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Al-Farouq Aminu said on Wednesday that he watched tape of Scottie Pippen and Bruce Bowen to learn how to be a better defender.

His strength has been rebounding, but he doesn't do very well in halfcourt sets on either end. Aminu ranked a woeful 259th on isolation defense (Synergy), which was part of the reason why the Pelicans were so bad on defense. He'll get minutes at both forward spots with the Mavs, but is not on the fantasy radar in most cases.
Oct 1 - 2:46 PM

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said that the team's new backcourt additions will "take some pressure off Monta [Ellis]."

"[Ellis] had the ball so much in his hands last year. And, look, he’s going to have it in his hands a lot this year," Carlisle said. "But you can never have too many attackers on an NBA team ... and so Jameer [Nelson], [Raymond] Felton and [Devin] Harris, those guys are going to complement Monta’s game very well." A slight dip in minutes and shot attempts isn't the end of the world for Ellis' fantasy value, especially if it preserves his health, and he remains a solid early-round pick.
Oct 1 - 12:48 PM

Devin Harris worked on his spot-up shooting this summer, in anticipation of playing off the ball more frequently.

Harris operated as a pick-and-roll ball-handler on more than one-third of his possessions last season, but he's proficient enough as a spot-up shooter that he shouldn't have a difficult transition. He should earn minutes at both PG and SG off the bench but his fantasy upside is severely limited by the presence of Jameer Nelson, Raymond Felton and minute-hog Monta Ellis.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle took a dig at Chandler Parsons' offseason conditioning, saying, "One man’s bulking up is another man’s not quite in shape yet."

Carlisle was at least half-kidding and he might use Parsons as a backup PF for stretches, in addition to his starting SF job, so a bit of bulk may be a good thing. The Mavs have enough depth that owner Mark Cuban doesn't expect anyone (including Dirk Nowitzki) to average 20 points per game this season, but Parsons' versatility makes him a safe fantasy pick in the 35-50 range.
Oct 1 - 10:31 AM

Chandler Parsons said he bulked up in an effort to play some power forward for the Mavs this season.

He played a lot of stretch four in Houston, so it's not a surprise. "I just think strength was the biggest [challenge] for me," Parsons said. "Offensively, it’s just as tough for them guarding me when I take it out, pick-and-pop and do stuff like that." He is likely going to be a big part of the offense, but the Houston system was almost tailor made for his style. Still, Parsons is worth a look in the early-middle rounds.
Oct 1 - 12:09 AM

Jameer Nelson wore a white jersey during the Mavericks' first practice on Tuesday, suggesting that he'll start at PG ahead of Raymond Felton and Devin Harris.

Felton will open the season with a four-game suspension and Harris is better suited as a backup combo guard, which basically hands the job to Nelson by default. "He’s just got a grit and toughness about him that we really need on this team this year," said Carlisle, who described Nelson as a "natural leader." As a starting PG he'd be a decent source of assists and 3-pointers, making him worth a look in the final rounds.
Source: ESPN Dallas
Sep 30 - 4:16 PM

Mavs owner Mark Cuban said that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has "got some Donald Trump in him where he doesn't really understand the media all that well."

He did call Morey a smart guy, but this is a low blow. Cuban and Morey have been going at it and it's added a nice new storyline for the in-state rivals. Feel free to click the link below for more of Cuban's interview.
Sep 30 - 1:13 AM

Richard Jefferson explained to media on Monday that he chose to sign with the Mavs because he wants to "win now."

"There were other teams that tried to dangle more money or more opportunity for starting or to play a ton more, but at this point in time I just want to win," Jefferson said at Mavericks media day on Monday. "We have a chance here. Obviously you need to be lucky. You need things to go the right way, have the ball bounce your way, but I believe this was my best chance to win and win now." Jefferson also stated he will help mentor Chandler Parsons, and while he'll be a good guy to have in the locker room, he doesn't belong on a fantasy squad in almost any league.
Sep 29 - 7:57 PM

Mavs' coach Rick Carlisle stated during media day that he hopes to trim Dirk Nowitzki's minutes down from 32 minutes per game, to around 29 minutes per game.

It's not secret that the Mavs are looking to give their aging superstar as much rest as possible during the regular season to have him ready for a deep playoff run. Dirk was able to make it through 80 games last season, putting up first round value, but we're not confident at 36-years-old he'll be able to repeat that performance. The arrival of Chandler Parsons will lighten the offensive load for Dirk even more this season, and he profiles as a late-second, early-third round pick heading into fantasy drafts.
Sep 29 - 3:00 PM

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said Mavs owner Mark Cuban wouldn't have broken up a title team if he cared about chemistry.

The Rockets are Mavs have been going at it since the Chandler Parsons signing. "I think [Cuban's] pissed that we went after Dirk [Nowitzki] in free agency, however unsuccessful it was," Morey said. "We've been pretty good, and I think he's doing a smart thing to take on a rival."
Sep 29 - 10:05 AM

Chandler Parsons is ready to step it up on the defensive end this season.

"We’ve got a great staff that really emphasizes defense," Parsons said. "Where I'm coming from, offense was always our main goal. Now we’ve got to win games and championships on the defensive side. I'm totally locked in and dialed in to do that." Parsons has been spending time this offseason with Jeremy Holsopple, the Mavs athletic performance director with the specific goal of improving his strength and quickness with an emphasis on defensive functionality. Parsons is worthy of an early-to-middle round selection come draft day.
Source: ESPN
Sep 26 - 6:07 PM

Owner Mark Cuban said Jae Crowder could play more this season.

He squandered a chance for minutes last season and the Mavericks added Al-Farouq Aminu and Chandler Parsons while losing Shawn Marion on the wing this time around. Crowder is a streaky shooter and is not worth drafting in fantasy leagues.
Sep 26 - 2:07 PM

Coach Mark Cuban said he can see Ricky Ledo getting a lot more playing time this season.

Interesting. He is a turnover machine and takes bad shots all the time, but has a ton of talent. At Las Vegas Summer League in 2014, Ledo turned the ball over 3.6 times per game and shot only 32.4 percent from the field. He'll need a miracle to be a consistent fantasy asset.
Sep 26 - 2:06 PM

Mavs owner Mark Cuban said the first call he made when free agency hit was to Al-Farouq Aminu.

This is just more evidence that the Mavs weren't planning on landing Chandler Parsons in free agency. Aminu is expected to play both forward spots this season, but he'll have a tough time building up enough value to be owned in most fantasy leagues while the Mavs are healthy.
Sep 25 - 10:12 PM

Mark Cuban doesn't expect any Mavericks player to average 20 points per game this season, due to the team's impressive depth.

"I don’t want [Dirk Nowitzki] to be a 20-point scorer," Cuban said. "Seriously ... "Monta [Ellis] has that capability, Chandler [Parsons] has that capability, Dirk has that capability, Richard Jefferson’s got that capability. Jameer [Nelson] could do 15, Raymond Felton could do 15 if that was the focus. But that’s not our focus ... I think that’ll be one of the challenges that Rick [Carlisle] has, that some of the guys are too unselfish." The arrival of Parsons has eased the burden carried by Dirk and Monta last season, and both guys may see a slight dip in their offensive output.

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