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Ricky Rubio was the best player on the floor during a 115-102 Game 3 win over the Thunder on Saturday, scoring 26 points with 11 rebounds, 10 assists, two steals, one block and two 3-pointers in 37 minutes.

Obviously it's his first playoff triple-double, but he is the first Jazzman to notch one of those since John Stockton in 2001. He was on fire in the first half with 19 points, and he hit a massive 3-pointer at the buzzer to end the third. On the lighter side, Rubio had a man bun today, and it's worth a mention he's put up more points, boards and dimes while being more efficient and posting a 14.5 net rating when he has a man bun compared to without one (H/T SLC Dunk). Hairstyle stats aside, the Jazz are so hot right now.
Source: SLC Dunk
Apr 22 - 12:55 AM

Donovan Mitchell scored 22 points with 11 rebounds, two assists, two steals, one block, five turnovers and four 3-pointers in a win over the Thunder on Saturday.

He couldn't keep his 25-plus scoring streak alive, but Mitchell was active on defense and wasn't forcing shots while Ricky Rubio was rolling. Mitchell said before the game that he's still not 100 percent over his foot injury from Game 1, but he's been explosive as ever. Today was a good day for two incredible rookies to sandwich an action-packed Saturday slate of NBA action.
Apr 22 - 12:47 AM

Rudy Gobert scored 18 points with 12 rebounds, two assists, one block and one steal in 41 minutes against the Thunder on Saturday.

He had such a huge impact on this game with putting fouls on Steven Adams and just owning the paint on the defensive side. Offensively, he continues to set high screens to set the halfcourt offense, and he picked up five offensive boards today. Gobert isn't going to lead the Jazz in scoring in just about all the games this season, but his presence on both ends makes the Jazz who they are. Don't be surprise to see the Jazz take this series.
Apr 22 - 12:46 AM
Joe Ingles - G/F - Jazz

Joe Ingles was left open all game against the Thunder during a win on Saturday, scoring 21 points with three rebounds, four assists, one steal and five 3-pointers in 32 minutes.

Yeah, OKC gets a lot of blame for continuing to leave Ingles open in the corner because they were helping too hard on the weak side. Ingles may not have the prettiest shot, but he made 44.0 percent from deep this year and 44.1 percent from last season. Coach Billy Donovan will be talking to his guys about this one.
Apr 22 - 12:45 AM

Russell Westbrook had a brutal showing against the Jazz on Saturday during a 115-102 loss in Game 3, making 5-of-17 from the field for 14 points with 11 rebounds, nine assists, two steals, one 3-pointer and eight turnovers.

Rudy Gobert's rim protection neutralized Westbrook's driving in a big way, and Westbrook was not at his best against Ricky Rubio or on defensive rotations -- the whole team, basically. Westbrook has struggled down the stretch for two games straight, which is a problem for a guy that sucks up so much usage. OKC is in trouble.
Apr 22 - 12:44 AM

Steven Adams scored eight points with two rebounds and one block in 26 minutes against the Jazz on Saturday.

Foul trouble on Adams was huge as the Jazz did whatever they wanted on the offensive side while he was on the bench. Adams is vastly underrated for this team and you can bet the Jazz will be attacking him to get him in foul trouble after the success they had on him during this easy win.
Apr 22 - 12:43 AM

Paul George scored 23 points with two rebounds, three assists, two steals and three 3-pointers in 40 minutes against the Jazz during a Game 3 loss on Saturday.

He had a tough start and was the only productive high-volume offensive player. Perhaps the PG-related highlight from this game is the Utah crowd chanting "push-off P" with some fouls called against him. George also was hardly the defensive presence that he's been in his career as OKC was run out of the building late.
Apr 22 - 12:42 AM

Jimmy Butler scored 28 points during a 121-105 Game 3 win over the Rockets on Saturday, adding seven rebounds, five assists, one steal and four 3-pointers in 41 minutes.

The Wolves are alive as they earn their first home playoff win since 2004. As for Butler, he did tweak his left ankle in the second quarter as he landed on someone's foot going for a rebound. Butler stayed in the game, but he did look a step slow to start the third quarter before really heating up later. Butler has described himself as one of the toughest in the NBA, so it would be a shock to see him have limitations on Monday. We have a series.
Apr 21 - 10:27 PM

Derrick Rose scored 17 points with two assists, two steals and one 3-pointer in 21 minutes off the bench against the Rockets on Saturday.

He hit a dagger 3-pointer in the corner and now has a 3-pointer in each of his three playoff games after he only made one with the Wolves during the regular season. Rose has taken a lot of heat this year and justifiably so, but maybe coach Tom Thibodeau can bring some of the magic back. He's attempted 14-plus field goals in two of the last three, so he's a viable DFS punt.
Apr 21 - 10:17 PM

Andrew Wiggins scored 20 points with five rebounds, five assists, one steal, one block and four 3-pointers in 35 minutes against the Rockets on Saturday during a Game 3 win.

This was not the regular-season Wiggins, especially going 4-of-6 from deep. Plus, his five dimes match his best output in that category all season while he was effective on defense. If the Wolves can somehow get this output from Wiggins in this series, the Rockets may have a tougher time closing out than almost anyone thought.
Apr 21 - 10:14 PM

Karl-Anthony Towns scored 18 points with 16 rebounds, three assists, one steal, two blocks and one 3-pointer in 39 minutes against the Rockets on Saturday.

His first shot attempt didn't come until 10:46 left in the second quarter, but he got it going in the second half. The Rockets have made it clear they don't want KAT to beat them after he averaged just 6.5 points in the first two games, but so many players getting it going for the Wolves made it tougher to key in on Towns. Maybe he'll get off to a better start in Game 4 on Monday for his first monster playoff line.
Apr 21 - 10:09 PM

James Harden scored 29 points with seven rebounds, seven assists, one steal and three 3-pointers in 36 minutes against the Wolves during a Game 3 121-105 loss on Saturday.

The offense wasn't the problem for the Rockets, but Harden didn't get much help from the starting frontcourt with a combined 17 points from Trevor Ariza, P.J. Tucker and Clint Capela. Harden was defended well in this game and it could get easier for the Wolves if the Houston role players step up. Game 4 is Monday at Target Center.
Apr 21 - 10:04 PM

Chris Paul fouled out in 30 minutes against the Wolves on Saturday, scoring 17 points with three rebounds, six assists and one 3-pointer.

It was one of his worst defensive games in a while, and the "Chris Paul is bad in the playoffs" crowd has some fuel to get them to Game 4. CP3 still looked great on offense, but Jeff Teague absolutely got the best of him here.
Apr 21 - 10:03 PM

Ryan Anderson scored 12 points with three rebounds, one assist, one steal, one block and four 3-pointers in a loss to the Wolves on Saturday.

He likes shooting at Target Center this year, making 10-of-15 from deep in the two games in Minnesota and he was 4-of-6 from there tonight. Anderson did get some minutes at center in this game, which slightly cut into Clint Capela's playing time. Anderson will likely be looking at around 20 minutes in Game 4.
Apr 21 - 10:02 PM

Donovan Mitchell (foot) is starting for Game 3 against the Thunder on Saturday.

The Jazz called him probable to play yesterday, but there was no way he'd miss this one. He'll look to score 27-plus points again as the Jazz try to take a 2-1 lead.
Apr 21 - 9:23 PM

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