Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

Johnny AdamsCBCorner Back 5'11'177 lbs6/9/198925
Mike AdamsDBDefensive Back 5'11'200 lbs3/24/198133
Daniel AdongoLBLinebacker 6'5'257 lbs10/12/198924
Dwayne AllenTETight End 6'3'265 lbs2/24/199024
Chad AndersonGGuard 6'3'321 lbs7/3/199123
Colt AndersonSSafety 5'10'194 lbs10/25/198528
Vick BallardRBRunning Back 5'10'226 lbs7/16/199024
Ahmad BradshawRBRunning Back 5'10'217 lbs3/19/198628
Sergio BrownSSafety 6'2'218 lbs5/22/198826
Marcus BurleyCBCorner Back 5'10'189 lbs7/16/199024
Brandon BurtonCBCorner Back 6'0'185 lbs7/31/198925
Darius ButlerCBCorner Back 5'10'188 lbs3/18/198628
Anthony CastonzoTTackle 6'7'311 lbs8/9/198825
Josh ChapmanNTNose Tackle 6'0'340 lbs6/10/199024
Gosder CherilusTTackle 6'7'316 lbs6/28/198430
Qua CoxCBCorner Back 6'0'185 lbs4/28/199123
Vontae DavisCBCorner Back 5'11'207 lbs5/27/198826
Jack DoyleTETight End 6'6'267 lbs5/5/199024
Coby FleenerTETight End 6'6'251 lbs9/20/198825
Jerrell FreemanLBLinebacker 6'0'240 lbs5/1/198628
Josh GordyCBCorner Back 5'11'195 lbs2/9/198727
Matt HallTTackle 6'9'326 lbs4/24/199024
Chandler HarnishQBQuarterback 6'2'222 lbs7/28/198826
Jonotthan HarrisonCCenter 6'4'308 lbs8/25/199122
Mario HarveyFBFull Back 6'0'264 lbs8/10/198726
Matt HasselbeckQBQuarterback 6'4'235 lbs9/25/197538
Stanley HaviliFBFull Back 6'0'243 lbs11/14/198726
Dan HerronRBRunning Back 5'10'212 lbs3/21/198925
T.Y. HiltonWRWide Receiver 5'9'178 lbs11/14/198924
Khaled HolmesCCenter 6'3'309 lbs1/19/199024
Tyler HooverDEDefensive End 6'7'297 lbs1/28/199024
Delano HowellSSafety 5'11'197 lbs11/17/198924
Montori HughesDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'350 lbs8/25/199023
Andrew JacksonLBLinebacker 6'1'254 lbs3/16/199222
D'Qwell JacksonLBLinebacker 6'0'240 lbs9/26/198330
Kameron JacksonCBCorner Back 5'9'175 lbs10/31/199320
Ricky Jean-FrancoisDEDefensive End 6'3'297 lbs11/23/198627
Ulrick JohnTTackle 6'5'300 lbs5/20/199222
Cam JohnsonLBLinebacker 6'3'260 lbs5/24/199024
Arthur JonesDEDefensive End 6'3'337 lbs6/3/198628
Zach KerrNTNose Tackle 6'2'335 lbs8/29/199023
LaRon LandrySSafety 6'0'226 lbs10/14/198429
Ryan LankfordWRWide Receiver 5'11'163 lbs12/9/199122
Josh LenzWRWide Receiver 6'0'194 lbs9/22/199023
Lance LouisGGuard 6'3'330 lbs4/4/198529
Andrew LuckQBQuarterback 6'4'240 lbs9/12/198924
FN LutzCCenter 6'3'290 lbs5/24/199123
Robert MathisLBLinebacker 6'2'245 lbs2/26/198133
Pat McAfeePPunter 6'1'240 lbs5/2/198727
Dewey McDonaldSSafety 6'0'220 lbs6/10/199024
Brandon McKinneyNTNose Tackle 6'2'345 lbs8/24/198330
Josh McNaryLBLinebacker 6'0'251 lbs4/10/198826
Davin MeggettRBRunning Back 5'8'219 lbs3/22/199024
Jack MewhortTTackle 6'6'308 lbs9/30/199122
Fili MoalaDTDefensive Tackle 6'4'308 lbs6/23/198529
Donte MoncriefWRWide Receiver 6'2'221 lbs8/6/199320
Gregory MooreWRWide Receiver 6'4'197 lbs12/12/199023
Aaron MorganLBLinebacker 6'4'250 lbs12/30/198825
Henoc MuambaLBLinebacker 6'0'242 lbs2/23/198925
Jonathan NewsomeLBLinebacker 6'3'251 lbs1/22/199123
Hakeem NicksWRWide Receiver 6'1'208 lbs1/14/198826
Xavier NixonTTackle 6'6'314 lbs9/17/199023
Nnamdi ObukweluDEDefensive End 6'3'303 lbs4/13/199123
Matt OvertonLBLinebacker 6'1'241 lbs7/6/198529
Cody ParkeyKKicker 6'0'193 lbs2/19/199222
Jeris PendletonDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'323 lbs11/7/198330
Eric PikeTTackle 6'5'298 lbs3/19/199123
Sheldon PriceCBCorner Back 6'2'198 lbs3/26/199123
Loucheiz PurifoyCBCorner Back 6'1'188 lbs12/16/199221
Cory ReddingDLDefensive Lineman 6'4'318 lbs11/15/198033
Joe ReitzGGuard 6'7'325 lbs8/24/198528
Trent RichardsonRBRunning Back 5'9'225 lbs7/10/199024
Da'Rick RogersWRWide Receiver 6'3'215 lbs6/18/199123
Weslye SaundersTETight End 6'5'261 lbs1/16/198925
Jonathon SharpeLBLinebacker 5'11'217 lbs1/1/1900114
Kelvin SheppardLBLinebacker 6'2'252 lbs1/2/198826
David SimsSSafety 5'10'207 lbs10/20/198627
Andy StudebakerLBLinebacker 6'3'255 lbs9/16/198528
Erik SwoopeTETight End 6'5'246 lbs5/8/199222
Phillip TannerRBRunning Back 5'10'208 lbs8/8/198825
Donald ThomasGGuard 6'4'303 lbs9/25/198528
Eric ThomasWRWide Receiver 6'1'225 lbs11/11/199122
Hugh ThorntonGGuard 6'3'336 lbs6/28/199123
Zurlon TiptonRBRunning Back 6'0'231 lbs4/27/199024
Greg TolerCBCorner Back 6'0'190 lbs1/2/198529
Adam VinatieriKKicker 6'0'209 lbs12/28/197241
Erik WaldenLBLinebacker 6'2'250 lbs8/21/198528
Josh WalkerGGuard 6'5'328 lbs6/2/199123
Tony WashingtonWRWide Receiver 5'11'198 lbs10/18/199023
Reggie WayneWRWide Receiver 6'0'203 lbs11/17/197835
Bjoern WernerLBLinebacker 6'3'257 lbs8/30/199023
Griff WhalenWRWide Receiver 5'11'190 lbs3/1/199024
Cameron WhiteFBFull Back 6'2'252 lbs7/15/199024

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