 0




Atlanta Falcons


Harry Douglas: 11-15-7-7-9 (49) (9.8), Roddy White: 2-14-10-7-15 (48) (9.6), Tony Gonzalez: 6-7-6-7-11 (37) (7.4), Darius Johnson: 8-4-1-4-dnp (17) (4.2), Steven Jackson: 4-1-3-6-2 (16) (3.2), Jacquizz Rodgers: 3-1-4-4-3 (15) (3), Jason Snelling: 2-1-1-1-3 (8) (1.6), Drew Davis: 1-0-1-0-3 (5) (1), Levine Toilolo: 1-1-dnp-1-1 (4) (1), Patrick DiMarco: 0-1-1-1-1 (4) (0.8), Antone Smith: 0-2-0-dnp-0 (2) (0.5)


Matt Ryan had his best fantasy game since Week 7 and most passing yards since Week 4 as he eclipsed 4,000 total yards for the third straight season. A big chunk of his 348 yards on the day went to Roddy White who caught 12 of 16 targets for 141 yards and a touchdown. That was the most receiving yardage the 49ers had allowed to a single wide receiver all season.


Next season hopefully Julio Jones is back to full health because Ryan will once again be a worthy fantasy play all year if he is.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Tony Gonzalez: Run 0/Tar 9, Harry Douglas: Run 0/Tar 5, Roddy White: Run 0/Tar 3, Darius Johnson: Run 0/Tar 2, Steven Jackson: Run 16/Tar 2, Jason Snelling: Run 0/Tar 1, Levine Toilolo: Run 0/Tar 1, Matt Ryan: Run 1/Tar 0, Jacquizz Rodgers: Run 1/Tar 0




Baltimore Ravens


Torrey Smith: 4-10-5-12-8 (39) (7.8), Jacoby Jones: 6-7-7-9-4 (33) (6.6), Marlon Brown: 2-1-11-6-7 (27) (5.4), Dennis Pitta: dnp-dnp-11-4-7 (22) (7.3), Ray Rice: 1-7-5-4-3 (20) (4), Ed Dickson: 5-2-5-3-5 (20) (4), Bernard Pierce: 0-3-2-0-5 (10) (2), Dallas Clark: 4-2-dnp-dnp-dnp (6) (3), Vonta Leach: 2-0-2-0-1 (5) (1), Brandon Stokley: 1-3-1-dnp-dnp (5) (1.7), Tandon Doss: 1-0-0-0-1 (2) (0.4), Bernard Scott: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-1 (1) (1)


Joe Flacco had a poor game against the Patriots as he threw two interceptions and no touchdowns. Over the last six games he has six total touchdowns and three of those came in one game against the hapless Vikings. This offense is not clicking. The run game continues to go nowhere and the Flacco to Torrey Smith connection isn’t connecting. The return of Dennis Pitta seemed like it would be a boost to the offense, but his last two games have been duds. There is absolutely no consistency from this team.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Ray Rice: Run 12/Tar 5, Torrey Smith: Run 0/Tar 4, Dennis Pitta: Run 0/Tar 3, Marlon Brown: Run 0/Tar 3, Ed Dickson: Run 0/Tar 3, Jacoby Jones: Run 0/Tar 2, Bernard Pierce: Run 5/Tar 1, Vonta Leach: Run 0/Tar 1, Dallas Clark: Run 0/Tar 1, Bernard Scott: Run 1/Tar 0, Joe Flacco: Run 1/Tar 0



Editor's Note: Rotoworld's partner FanDuel is hosting a one-week $300,000 Fantasy Football league for Week 17. It's $25 to join and first prize is $25,000. Starts Sunday at 1pm ET. Here's the FanDuel link.




Buffalo Bills


Steve Johnson: BYE-8-11-3-dnp (22) (7.3), Robert Woods: BYE-3-5-6-5 (19) (4.8), Scott Chandler: BYE-6-3-5-3 (17) (4.2), Fred Jackson: BYE-4-7-2-2 (15) (3.8), T.J. Graham: BYE-2-3-2-5 (12) (3), C.J. Spiller: BYE-4-1-2-4 (11) (2.8), Marquise Goodwin: BYE-4-0-0-1 (5) (1.2), Chris Hogan: BYE-0-1-0-3 (4) (1), Frank Summers: BYE-1-dnp-3-0 (4) (1.3), Lee Smith: BYE-0-1-0-1 (2) (0.5), Chris Gragg: BYE-dnp-0-1-0 (1) (0.3), Marcus Easley: BYE-0-0-0-1 (1) (0.2)


Thad Lewis didn’t need to do a ton in this game with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller combining for 188 yards rushing and a touchdown. And you can’t forget the Dan Carpenter revenge factor! 


Robert Woods continues to flash big play ability with three receptions for 70 yards on five targets, but that was really the only bright spot in the passing game. E.J. Manuel should return this week to get some more reps to build on next season.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Steve Johnson: Run 0/Tar 2, Robert Woods: Run 0/Tar 2, Fred Jackson: Run 13/Tar 1, Scott Chandler: Run 0/Tar 1, T.J. Graham: Run 0/Tar 1, Frank Summers: Run 3/Tar 1, Tashard Choice: Run 1/Tar 0, Thaddeus Lewis: Run 0/Tar 0, EJ Manuel: Run 6/Tar 0, C.J. Spiller: Run 4/Tar 0




Carolina Panthers



Greg Olsen: 9-7-12-8-7 (43) (8.6), Steve Smith: 8-4-8-5-2 (27) (5.4), Ted Ginn: 10-4-5-1-4 (24) (4.8), Brandon LaFell: 5-7-4-4-2 (22) (4.4), Mike Tolbert: 1-4-2-2-2 (11) (2.2), DeAngelo Williams: 3-dnp-2-4-1 (10) (2.5), Jonathan Stewart: 1-2-1-dnp-dnp (4) (1.3), Domenik Hixon: 0-0-0-0-3 (3) (0.6)


Cam Newton did his best Tim Tebow impersonation in this one as he was awful most of the game and then led his team down for the game winning drive. This win is set pretty firmly on the backs of the Panthers’ defense with no receiver topping four receptions or 66 yards and Newton only completing 13-of-22 for 188 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Of course Newton is a better quarterback than his play against New Orleans, but he’ll need to be more consistent to make a run in the playoffs.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Greg Olsen: Run 0/Tar 7, Steve Smith: Run 0/Tar 5, Brandon LaFell: Run 1/Tar 3, Ted Ginn: Run 0/Tar 3, Mike Tolbert: Run 8/Tar 2, DeAngelo Williams: Run 8/Tar 1, Domenik Hixon: Run 0/Tar 1, Kenjon Barner: Run 2/Tar 0, Cam Newton: Run 8/Tar 0, Jonathan Stewart: Run 6/Tar 0, Derek Anderson: Run 1/Tar 0



Chicago Bears


Brandon Marshall: 12-9-8-13-9 (51) (10.2), Alshon Jeffery: 8-15-9-5-9 (46) (9.2), Martellus Bennett: 5-5-6-6-8 (30) (6), Matt Forte: 9-2-9-3-5 (28) (5.6), Earl Bennett: 8-3-2-4-3 (20) (4), Tony Fiammetta: 3-0-0-0-0 (3) (0.6), Michael Bush: 2-0-1-0-0 (3) (0.6), Eric Weems: 0-0-0-0-2 (2) (0.4), Dante Rosario: 0-0-1-0-0 (1) (0.2)


The Bears were absolutely destroyed by the Eagles last Sunday night and there is no way around that fact. The defense as usual was run all over while the offense could only muster 11 points against a team Matt Cassel and Greg Jennings completely lit up the week before.


The targets between Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall evened out this week with nine each while Marshall got into the end zone, but Jeffery had more receptions and yards. At this point I’ll be drafting Jeffery ahead of Marshall next season.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: Brandon Marshall: Run 0/Tar 7, Earl Bennett: Run 0/Tar 4, Matt Forte: Run 13/Tar 4, Michael Bush: Run 8/Tar 3, Alshon Jeffery: Run 0/Tar 3, Martellus Bennett: Run 0/Tar 2, Dante Rosario: Run 0/Tar 1, Jay Cutler: Run 0/Tar 0, Josh McCown: Run 3/Tar 0




Cincinnati Bengals


A.J. Green: BYE-7-8-18-12 (45) (11.2), Marvin Jones: BYE-3-4-9-7 (23) (5.8), Mohamed Sanu: BYE-2-4-4-6 (16) (4), Jermaine Gresham: BYE-2-5-5-3 (15) (3.8), Giovani Bernard: BYE-2-4-4-4 (14) (3.5), Tyler Eifert: BYE-2-4-3-1 (10) (2.5), Andrew Hawkins: BYE-3-2-1-3 (9) (2.2), BenJarvus Green-Ellis: BYE-1-1-0-2 (4) (1), Alex Smith: BYE-0-1-0-0 (1) (0.2)


Andy Dalton is having a great season, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been as good as it has been. He’s currently the fifth best fantasy quarterback this year, but it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Here are his weekly points this season 15, 16, 13, 5, 8, 24, 26, 31, 6, 14, 11, BYE, 9, 30, 19, 31. That kind of inconsistency sometimes made him tough to start on the games he went off and then made it tough to sit him on games he didn’t.


A.J. Green is hovering around his numbers from last season. Last week he caught seven of 13 targets for 93 yards and two touchdowns to put him at 94/1365/10. Last season he finished with a line of 97/1350/11.  It looks like an injury would be the only thing to keep him from being a consistent top 5 fantasy receiver for years to come.


Red Zone Targets+Touches: A.J. Green: Run 0/Tar 8, Marvin Jones: Run 0/Tar 4, Mohamed Sanu: Run 0/Tar 4, Jermaine Gresham: Run 0/Tar 2, Giovani Bernard: Run 7/Tar 1, Tyler Eifert: Run 0/Tar 1, Andy Dalton: Run 3/Tar 0, BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Run 12/Tar 0



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