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Live Blog: 12-Team PPR Draft

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fourth Round

4.01. Rich Hribar -- Eric Decker (WR25)
4.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Jordan Reed (TE2)
4.03. Denny Carter -- Doug Baldwin (WR26)
4.04. Mike Braude -- Jordan Matthews (WR27)
4.05. Mike Clay -- Eddie Lacy (RB12)
4.06. Graham Barfield -- John Brown (WR28)
4.07. Matt Kelley -- Tyler Lockett (WR29)
4.08. JJ Zachariason -- Doug Martin (RB13)
4.09. Matt Harmon -- Kelvin Benjamin (WR30)
4.10. Evan Silva -- Larry Fitzgerald (WR31)
4.11. Chet Gresham -- Marvin Jones (WR32)
4.12. Shawn Siegele -- Greg Olsen (TE3)

Comments: Through four rounds, we have 32 wide receivers off the board, only 13 running backs, and three tight ends. No quarterbacks have been drafted. Bloom has taken a balanced approach, beginning with an RB-WR start (Todd Gurley, T.Y. Hilton) followed by a strong value pick running back in round three (Mark Ingram) and a difference-maker tight end (Jordan Reed) in round four. There are five drafters who have yet to select any running backs: Siegele (WR-WR-WR-TE), Braude (WR-TE-WR-WR), Carter (WR-WR-WR-WR), Kelley (WR-WR-WR-WR), and Barfield (WR-WR-WR-WR). Clay has continued to hammer running backs with a David Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Le'Veon Bell, and Eddie Lacy start. I was hoping Lacy or John Brown would fall to me at 4.10, but settled for Fitzgerald, whom I envision as more of a WR3 than the borderline WR1 he produced as for much of last season. My team through four rounds is Odell Beckham, Devonta Freeman, Golden Tate, and Fitz.

Fifth Round

5.01. Shawn Siegele -- Travis Kelce (TE4)
5.02. Chet Gresham -- Dion Lewis (RB14)
5.03. Evan Silva -- DeVante Parker (WR33)
5.04. Matt Harmon -- Kevin White (WR34)
5.05. JJ Zachariason -- Emmanuel Sanders (WR35)
5.06. Matt Kelley -- Cam Newton (QB1)
5.07. Graham Barfield -- DeSean Jackson (WR36)
5.08. Mike Clay -- Aaron Rodgers (QB2)
5.09. Mike Braude -- Corey Coleman (WR37)
5.10. Denny Carter -- Latavius Murray (RB15)
5.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Michael Crabtree (WR38)
5.12. Rich Hribar -- Coby Fleener (TE5)

Comments: Some of the extreme wide receiver drafters began diving into other positions in this round. Following a WRx4 start, Kelley made Cam Newton the QB1 off the board. Kelley told me on Twitter that his debate was between Newton and Allen Hurns at 5.06. Carter followed a WRx4 start with potential high-volume workhorse Latavius Murray toward the end of round five. Siegele went with back-to-back tight ends on the turn, and figures to open the season with Travis Kelce manning his flex position. Barfield has stuck to his guns with a WRx5 start. Braude began WR-TE-WR-WR-WR. 2015 league winner Zachariason's team is balanced with a Dez Bryant-Lamar Miller-Donte Moncrief-Doug Martin-Emmanuel Sanders beginning. Clay has yet to draft a single wide receiver in a league where 38 have already been taken. Hribar started off Ezekiel Elliott-Alshon Jeffery-Michael Floyd-Eric Decker-Coby Fleener. The running backs still available are very enticing from a value-based-drafting standpoint. We will start to see a lot of them go off the board in the next few rounds.

Sixth Round

6.01. Rich Hribar -- Josh Gordon (WR39)
6.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Sterling Shepard (WR40)
6.03. Denny Carter -- Giovani Bernard (RB16)
6.04. Mike Braude -- Matt Forte (RB17)
6.05. Mike Clay -- Danny Woodhead (RB18)
6.06. Graham Barfield -- Duke Johnson (RB19)
6.07. Matt Kelley -- Allen Hurns (WR41)
6.08. JJ Zachariason -- Torrey Smith (WR42)
6.09. Matt Harmon -- Kamar Aiken (WR43)
6.10. Evan Silva -- Thomas Rawls (RB20)
6.11. Chet Gresham -- Willie Snead (WR44)
6.12. Shawn Siegele -- Stefon Diggs (WR45)

Comments: Maybe one of the best takeaways from a draft like this is where suspended players like Le'Veon Bell and Josh Gordon go. We saw Bell last until the mid-to-late third round and Gordon go to Hribar at 6.01. From a value-based-drafting perspective, the wide receivers are starting to look like pretty big reaches. You won't see Shepard, Smith, Aiken, Snead, or Diggs go in the sixth round of many other drafts, but there is a strategy behind their selections. Clay continues to hoard running backs with an RB-RB-RB-RB-QB-RB start. As mentioned previously, Braude has been the best player in this league over the last two seasons. His sixth-round selection of Forte looks like silly-good value, even with a large chunk of the fantasy community down on Forte this year. Barfield made Duke Johnson his RB1 pick after a 5xWR start. After going 4xWR to kick things off, Carter has selected back-to-back running backs in Latavius Murray and Giovani Bernard.

Seventh Round

7.01. Shawn Siegele -- Carlos Hyde (RB21)
7.02. Chet Gresham -- Russell Wilson (QB3)
7.03. Evan Silva -- Frank Gore (RB22)
7.04. Matt Harmon -- Ryan Mathews (RB23)
7.05. JJ Zachariason -- Matt Jones (RB24)
7.06. Matt Kelley -- Charles Sims (RB25)
7.07. Graham Barfield -- Jeremy Langford (RB26)
7.08. Mike Clay -- Tavon Austin (WR46)
7.09. Mike Braude -- Arian Foster (RB27)
7.10. Denny Carter -- Sammie Coates (WR47)
7.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Michael Thomas (WR48)
7.12. Rich Hribar -- Phillip Dorsett (WR49)

Comments: Austin will be Clay's WR1. I've seen Clay getting some heat on Twitter for taking a value-based running back-heavy approach, but keep in mind he also has a ton of ammunition to swing trades before the season. Based on my experience playing against him, Clay is a very active trader. Kelley is a not-so-shy Zero RB advocate and didn't draft a running back until the seventh round, where he landed Sims. Siegele also waited until round seven to select a back and came away with Hyde as his RB1. I followed up my sixth-round selection of Rawls with Gore. Angry Frank will compete for my flex spot with DeVante Parker, who will draw a lot of tough cornerback assignments because he plays on the boundary while Jarvis Landry works in the slot, where top corners typically don't line up. Hribar will enter round eight with one back (Ezekiel Elliott), five wideouts (Alshon Jeffery, Eric Decker, Michael Floyd, Josh Gordon, and Phillip Dorsett), and one tight end (Coby Fleener). Quarterbacks always go super late in these drafts. We've only seen three signal callers selected. It's been two full rounds since a tight end was drafted, representative of a tier drop-off after Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce, and Fleener.

Eighth Round

8.01. Rich Hribar -- Melvin Gordon (RB28)
8.02. Sigmund Bloom -- DeAngelo Williams (RB29)
8.03. Denny Carter -- DeMarco Murray (RB30)
8.04. Mike Braude -- Delanie Walker (TE6)
8.05. Mike Clay -- Andrew Luck (QB4)
8.06. Graham Barfield -- Drew Brees (QB5)
8.07. Matt Kelley -- Jonathan Stewart (RB31)
8.08. JJ Zachariason -- Mohamed Sanu (WR50)
8.09. Matt Harmon -- Travis Benjamin (WR51)
8.10. Evan Silva -- Tyler Eifert (TE7)
8.11. Chet Gresham -- Dwayne Allen (TE8)
8.12. Shawn Siegele -- Devin Funchess (WR52)

Comments: The wide receiver talent has fallen off a major cliff by this point. I might actually argue it did 2-3 rounds ago. As you can see through the rest of the draft, a big run on tight ends begins at this point. I loved the value Bloom got drafting Williams in the eighth round. I almost took Williams at 7.03, but couldn't justify him over Frank Gore. Zero RBer Kelley has begun hammering running backs after beginning WRx4. Eifert (ankle) could potentially miss the first 2-4 games of the season, but I'm always willing to pull the trigger on him in the late eighth round because he should be a difference maker when healthy. There are a ton of available targets in Cincinnati. I went with Antonio Gates early in the ninth round to tide me over until Eifert returns. If you're interested in continuing to follow this draft through 18 rounds, you can click this link.

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