Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

Kamar AikenWRWide Receiver 6'2'215 lbs5/30/198925
Terrence BrooksSSafety 5'11'200 lbs3/2/199123
Arthur BrownLBLinebacker 6'0'235 lbs6/17/199024
Chykie BrownCBCorner Back 5'11'190 lbs12/26/198627
Levi BrownDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'310 lbs5/12/199123
Marlon BrownWRWide Receiver 6'5'214 lbs4/22/199123
Omar BrownSSafety 5'11'195 lbs6/6/198826
Jeremy ButlerWRWide Receiver 6'2'218 lbs4/22/199123
Josh BynesLBLinebacker 6'1'240 lbs8/24/198924
Michael CampanaroWRWide Receiver 5'9'185 lbs1/25/199123
Chris CantyDLDefensive Lineman 6'7'317 lbs11/10/198231
Shaun ChapasFBFull Back 6'2'241 lbs5/2/198826
Terrence CodyDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'345 lbs6/28/198826
Morgan CoxCCenter 6'4'233 lbs4/26/198628
Owen DanielsTETight End 6'3'245 lbs11/9/198231
Jace DavisWRWide Receiver 6'1'206 lbs8/22/199122
Nicholas DiMarcoLBLinebacker 6'2'237 lbs1/28/199222
Elvis DumervilLBLinebacker 5'11'253 lbs1/19/198430
Matt ElamSSafety 5'10'200 lbs9/21/199122
Joe FlaccoQBQuarterback 6'6'245 lbs1/16/198529
Justin ForsettRBRunning Back 5'8'197 lbs10/14/198528
Dominique FranksCBCorner Back 6'0'197 lbs10/8/198726
Crockett GillmoreTETight End 6'6'251 lbs11/16/199122
Gino GradkowskiCCenter 6'3'300 lbs11/5/198825
Parker GrahamTTackle 6'7'305 lbs2/14/199123
Derrick HopkinsDTDefensive Tackle 6'0'314 lbs12/16/199122
James HurstTTackle 6'5'308 lbs12/17/199122
Asa JacksonCBCorner Back 5'10'182 lbs12/2/198924
Tramain JacobsCBCorner Back 5'11'182 lbs5/20/199222
Ryan JensenGGuard 6'4'306 lbs5/27/199123
Timmy JerniganDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'300 lbs9/24/199221
Jacoby JonesWRWide Receiver 6'2'215 lbs7/11/198430
Kyle JuszczykFBFull Back 6'1'248 lbs4/23/199123
Sam KochPPunter 6'1'222 lbs8/13/198231
Richie LeonePPunter 6'3'214 lbs3/10/199222
Anthony LevineSSafety 5'11'203 lbs3/27/198727
Kapron Lewis-MooreDEDefensive End 6'4'310 lbs1/24/199024
Albert McClellanLBLinebacker 6'2'248 lbs6/4/198628
Pernell McPheeLBLinebacker 6'3'280 lbs12/17/198825
Jamie MederDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'300 lbs4/12/199123
Jeromy MilesSSafety 6'2'211 lbs7/20/198727
David MimsTTackle 6'8'350 lbs5/18/198826
Eugene MonroeTTackle 6'5'300 lbs4/18/198727
C.J. MosleyLBLinebacker 6'2'235 lbs6/19/199222
Haloti NgataDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'340 lbs1/21/198430
Ayodeji OlatoyeCBCorner Back 6'1'194 lbs7/20/199123
Zachary OrrLBLinebacker 6'0'237 lbs6/9/199222
Kelechi OsemeleGGuard 6'5'330 lbs6/24/198925
Nathan OverbayTETight End 6'5'260 lbs1/4/198727
A.J. Pataiali'iDTDefensive Tackle 6'3'319 lbs9/13/199023
Bernard PierceRBRunning Back 6'0'230 lbs5/10/199024
Dennis PittaTETight End 6'4'245 lbs6/29/198529
Will RackleyGGuard 6'3'318 lbs10/11/198924
Jah ReidGGuard 6'7'320 lbs7/21/198826
Ray RiceRBRunning Back 5'8'206 lbs1/22/198727
D.J. RobertsLBLinebacker 6'1'250 lbs9/11/199122
Aaron RossCBCorner Back 6'0'190 lbs9/15/198231
Sammy SeamsterCBCorner Back 6'0'205 lbs2/5/199123
Gerrard SheppardWRWide Receiver 6'2'207 lbs11/16/199023
A.Q. ShipleyCCenter 6'1'307 lbs5/22/198628
John SimonLBLinebacker 6'1'252 lbs10/14/199023
Daryl SmithLBLinebacker 6'2'250 lbs3/14/198232
Jimmy SmithCBCorner Back 6'2'209 lbs7/26/198825
Steve SmithWRWide Receiver 5'9'195 lbs5/12/197935
Torrey SmithWRWide Receiver 6'0'205 lbs1/26/198925
Austin SpitlerLBLinebacker 6'2'250 lbs10/26/198627
Reggie StephensCCenter 6'3'321 lbs8/28/198726
Darian StewartSSafety 5'11'214 lbs8/4/198825
Terrell SuggsLBLinebacker 6'3'260 lbs10/11/198231
Phillip SupernawTETight End 6'5'248 lbs1/30/199024
Lorenzo TaliaferroRBRunning Back 6'0'226 lbs12/23/199122
Tyrod TaylorQBQuarterback 6'1'208 lbs8/3/198924
Deonte ThompsonWRWide Receiver 6'0'203 lbs2/14/198925
Fitzgerald ToussaintRBRunning Back 5'10'205 lbs5/4/199024
Brynden TrawickSSafety 6'2'225 lbs10/23/198924
Justin TuckerKKicker 6'0'189 lbs11/21/198924
DeAngelo TysonDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'315 lbs4/12/198925
Courtney UpshawLBLinebacker 6'2'272 lbs12/13/198924
Brent UrbanDEDefensive End 6'7'295 lbs5/5/199123
John UrschelGGuard 6'3'308 lbs6/24/199123
Brett Van SlotenTTackle 6'5'300 lbs11/2/199023
Rick WagnerTTackle 6'6'310 lbs10/21/198924
Lardarius WebbCBCorner Back 5'10'182 lbs10/12/198528
Keith WenningQBQuarterback 6'3'218 lbs2/14/199123
Brandon WilliamsDTDefensive Tackle 6'1'335 lbs2/21/198925
LaQuan WilliamsWRWide Receiver 6'0'195 lbs6/27/198826
Mike WillieWRWide Receiver 6'2'220 lbs6/17/199024
Cierre WoodRBRunning Back 5'11'226 lbs2/21/199123
Marshal YandaGGuard 6'3'305 lbs9/15/198429
Jeremy ZuttahCCenter 6'4'300 lbs6/1/198628

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