Use the tabbed panel below to navigate between positional lists. To add a player to your roster, simply select that player from a given list.

Once you select a player, that player will automatically be added to your list of drafted players.
To remove a player, simply click on the player you wish to remove from the "My Drafted Players" box.

When you are done selecting your players, click on "Save Roster" button.
If you do not need to edit your player list, click here to go to your player news page.


You can now have multiple rosters that are tied to custom scoring names. When adding/removing players from a given roster, select the custom scoring name you previously created from the drop down list below. All add/drops will only affect the selected scoring name.

* Once you are done adding/removing players for a given scoring name, make sure to click the "Save Roster" button below to commit all changes for that scoring name.

*** You must create at least one scoring name, click here to do so. ***

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