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Perry Rich Indeed

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sometimes, you have a good idea that a signing is in the works. Reports surface that the two sides are close. Maybe there’s another contract that serves as a crystal-clear comparable or perhaps the two sides face a no-bones-about-it deadline.


While Ryan Getzlaf’s eight-year, $66 million contract clearly gave Corey Perry’s people a benchmark for the eventual eight-year, $69 million extension that the 27-year-old forward inked on Monday, it still was a little bit surprising that that news dropped. One could argue that it shouldn’t have been, however; in fact, maybe Perry’s suspension and/or Geztlaf's extension forced the door back open on those talks?




Either way, the Ducks face an interesting proposition next season: who needs to go to make things work? Between Perry and Getzlaf, Anaheim is already out $16.9 million (or so) in cap money. Even with veteran deals like Teemu Selanne’s and Saku Koivu’s off the books, Anaheim’s front office will probably have some tough decisions to make. (That’s especially true if “The Finnish Flash” decides he isn’t finished.)


Still, it’s probably good news for the Ducks overall. The two power forwards have proven to be top performers, although one could argue that they’re a little less consistent than some of the absolute best players in the league.




Actually, that got me thinking about some of the most expensive duos in the NHL. How do Perry and Getzlaf stack up, both cash and production wise? I’ll keep the listings simple according to this season’s numbers, but I’ll consider past behavior, too.


Notes: these duos aren’t always going to be linemates. Instead, the point is to consider “faces of” given NHL franchises. Also, don’t get bent out of shape if your favorite pairing has been left out; this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive.


Perry and Getzlaf


Price: almost $17 million starting next season, a little under $11 million in 2013.


Production: Perry - 24 pts, Getzlaf - 33 pts


Thoughts: In fantasy terms, one cannot ignore their PIM potential. They’ve generally been pretty sturdy, too, with just minor health hiccups.


Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin


Price: $17.4 million


Production: Crosby - 48 pts, Malkin - 24 pts


Thoughts: The definition of “get what you pay for,” as this duo has the highest ceiling of any in the league at among the highest prices. They do carry significant risks, however, especially in the injury department.


Steve Stamkos and Martin St. Louis


Price: $13.14 million


Production: Stamkos - 40 pts, St. Louis - 38 pts


Thoughts: The modern Oates-to-Hull is actually pretty affordable. Stamkos’ $7.5 million hit isn't half-bad considering his relatively clockwork scoring skills (he hit the 200 goal mark last night) while St. Louis has been one of the league's best bargains for years. Fantasy-wise, St. Louis’ peripherals haven’t always been the greatest, but he’s well worth a high pick this season.


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews


Price: $12.6 million


Production: Kane - 37 pts, Toews - 29 pts


Thoughts: Remember when the Blackhawks were victims of the salary cap? Now look at how unfair that combined cap hit looks as the two keep getting better. Sure, it’s a little misleading because of frontloading CBA loophole trickery, but those are magnificent deals nonetheless. Kane’s production is catching up with his on-ice magic while Toews is a multi-category wiz.


Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg


Price: $12.71 million


Production: Datsyuk - 30 pts, Zetterberg - 30 pts


Thoughts: They really haven’t slowed down much - if any - yet, have they? Zetterberg might actually hold some advantages fantasy-wise over his more-heralded partner in crime, especially in leagues where his dual eligibility (C/LW) is acknowledged. (Also, he has 94 shots to Datsyuk’s 65.)

Some honorable mention duos: John Tavares and Matt Moulson, Eric Staal and Alexander Semin (Semin’s deal expires after this season), Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell/Jakub Voracek, Matt Duchene and PA Parenteau.


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