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Finding Your Fantasy Kicker

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My brave Sherpa had died, his body swept away by the icy winds howling in every direction. The mountain was biting back, becoming more jagged and steep and ruthless with every step: up, up, to the secret that sat in a gold-encrusted box inside a cave at the top of the rocky beast.


I persisted, through pain and numbness, through thinning air and hunger so deep it made me hallucinate about Cam Newton being an every-week fantasy starter. I reached the cave, crawling on my ravaged hands and knees, just as the sun fell below the horizon. I dragged my dying body toward the beautiful golden box sitting in the middle of the cave and with my last burst of energy, flipped it open to reveal…




I gasped. The Sherpa was wrong. The key to fantasy kicker success was not there. Maybe it never was. Maybe this was the whole point. I collapsed. The wind whipped, more ferocious than ever. I swear I heard it talk: “Gostkowski,” the wind whispered, “and log out.”


This, of course, was only my nightmare last Tuesday night. But the search for how we might nail down the kicker position in fantasy football goes on, as it does for every position in this maddening little game.


I wrote a weekly kicker column in 2016, harping every week about the best correlations for fantasy kicker point production. Success has nothing to do with a kicker’s accuracy, but rather his opportunity. Good luck forecasting a kicker’s opportunity in a given week. Study Vegas lines, red zone efficiency, home-road splits, opponents’ field goal kicks given up and seven other factors and prepare to swing and miss on a seemingly perfect streaming kicker play.


I am by no means eschewing the streaming approach to the kicker position -- a position, by the bye, that is more consistent than receiver, running back and tight end (the position, in my estimation, that should be eliminated from fantasy football via presidential executive order). I’m interested in what to look for if the goal is to draft a kicker and stick with him in good matchups and bad.


The annoyance of picking up and dropping kickers -- not to mention the slow drain on a limited free agent auction budget (FAAB) -- isn’t for everyone. My Twitter mentions are filled with two requests during the NFL season: to delete my account, posthaste, and to offer kickers who could or should be viable over the long run.


What if a fantasy footballer wants to draft a kicker in the last round of her August draft and be done with it?



Kickers and the NFL’s Top Passing Offenses


I’ll begin this exercise with a look at seasonal performances of kickers from the most potent passing attacks in the NFL. Passing yardage, after all, is much more closely correlated with kicker fantasy points than rushing yardage. The following data is from the past three NFL seasons, with a focus on the top-10 passing teams from each season.


The question, put simply: should we draft a kicker based on projections about his offense’s passing production?

Most Passing Yards 2016


TeamField goal attemptsKicker fantasy rank
Saints 34 (t-12th) 5th
Washington 42 (1st) 3rd
Falcons 37 (t-6th) 1st
Patriots 32 (t-15th) 10th
Colts 31 (t-18th) 6th
Steelers 28 (t-23rd) 22nd
Packers 30 (t-22nd) 16th
Chargers 32 (t-15th) 17th
Cardinals 28 (t-23rd) 18th
Seahawks 27 (t-6th) 12th


Most Passing Yards 2015


TeamField goal attemptsFantasy kicker rank
Cardinals 31 (t-15th) 7th
Saints 26 (t-27th) 18th
Steelers 42 (1st) 12th
Seahawks 31 (t-15th) 6th
Bucs 40 (t-2nd) 10th
Patriots 36 (t-7th) 1st
Falcons 31 (t-15th) 31st
Giants 32 (t-11th) 4th
Chargers 32 (t-11th) 18th
Jets 33 (10th) 5th


Most Passing Yards 2014


TeamField goal attemptsFantasy kicker rank
Colts 31 (t-18th) 3rd
Steelers 32 (t-15th) 11th
Saints 22 (t-29th) 23rd
Broncos 29 (t-22nd) 12th
Falcons 32 (t-15th) 6th
Eagles 36 (7th) 2nd
Giants 26 (t-25th) 13th
Packers 33 (12th) 4th
Patriots 37 (t-4th) 1st
Chargers 26 (t-25th) 21st


The short of it: 20 of these 30 teams (66.6 percent) had kickers who finished the season as a top-12 kicker, or a K1 in a 12-team league. Nine of the kickers (30 percent) from these 30 teams ended up as top-five kickers. The top fantasy kicker from each of these seasons can be found among these teams.


To put it another way: 30 percent of the kickers listed above finished outside the top-half of fantasy kickers. Many of those options would have been cut-worthy, not exactly a rarity for this position.


I’m at least partly pleased by these findings. A slightly closer examination of these top-tier aerial offenses will find that many of the disastrous kicker performances came from bad teams that often faced big deficits. An ocean of bad game script is bad for many fantasy positions, kicker included. 4for4 writer Chris Raybon found a couple years back that kickers on winning teams had a whole lot more field goal attempts than their counterparts on garbage squads.


Suffice it to say: that makes sense.


The best information is actionable information, data we can use to guide what we do on draft day and beyond. Many of the teams listed above would have been projected to be among the most productive pass offenses in the league. The Patriots, Giants, Packers, Falcons, Saints and Colts (when Andrew Luck is upright): they’re all over the place in the above charts. Of all the processes you could use on fantasy football draft day in selecting a kicker, clicking on a kicker from a solid passing offense would rank among the best.


The average field goal attempts among the 30 kicker campaigns listed above is 33, or 2.06 field goal tries per game. That would have ranked 15th in 2016, 11th in 2015 and 12th in 2014. It’s not what I’d deem a gleaming stat, though it’s among the NFL’s top-half kicker opportunity in each of the three seasons. And with kickers, like every other position, opportunity is king. Kiss the ring.


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C.D. Carter, author of the "How To Think Like A Fantasy Football Winner" series, owner of Draft Day Consultants and cohost of the Living The Stream podcast, writes a weekly kicker column for Daily Fantasy Cafe. He can be found on Twitter @cdcarter13.
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