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Jameis Winston | Quarterback

Team: Florida State Seminoles
Ht / Wt:  6'4' / 230

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ESPN's Mike Sando reports that some NFL team models compare Florida State QB Jameis Winston to Tony Romo "based on their willingness to make riskier throws."
Winston's 18 picks last year rank as the fifth-most in college football over the past seven seasons. Interestingly, an NFL evaluator said his team's trait-based tool agreed with ESPN's comparison tool that Chad Henne was the closest match in terms of traits measured at the combine (which isn't to say they have similar passing skills, of course). Apr 20 - 7:24 PM

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The Bucs have "come to a comfort level with who they'll take 1st overall," according to Albert Breer.

Breer had a similar report a few months ago. The phrasing of the tweet is important, as Breer notes is is "about making sure it's right" in the next ten days. All signs point to Jameis Winston being the selection unless the ownership steps in - which is still very possible.
Apr 20 - 9:54 AM

Citing two sources, Bob Glauber writes the Bucs will "listen seriously" to trade offers for the No. 1 pick.

It is a phrase we hear every year. However, with the uncertainty at the top of the draft, anything is possible. Jameis Winston appears to be set for the No. 1 pick, but many jumped the gun calling it a lock. Marcus Mariota is still in the hunt. Teams are in the process of finalizing their board, and owners still have a chance to get involved.
Source: News Day
Apr 19 - 10:54 AM

Florida State QB Jameis Winston will face a civil lawsuit from the woman he allegedly raped in December 2012 and Bucs officials say it will have "no effect" on their draft plans.

Tampa Bay's brass no doubt figured this was coming and had already folded it into their evaluations or discarded it altogether. Winston was never charged in the case and won't spend time behind bars because of it, but the story has never gone away and it figures to drag into the future. If you know the details of the case -- which included two former teammates -- that probably doesn't surprise you. Winston comes across as dynamic in interviews and he's been lauded for his on-field intangibles, but teams ignore his off-field transgressions at their own risk. For his part, Winston says that he hasn't changed, but he's "grown," a clever word puzzle that when dissected indicates an absolution from culpability while asserting maturity. You might consider ruminating on whether those two declarations can exist in a vacuum.
Apr 16 - 8:55 PM

NFL Films' Greg Cosell says he prefers Zach Mettenberger to Florida State QB Jameis Winston.

Cosell also prefers Winston to Marcus Mariota, which means he thinks Mettenberger would be the No. 1 QB this class. "Mettenberger and Winston are very, very similar in style of play," Cosell said. "I’d argue Mettenberger is more advanced as an anticipatory thrower and has a little bit better arm." If the Titans agree with Cosell, a trade down the board is the most likely scenario. Sure, they could simply take USC DL Leonard Williams at No. 2, but interest in Mariota is such that the No. 2 slot may garner a Godfather trade offer.
Apr 15 - 8:38 PM

The Rams will put Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota through private workouts next week, according to Albert Breer.

Both workouts will be on each prospect's campus. Despite having a number of selections, the Rams have not selected a quarterback early in recent years. Now, after they moved on from Sam Bradford and acquired Nick Foles, the team is working out the top two quarterbacks. It seems unlikely they will trade up for either, especially now that they have spent all of the draft picks in the RGIII deal.
Apr 11 - 12:21 PM

The Glazer family will have final say on who the Bucs select with the first pick, according to Charles Robinson.

In particular, Robinson noted to pay attention to Darcie Glazer Kassewitz (the daughter of late owner Malcolm Glazer). "The source did not say Kassewitz was against drafting Winston," Robinson writes. "Nor did the source say Mariota or any other player was preferred at No. 1. But the source said that Kassewitz – who is the co-president of the Glazer Family Foundation – has raised some internal questions about the community relations impact of the pick." We aren't saying Marcus Mariota will be the pick at No. 1, but so many are not even giving him a shot. We are, and we think he has the talent to warrant the selection. Nothing is locked in at this moment.
Apr 9 - 12:35 PM

CBS Sports NFL Insider's Jason La Canfora is unequivocal that the Bucs will take Florida State QB Jameis Winston No. 1.

"I don't see the Bucs trading out of this pick and I don't see anyone else moving up this high to get him," he wrote. "I'd be fairly stunned if Tampa did anything but take the Florida State quarterback. They have been investigating this for months and slowly building a case for taking him, off-field concerns and all, and I don't see anything short of Winston getting in trouble derailing this train." This is the consensus take on the situation, enough so that it can be spoken as fact at this point: Barring a Winston-related scandal that breaks over the next few weeks or a Godfather trade offer, the Florida State product will stay in-state professionally. "He's the most ready to play Week 1 and that will be the idea, with some decent pieces on offense already around him," La Canfora wrote.
Source: CBS Sports
Apr 8 - 12:49 PM

NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said this draft has only two NFL starting quarterbacks.

For the reader who has been sleeping since last April, he's talking about Florida State's Jameis Winston and Oregon's Marcus Mariota. "When you look at guys who could be potential starters or can develop into starters, I don't know if we even have one of those," Jeremiah said. "I think these are backup quarterbacks. We have two starting quarterbacks in Winston and Mariota, and the rest of these guys are long-term backups." The latter group is populated by Baylor's Bryce Petty, UCLA's Brett Hundley, Oregon State's Sean Mannion and another prospect Jeremiah is about to mention who different analysts have argued could be developed into NFL starters. "Garrett Grayson from Colorado State is my third quarterback, but in saying that, I wouldn't be all that fired up about taking him in the third round," Jeremiah said. "I wouldn't even be fired up taking him in the fourth. If you need a quarterback, I wouldn't take one before round five."
Apr 8 - 12:20 AM

ESPN's Kevin Weidl cites Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan as Florida State QB Jameis Winston's two best scouting comparisons.

The company's Stats & Information Group department offered Ryan, Chad Henne and Blake Bortles as statistically similar prospects. "The size and athleticism aspect is the only thing I see in common with Bortles and Henne," Weidl wrote. "Winston is far more advanced than both of those players were when they were coming out. He is similar to Ryan from a mental aspect and in their confidence to take risks and throw with anticipation. Remember, Ryan had 19 interceptions in his last season at Boston College, which is similar to Winston's 18 in 2014. There is not an ideal comparison for Winston. In terms of his ability to deliver in a crowd, there is some Roethlisberger in his tape." Winston (6-foot-4, 231 pounds) has a very similar build to both Bortles (6-5, 232) and Ryan (6-5, 228).
Apr 3 - 10:44 PM

Tampa Bay Times beat writer Greg Auman said of Florida State QB Jameis Winston: "He's the guy. He's the No. 1 pick."

Auman made the comment during an appearance on CBS Sports Radio. At this point, assertions like these almost aren't even blurb worthy. Winston is absolutely going No. 1 to the Bucs unless something crazy happens over the next three-plus weeks. This is the way ESPN's Todd McShay put it: "The only way Jameis Winston is not the first pick is if ... information gets gathered from his past that has not yet been found. Or if Jameis does something off the field that makes Tampa Bay reconsider."
Apr 2 - 10:26 PM

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco noted that he has talked to "at least 50 coaches and personnel people" who prefer FSU QB Jameis Winston over Oregon's Marcus Mariota.

"I've talked to at least 50 coaches and personnel people about these two quarterbacks, and, almost to a man, they prefer Winston. They are intrigued with Mariota, although a handful of them think he could be a bust," Prisco wrote. The knock on Mariota, is that some evaluators believe it could take time for Mariota to develop and translate to the NFL. Prisco notes that "it's clear" that Winston is the guy who is "most NFL-ready" and "if he's dedicated to the craft," he "has a chance to a top-10 quarterback in the league."
Source: CBS Sports
Apr 2 - 4:39 PM

NFL Media analyst Charley Casserly thinks FSU QB Jameis Winston is an inferior prospect to Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford.

"I think he's better than RG3, better than Cam Newton, better than Blake Bortles," Casserly said. "I do not think he's as good as Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford, who were also picked first." Winston is all but assured of going No. 1 to the Bucs. "If you think this guy has the talent, to me, you say to ownership that you know there's an element of risk about maturity, but this guy has the talent -- take him," Casserly added. "If it doesn't work out, the next year you do the same thing, and you're paying for a backup quarterback at that point. To me the decision has changed dramatically when you're not paying the guy $50 million guaranteed."
Apr 2 - 12:12 AM

NFL Media analyst Mike Mayock is not convinced FSU QB Jameis Winston is worthy of the No. 1 pick.

"I'm not there yet," Mayock said. "Tampa Bay may be. I keep going back to the point that he throws too many interceptions, and ball security is the most important thing to me for a quarterback. Off the field, do you trust him or not? There's still some homework to do on that." Mayock does rank Winston as the No. 1 QB, ahead of Marcus Mariota. "If Marcus Mariota is in the same ballpark, if you're an NFL franchise, then you take Marcus Mariota because you don't have any issues off the field," Mayock added. "If there's a bigger disparity, then it's a different answer." Colleague Kurt Warner is in a similar boat. "For me, if you're comfortable with him off the field, I think he's hands down the No. 1 pick," Warner said. "But that is the big question."
Apr 1 - 11:36 PM

The Giants, according to's Charles Davis, represent the best fit in the NFL for FSU QB Jameis Winston.

The analyst prefaces by saying he doesn't actually think New York will surrender the bounty that it would take to trade for the No. 1 pick. "Winston embraces the spotlight, which shines brightest in the Big Apple," Davis wrote. "The team might very well be content to continue grooming 2013 fourth-round pick Ryan Nassib behind Manning, but Winston would be a heck of a match for the Giants. They would be going back to the future, in a way, after trading in 2004 to land Manning, who will turn 35 early next year and is in the final year of his contract." New York very well may take a developmental prospect later on in the draft.
Apr 1 - 10:30 PM