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Age / DOB:  (53) / 4/25/1962

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Nike will make the official NBA uniforms starting in 2017-18.
It's an eight-year deal and Nike will take over for Adidas after a decade hiatus from making the official jerseys. Adidas and Reebok, bought by Adidas in 2006, have made all the official NBA jerseys since the 2004-05 season. Nike already has a stranglehold on the basketball shoe market and it'll likely get stronger with this deal because they will have their logo on the jerseys. They also make the NFL's official jersey, but hopefully their NBA jerseys won't have sleeves. Jun 10 - 4:42 PM

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Following the news that Kyrie Irving (knee) will miss the rest of the NBA Finals, Adam Silver said that the NBA is focused on looking at ways to prevent injuries.

"You never like to see injuries, especially at this level, and right in the middle of our highest-profile series," Silver said in regards to Irving. "Whether or not there's more we can do to prevent injuries is something we're very focused on. It's always been part of the game — injuries happen, and they happen to high-profile players, they happen to guys who aren't so high profile. Whether there's better training practices, whether through better analytics, we can get a sense of what precise movements lead to injuries, whether it's a function of the schedule are all things that we're (looking at)." The NBA has already talked about limiting the amount of back-to-back sets in a season as well as shortening the preseason, so Silver seems committed to making some changes over the next few years.
Source: USA Today
Jun 6 - 11:51 AM

Adam Silver said the NBA is taking a "close look" at ending the division-based playoff seeding.

It could happen "fairly soon" and Silver also mentioned this in previous statements. If the NBA had changed the seeding this year, the Clippers would have played the Blazers, and not the Spurs in the first round.
Jun 4 - 8:36 PM

The NBA determined that it won't move up the NBA Finals and it will start on June 4, as expected.

It would have been nice to have less than a week off, but that's where we could be headed with two sweeps. The Warriors are likely going to host the Cavs for Game 1 on June 4, assuming the Rockets or Hawks don't become the first team to overcome a 3-0 deficit.
May 25 - 5:34 PM

There is a rumor out there that if both the Warriors and Cavs sweep their Conference Finals series, the Finals may be moved up to June 2.

If both the Warriors and Cavaliers sweep, NBA fans would be without basketball for nine days based on the current scheduling. It needs to be noted that on the official NBA website, it explicitly states the Finals will not be moved up, but as Kevin Garnett would bellow from the depths of his lungs, anything is possible.
May 24 - 3:37 PM

There was no consensus among NBA general mangers in Wednesday's meeting in Chicago to change the rules which would discourage teams from intentionally fouling poor free-throw shooters.

Originally known as the Hack-a-Shaq strategy, this has become a major issue in the NBA and there are many people calling for a rule change. Players such as DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard are frequently targeted by opposing teams, but the league appears to be split on the issue. This debate will likely linger into the offseason, and we will be sure to pass along any additional details. For obvious reasons, Jordan and Howard's fantasy value would see a bump if any changes were made to this rule.
Source: CBS Sports
May 13 - 1:44 PM

Adam Silver said the NBA will discuss banning the Hack-a-Whoever strategy.

"It's something that I'm on the fence about," Silver said. "My thought used to be that we should definitely change the rule, and then having sat through several general managers meetings, competition meetings and having heard from some of the game's very best, the view is the players should hit their free throws. That's changed my view a little bit." Silver adds the Hack-a-Guy stuff isn't as entertaining and he said the owners will need a "super majority" to make the change.
Apr 25 - 3:10 PM

The NBA could move up the start of the season in 2016-17 to help with scheduling issue.

The league would like to cut back on the back-to-back sets and four games in five nights. Obviously, this past season was out of control with all the players resting in road games in back-to-back sets. Hopefully, the adjustment comes in 2015-16.
Apr 17 - 3:31 PM

The NBA will begin HGH (Human Growth Hormone) testing on players next season.

The testing will begin during the 2015 training camps, and all NBA players will be subject to three random HGH tests annually (two in-season tests, and one offseason test), as well as being subject to "reasonable cause" testing. The first violation will result in a 20 game suspension, the second in a 45 game suspension, and a third positive test will result in a dismissal from the league.
Apr 16 - 4:36 PM

The NBA Players Association executive director Michele Roberts stated during a recent interview that she believes a lockout can be avoided when negotiations begin for a new collective bargaining agreement following the 2016-17 season.

"We want a deal. We want a deal that is as fair as we can get. We understand you’ve got to give a little to get a little," said Roberts. "There’s going to be a deal and my view is let’s get it done... Everything in the world suggests we should be able to get through this without a problem. And if that doesn’t happen I would be, and I think Mr. [Adam] Silver would be, disappointed." For the sake of basketball fans around the world, we hope that a lockout can be avoided, but right now it's too early to rule out the possibility.
Apr 2 - 4:09 PM

Adam Silver explained during a recent interview that because the NBPA rejected the leagues’ smoothing proposal, changes to the current draft lottery system aren’t likely to happen any time soon.

"There’s clearly a consensus that we need to change and make an adjustment to existing draft lottery- the majority of teams voted for that last board meeting," said Silver. "Now what I am hearing from some of the general managers in the league is that because it’s unclear how the cap will operate with a massive amount of cap room in ’16 and ’17 and potentially in the year after that it may be premature to change the lottery until we have a better understanding of what the changed behavior will be so it’s something we are going to continue to look at."
Mar 20 - 10:59 AM

The Clippers, Raptors, Spurs, Hawks and Grizziles "have nothing going at deadline," according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

This could change at a moment's notice, but there really haven't been any rumors from any of those team's beat reporters in the past week or so. All of those teams have at least a chance to make a run in the postseason, so they'll be able to make some offers to the buyout guys.
Feb 19 - 10:11 AM

During a press conference at All-Star weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that he would like to reduce the amount of back-to back sets during the regular season, as well as potentially eliminating four games in five nights.

It's clear that Silver wants to see several changes in the coming years, and he went on to say that there's "nothing more important than the health and welfare of our players." A less grueling schedule would likely cut back on the amount of injuries that we see each year, while the quality of play would likely rise as well. Other topics included taking a closer look at the playoff format due to the imbalance of the two conferences, increasing the minimum age limit for college players to 20, as well as eventually tweaking the draft lottery which currently incentivizes losing games to gain higher picks. The schedule will likely be the first priority for the NBA, but it's great to see Silver taking steps to improve upon the overall quality of the league.
Source: USA Today
Feb 15 - 9:20 AM

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hinted during a recent interview that he may consider changing the current playoff seeding to a top-16 format.

"There is a lot to be said for taking a fresh look at our seedings and ensuring the very best teams are competing in the playoffs," Silver said. "There are some important logistic issues we need to examine in terms of travel [and schedules]. It’s fair to say it’s something that requires a very strong examination." The current format is a bit of a joke in that teams out East don't even need to own a .500 record to make the playoffs, while teams out West can miss the playoffs with a winning record. However, Silver acknowledged that this is not something that will be truly considered until the 2016-17 season at the earliest.
Source: USA Today
Feb 13 - 10:47 AM

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been named the 'Most Influential Person in Sports Business' by Sports Business Journal.

Silver has had a strong run since taking over from David Stern on February 1 as he ably handled the Donald Sterling saga and then tripled the value of the league's media deal. With an eye towards increasing the league's global brand and legalizing gambling, Silver has some lofty goals that could very well keep him atop this list for years to come.
Source: CBS Sports
Tue, Dec 9, 2014 10:10:00 AM

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