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Auction League Mock Draft

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We conducted three Mock Drafts for the guide with the last one being an auction.  Auctions are a fairly interesting beast to prepare for because simply listing a player’s value might prove to have little meaning when it comes to the actual draft.


If we look at my team for example, I got Evgeni Malkin for $47 and then P.K. Subban for $12.  There’s no way that Malkin has four times Subban’s value, nor does Subban have triple Mark Giordano’s value, but I nevertheless got Giordano for just $4.  But this is how a lot of auction drafts play out because teams draft aggressively at first and then they’re forced to be more conservative later on as they run out of money.


Because of that there’s no linear measurement when it comes to determining player value in auctions, but it wouldn’t be too helpful to suggest that P.K. Subban is a $12 player even after acknowledging that.  Getting Subban for $12 is also partially a measure of where he happened to go in our draft and in other drafts he would cost you more simply by being put up for bidding earlier.


There’s a flow to auction drafts that you need to feel out as they happen.  Being overly aggressive at the start can be dangerous because it can lead to your team lacking depth so there are people that go the opposite route and simply observe the early stage of the draft, saving their money for later on when they can make value signings.  That can be dangerous too though if taken to its extreme because it can be the equivalent of trading away your first three round picks for the sake of having more midround selections – possibly good, but the lack of top-tier talent on your team can be an issue.


I personally like to take a middle approach and alter what I see as the worth of a player as the draft progresses to adapt what I see as a value signing for any particular player bidding.  I was pretty happy with Malkin at $47 for that stage of the draft, but I was actually worried that I overpaid for Subban.  As you’ll see below, no player after Subban cost double digits so an argument could be made that I pushed for Subban at a time when the market value for players had already declined beyond what I was paying.


You’ll also want to consider what else is still out there.  I took Cam Talbot at $18 at a time when some players were still exceeding the $30 value, so I felt pretty good about that win at the time.  However, with so many high-end goaltenders left on the market, maybe he wasn’t actually worth the price.  Had I been more patient with filling out my goaltending, I could have been in the bidding for Devan Dubnyk ($7), but by the time he came up I already had three netminders so it seemed like a bad chase for me.  Typically goalies are a position you want to pursue early, but this is another example of where being more mindful of the draft flow could have provided me with better results.


One thing I am very happy about though is the fact that I was able to finish drafting ahead of everyone else.  My last pick was the 89th in a draft where 160 players were taken.  To me that speaks very highly about the depth of my team and shows that you can have your cake and eat it too in the sense that I was in on some of the early bidding – taking Malkin ($47) and Artemi Panarin ($40) – but didn’t run out of steam.  The key is to be mindful of managing your limited resources.  I made those two big signings, so after that I was focused on more mid-range signings for a while and keeping an eye on where every other team was in terms of their resources so I knew when other teams were in a stronger position than me and when to be a little more conservative for a while to let them jump ahead in terms of dollars spent relative to how much of their team still needed to be filled.


The other important thing to touch on with online Auction drafts is how critical it is to be present for it.  That might go without saying, but with a standard draft letting the AI do some picking for you if you can’t be there usually isn’t the end of the world.  The AI for an auction draft though doesn’t have a good sense for that flow I’ve been talking about and will be overly aggressive in its bidding until it works itself into a state where it’s a non-factor for much of the middle of the draft.  If you’re not sure if you can make your draft, then you’re better off joining a normal drafting league instead of an auction one for that reason.


That being said, if you have the time for it, an auction can be a lot of fun.  They tend to take longer than standard live drafts in my experience, but there’s something nice about being a part of bidding wars and managing resources and it definitely feels like a style of draft that rewards those who come in with a plan, but also the flexibility to adapt on the fly.


With all that said, I’m going to list the draft results below in the order they were taken.  I believe that you get more out of it by seeing the flow of picks so that you can see the context for each player’s final value.


1.            Connor McDavid (Edm - C)            $64        (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

2.            Sidney Crosby (Pit - C)      $58        (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

3.            Brent Burns (SJ - D)           $55        (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

4.            Evgeni Malkin (Pit - C)      $47        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

5.            Jack Eichel (Buf - C)          $51        (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

6.            Brad Marchand (Bos - LW)            $43        (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

7.            Alex Ovechkin (Was - LW)              $50        (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

8.            Dustin Byfuglien (Wpg - D)            $44        (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

9.            Auston Matthews (Tor - C)            $66        (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

10.         Patrick Kane (Chi - RW)   $58        (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

11.         Carey Price (Mon - G)      $50        (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

12.         Vladimir Tarasenko (StL - RW)      $53        (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

13.         Erik Karlsson (Ott - D)      $58        (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

14.         Ryan Johansen (Nsh - C)  $21        (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

15.         Patrik Laine (Wpg - RW)  $49        (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

16.         Jamie Benn (Dal - LW)     $48        (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

17.         Phil Kessel (Pit - RW)        $35        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

18.         Artemi Panarin (Cls - C,LW)           $40        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

19.         Nikita Kucherov (TB - RW)             $50        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

20.         Braden Holtby (Was - G) $42        (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

21.         Leon Draisaitl (Edm - C,RW)          $53        (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

22.         Victor Hedman (TB - D)   $43        (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

23.         Kris Letang (Pit - D)           $39        (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

24.         Nicklas Backstrom (Was - C)         $41        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

25.         Matt Duchene (Col - C,RW)           $9           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

26.         Sergei Bobrovsky (Cls - G)              $35        (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

27.         Mark Scheifele (Wpg - C)               $36        (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

28.         Corey Crawford (Chi - G) $23        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

29.         Johnny Gaudreau (Cgy - LW)         $31        (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

30.         Matt Murray (Pit - G)       $34        (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

31.         Cam Talbot (Edm - G)      $18        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

32.         John Tavares (NYI - C)     $34        (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

33.         Ben Bishop (Dal - G)         $19        (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

34.         Duncan Keith (Chi - D)      $18        (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

35.         David Pastrnak (Bos - RW)             $21        (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

36.         Filip Forsberg (Nsh - LW) $19        (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

37.         James van Riemsdyk (Tor - LW)    $15        (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

38.         Shea Weber (Mon - D)     $11        (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

39.         Steven Stamkos (TB - C)  $32        (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

40.         Tyler Seguin (Dal - C,RW)               $36        (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

41.         Max Pacioretty (Mon - LW)           $22        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

42.         Mitchell Marner (Tor - C,RW)       $15        (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

43.         Jakub Voracek (Phi - RW)               $9           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

44.         Zach Werenski (Cls - D)    $14        (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

45.         Andrei Vasilevskiy (TB - G)             $9           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

46.         William Nylander (Tor - C,RW)     $11        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

47.         Joe Pavelski (SJ - C,RW)   $18        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

48.         Pekka Rinne (Nsh - G)      $10        (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

49.         Drew Doughty (LA - D)     $9           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

50.         Jake Allen (StL - G)            $5           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

51.         Roman Josi (Nsh - D)        $17        (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

52.         Blake Wheeler (Wpg - RW)            $9           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

53.         Jordan Eberle (NYI - C,RW)            $6           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

54.         Wayne Simmonds (Phi - RW)         $10        (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

55.         Shayne Gostisbehere (Phi - D)       $5           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

56.         Patrice Bergeron (Bos - C)             $7           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

57.         P.K. Subban (Nsh - D)       $12        (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

58.         Henrik Lundqvist (NYR - G)             $4           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

59.         Tuukka Rask (Bos - G)      $6           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

60.         John Gibson (Anh - G)      $6           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

61.         Martin Jones (SJ - G)        $3           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

62.         Evgeny Kuznetsov (Was - C)          $9           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

63.         Aleksander Barkov (Fla - C)            $6           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

64.         Kevin Shattenkirk (NYR - D)           $7           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

65.         Mike Hoffman (Ott - LW,RW)       $5           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

66.         Mikael Granlund (Min - C,RW)      $6           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

67.         Scott Darling (Car - G)      $4           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

68.         Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Ari - D)      $7           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

69.         Devan Dubnyk (Min - G)  $7           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

70.         Jonathan Quick (LA - G)   $5           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

71.         Dougie Hamilton (Cgy - D)             $7           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

72.         Ryan Getzlaf (Anh - C)      $5           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

73.         Taylor Hall (NJ - LW)        $7           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

74.         Jonathan Huberdeau (Fla - LW)    $6           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

75.         Mark Giordano (Cgy - D) $4           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

76.         Brandon Saad (Chi - LW) $4           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

77.         Claude Giroux (Phi - C)     $4           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

78.         Jonathan Drouin (Mon - C,LW,RW)            $6           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

79.         Justin Schultz (Pit - D)       $4           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

80.         Alex Pietrangelo (StL - D)               $7           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

81.         Rasmus Ristolainen (Buf - D)         $6           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

82.         Sean Monahan (Cgy - C)  $3           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

83.         Zach Parise (Min - LW)     $3           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

84.         Ryan McDonagh (NYR - D)             $3           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

85.         John Carlson (Was - D)    $4           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

86.         Corey Perry (Anh - RW)   $5           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

87.         Jeff Carter (LA - C)            $2           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

88.         Frederik Andersen (Tor - G)           $3           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

89.         Cam Atkinson (Cls - RW) $5           (Drafted by: Ryan Dadoun)

90.         Nikolaj Ehlers (Wpg - LW)              $3           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

91.         Ryan Suter (Min - D)         $2           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

92.         Logan Couture (SJ - C)     $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

93.         Alex Galchenyuk (Mon - C,LW)     $1           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

94.         John Klingberg (Dal - D)   $6           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

95.         Torey Krug (Bos - D)         $4           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

96.         Jeff Skinner (Car - LW)     $2           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

97.         Alexander Radulov (Dal - RW)       $2           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

98.         Bryan Little (Wpg - C)      $1           (Drafted by: Michael Finewax)

99.         Brayden Schenn (StL - C,LW)         $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

100.       Sebastian Aho (Car - LW,RW)       $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

101.       T.J. Oshie (Was - RW)      $2           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

102.       Jake Guentzel (Pit - C,LW)              $8           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

103.       Aaron Ekblad (Fla - D)      $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

104.       Jake Gardiner (Tor - D)    $1           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

105.       Anze Kopitar (LA - C)        $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

106.       Cam Fowler (Anh - D)       $2           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

107.       Mike Smith (Cgy - G)        $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

108.       Cory Schneider (NJ - G)    $2           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

109.       Justin Faulk (Car - D)        $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

110.       Jaden Schwartz (StL - LW)              $1           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

111.       Matt Niskanen (Was - D) $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

112.       Seth Jones (Cls - D)           $1           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

113.       Rickard Rakell (Anh - C,LW)           $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

114.       Oscar Klefbom (Edm - D) $1           (Drafted by: Jeff Alfieri)

115.       Mark Stone (Ott - RW)     $2           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

116.       Craig Anderson (Ott - G)  $2           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

117.       James Neal (VGK - LW,RW)           $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

118.       Nick Leddy (NYI - D)         $1           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

119.       Evander Kane (Buf - LW) $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

120.       Jonathan Toews (Chi - C)               $1           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

121.       Brian Elliott (Phi - G)         $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

122.       Jason Spezza (Dal - C,RW)             $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

123.       Jaroslav Halak (NYI - G)   $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

124.       Viktor Arvidsson (Nsh - LW,RW)   $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

125.       Robin Lehner (Buf - G)     $1           (Drafted by: Brian Rosenbaum)

126.       Colton Parayko (StL - D)  $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

127.       Chris Kreider (NYR - LW) $1           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

128.       Ryan O'Reilly (Buf - C)      $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

129.       Keith Yandle (Fla - D)        $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

130.       Ryan Ellis (Nsh - D)           $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

131.       Andre Burakovsky (Was - LW,RW)              $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

132.       Tyson Barrie (Col - D)       $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

133.       Conor Sheary (Pit - LW,RW)          $1           (Drafted by: Corey Abbott)

134.       Mats Zuccarello (NYR - RW)          $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

135.       Jacob Trouba (Wpg - D)  $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

136.       Marc-Andre Fleury (VGK - G)         $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

137.       Brent Seabrook (Chi - D) $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

138.       Kyle Turris (Ott - C)           $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

139.       Tyler Toffoli (LA - C,RW) $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

140.       Jared Spurgeon (Min - D)               $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

141.       Marc-Edouard Vlasic (SJ - D)         $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

142.       Ryan Kesler (Anh - C)        $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

143.       Kyle Palmieri (NJ - RW)    $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

144.       Jakob Silfverberg (Anh - RW)         $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

145.       Nathan MacKinnon (Col - C)          $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

146.       T.J. Brodie (Cgy - D)         $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

147.       Patric Hornqvist (Pit - RW)             $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

148.       Milan Lucic (Edm - LW)    $1           (Drafted by: James O’Brien)

149.       Tyler Johnson (TB - C)      $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

150.       Nino Niederreiter (Min - LW,RW)               $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

151.       Jake Muzzin (LA - D)         $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

152.       Ondrej Palat (TB - LW)     $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

153.       Nazem Kadri (Tor - C)      $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

154.       Marcus Johansson (NJ - LW)         $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

155.       Eric Staal (Min - C)            $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

156.       Thomas Greiss (NYI - G)  $1           (Drafted by: Joey Alfieri)

157.       Brendan Gallagher (Mon - RW)    $1           (Drafted by: Macaulay S. Renner)

158.       Aaron Dell (SJ - G)             $1           (Drafted by: Gus Katsaros)

159.       Alexander Steen (StL - C,LW)        $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

160.       Roberto Luongo (Fla - G)               $1           (Drafted by: Mitch Goldenberg)

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