Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

Mike AdamsDBDefensive Back 5'11'200 lbs3/24/198134
Daniel AdongoLBLinebacker 6'5'257 lbs10/12/198925
Dwayne AllenTETight End 6'3'265 lbs2/24/199025
Colt AndersonSSafety 5'10'194 lbs10/25/198529
Henry AndersonDEDefensive End 6'6'294 lbs8/3/199123
David ArkinGGuard 6'5'307 lbs10/7/198727
Vick BallardRBRunning Back 5'10'226 lbs7/16/199024
Kadron BooneWRWide Receiver 6'0'204 lbs9/13/199123
Jalil BrownDBDefensive Back 6'1'207 lbs10/14/198727
Vincent BrownWRWide Receiver 5'11'190 lbs1/25/198926
Darius ButlerCBCorner Back 5'10'188 lbs3/18/198629
Deveron CarrCBCorner Back 5'11'190 lbs8/10/199024
Duron CarterWRWide Receiver 6'5'205 lbs3/22/199124
Anthony CastonzoTTackle 6'7'311 lbs8/9/198826
Josh ChapmanNTNose Tackle 6'0'340 lbs6/10/199024
Gosder CherilusTTackle 6'7'316 lbs6/28/198430
Trent ColeLBLinebacker 6'3'270 lbs10/5/198232
Gannon ConwayDEDefensive End 6'4'280 lbs6/4/198925
Demarco CoxTTackle 6'8'294 lbs11/26/199024
Vontae DavisCBCorner Back 5'11'207 lbs5/27/198826
Jeff DempsRBRunning Back 5'8'191 lbs1/8/199025
Phillip DorsettWR2Wide Receiver 2 5'10'185 lbs1/5/199322
Jack DoyleTETight End 6'6'267 lbs5/5/199024
Carlos FieldsLBLinebacker 6'1'238 lbs10/3/199024
Coby FleenerTETight End 6'6'251 lbs9/20/198826
Jerrell FreemanLBLinebacker 6'0'240 lbs5/1/198629
Clayton GeathersSSafety 6'2'218 lbs1/1/1900115
Denzell GoodeGGuard 6'5'339 lbs1/1/1900115
Frank GoreRBRunning Back 5'9'217 lbs5/14/198331
Winston GuySSafety 6'1'218 lbs4/23/199025
Matt HallTTackle 6'9'326 lbs4/24/199025
Jonotthan HarrisonCCenter 6'4'308 lbs8/25/199123
Matt HasselbeckQBQuarterback 6'4'235 lbs9/25/197539
Ben HeenanGGuard 6'4'315 lbs2/5/199025
Todd HerremansGGuard 6'6'321 lbs10/13/198232
Amarlo HerreraLBLinebacker 6'1'244 lbs1/1/1900115
Dan HerronRBRunning Back 5'10'212 lbs3/21/198926
T.Y. HiltonWRWide Receiver 5'9'178 lbs11/14/198925
Zack HodgesLBLinebacker 6'3'250 lbs1/1/1900115
Khaled HolmesCCenter 6'3'309 lbs1/19/199025
Tyler HooverTTackle 6'7'297 lbs1/28/199025
Montori HughesDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'350 lbs8/25/199024
Nate IrvingLBLinebacker 6'1'245 lbs7/12/198826
D'Qwell JacksonLBLinebacker 6'0'240 lbs9/26/198331
Ulrick JohnTTackle 6'5'300 lbs5/20/199222
Andre JohnsonWRWide Receiver 6'3'230 lbs7/11/198133
Cam JohnsonLBLinebacker 6'3'260 lbs5/24/199024
Arthur JonesDEDefensive End 6'3'337 lbs6/3/198628
Zach KerrNTNose Tackle 6'2'335 lbs8/29/199024
Kendall LangfordDEDefensive End 6'6'313 lbs1/27/198629
Ryan LankfordWRWide Receiver 5'11'163 lbs12/9/199123
Josh LenzWRWide Receiver 6'0'194 lbs9/22/199024
Shawn LoiseauLBLinebacker 6'0'239 lbs10/10/198925
Lance LouisGGuard 6'3'330 lbs4/24/198530
Dwight LowerySSafety 5'11'212 lbs1/23/198629
Andrew LuckQBQuarterback 6'4'240 lbs9/12/198925
Robert MathisLBLinebacker 6'2'245 lbs2/26/198134
Pat McAfeePPunter 6'1'240 lbs5/2/198728
Dewey McDonaldSSafety 6'0'220 lbs6/10/199024
Jack MewhortGGuard 6'6'308 lbs9/30/199123
Donte MoncriefWRWide Receiver 6'2'221 lbs8/6/199321
Henoc MuambaLBLinebacker 6'0'242 lbs2/23/198926
Jonathan NewsomeLBLinebacker 6'3'251 lbs1/22/199124
Earl OkineDEDefensive End 6'6'286 lbs1/4/199025
Matt OvertonLBLinebacker 6'1'241 lbs7/6/198529
David ParryDTDefensive Tackle 5'11'308 lbs1/1/2050
Sheldon PriceCBCorner Back 6'2'198 lbs3/26/199124
Kelcy QuarlesDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'294 lbs1/23/199223
Joe ReitzGGuard 6'7'325 lbs8/24/198529
Josh RobinsonRBRunning Back 5'8'217 lbs1/1/2050
Ezell RuffinWRWide Receiver 6'0'218 lbs1/1/2050
Jean SifrinTETight End 6'5'245 lbs1/1/1900115
D'Joun SmithCBCorner Back 5'10'187 lbs9/23/199222
Erik SwoopeTETight End 6'5'246 lbs5/8/199222
Donald ThomasGGuard 6'4'303 lbs9/25/198529
Hugh ThorntonGGuard 6'3'336 lbs6/28/199123
Zurlon TiptonRBRunning Back 6'0'231 lbs4/27/199025
Greg TolerCBCorner Back 6'0'190 lbs1/2/198530
Tyler VargaRBRunning Back 5'11'220 lbs9/24/199321
Adam VinatieriKKicker 6'0'209 lbs12/28/197242
Erik WaldenLBLinebacker 6'2'250 lbs8/21/198529
Bjoern WernerLBLinebacker 6'3'257 lbs8/30/199024
Griff WhalenWRWide Receiver 5'11'190 lbs3/1/199025

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