New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Danny AikenCCenter 6'4'255 lbs8/28/198826
Ryan AllenPPunter 6'2'215 lbs2/28/199024
Danny AmendolaWRWide Receiver 5'11'195 lbs11/2/198528
Kyle ArringtonCBCorner Back 5'10'190 lbs8/12/198628
Chris BarkerGGuard 6'2'310 lbs8/3/199024
Steve BeauharnaisLBLinebacker 6'2'230 lbs5/2/199024
Jake BequetteDEDefensive End 6'5'265 lbs2/21/198925
Brandon BoldenRBRunning Back 5'11'220 lbs1/26/199024
Josh BoyceWRWide Receiver 5'11'205 lbs5/6/199123
Tom BradyQBQuarterback 6'4'225 lbs8/3/197737
Brandon BrownerCBCorner Back 6'4'221 lbs8/2/198430
Michael BuchananDEDefensive End 6'6'255 lbs1/24/199123
Malcolm ButlerCBCorner Back 5'11'180 lbs3/2/199024
Marcus CannonGGuard 6'5'335 lbs5/6/198826
Braxston CaveCCenter 6'3'305 lbs7/29/198925
Pat ChungSSafety 5'11'210 lbs8/19/198727
Jamie CollinsLBLinebacker 6'3'250 lbs10/20/198924
Dan ConnollyGGuard 6'4'305 lbs9/2/198231
Ja'Gared DavisLBLinebacker 6'0'238 lbs9/11/199023
Kanorris DavisSSafety 5'10'207 lbs1/21/199024
Alfonzo DennardCBCorner Back 5'10'200 lbs9/9/198924
James DevelinFBFull Back 6'3'255 lbs7/23/198826
Jordan DeveyTTackle 6'6'317 lbs1/11/198826
Aaron DobsonWRWide Receiver 6'3'200 lbs7/23/199123
Dominique EasleyDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'288 lbs4/28/199222
Nate EbnerSSafety 6'0'210 lbs12/14/198825
Julian EdelmanWRWide Receiver 5'10'200 lbs5/22/198628
Roy FinchRBRunning Back 5'7'167 lbs10/1/199122
Cameron FlemingTTackle 6'6'318 lbs9/3/199221
Darius FlemingLBLinebacker 6'2'255 lbs7/19/198925
Tyler GaffneyRBRunning Back 6'0'220 lbs4/20/199123
Jeremy GallonWRWide Receiver 5'8'184 lbs2/9/199024
Jimmy GaroppoloQBQuarterback 6'2'226 lbs11/2/199122
Shamiel GarySSafety 6'0'210 lbs5/31/199024
Cameron GordonLBLinebacker 6'3'237 lbs6/5/199123
Stephen GostkowskiKKicker 6'1'215 lbs1/28/198430
Jonas GrayRBRunning Back 5'10'225 lbs6/27/199024
Rob GronkowskiTETight End 6'6'265 lbs5/14/198925
Jon HalapioGGuard 6'2'320 lbs6/23/199123
Duron HarmonSSafety 6'1'205 lbs1/24/199123
Dont'a HightowerLBLinebacker 6'3'270 lbs3/12/199024
Michael HoomanawanuiTETight End 6'4'260 lbs7/4/198826
Chandler JonesDEDefensive End 6'5'265 lbs2/27/199024
Chris JonesDTDefensive Tackle 6'1'309 lbs7/12/199024
Josh KlineGGuard 6'3'295 lbs12/29/198924
Brandon LaFellWRWide Receiver 6'2'210 lbs11/4/198627
Ryan MallettQBQuarterback 6'6'245 lbs6/5/198826
Steve ManeriTETight End 6'7'280 lbs3/20/198826
Eathyn ManumaleunaDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'305 lbs1/18/198925
Chris MartinTTackle 6'5'303 lbs1/4/199024
Jerod MayoLBLinebacker 6'1'250 lbs2/23/198628
Devin McCourtyCBCorner Back 5'10'195 lbs8/13/198727
Taylor McCullerLBLinebacker 6'2'240 lbs10/31/198924
Terrence MillerTETight End 6'4'234 lbs1/16/199222
Zach MooreDEDefensive End 6'6'285 lbs9/5/199023
James MorrisLBLinebacker 6'2'240 lbs11/20/199122
Rob NinkovichDEDefensive End 6'2'260 lbs2/1/198430
Greg OrtonWRWide Receiver 6'3'199 lbs12/17/198627
Darrelle RevisCBCorner Back 5'11'198 lbs7/14/198529
Stevan RidleyRBRunning Back 5'11'220 lbs1/27/198925
Logan RyanCBCorner Back 5'11'195 lbs2/9/199123
Sealver SiligaNTNose Tackle 6'2'325 lbs4/26/199024
Matt SlaterWRWide Receiver 6'0'210 lbs9/9/198528
Nate SolderTTackle 6'8'320 lbs4/12/198826
Bryan StorkCCenter 6'4'300 lbs11/15/199023
Dax SwansonSSafety 5'11'191 lbs3/21/199123
Kenbrell ThompkinsWRWide Receiver 6'1'195 lbs7/29/198826
LT TuipulotuDTDefensive Tackle 6'1'305 lbs8/3/199024
Brian TymsWRWide Receiver 6'3'204 lbs2/21/198925
Joe VellanoDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'300 lbs10/30/198825
Shane VereenRBRunning Back 5'10'205 lbs3/2/198925
Sebastian VollmerTTackle 6'8'320 lbs7/10/198430
Ryan WendellCCenter 6'2'300 lbs3/4/198628
Chris WhiteLBLinebacker 6'3'238 lbs1/15/198925
James WhiteRBRunning Back 5'10'195 lbs2/3/199222
Vince WilforkNTNose Tackle 6'2'325 lbs11/4/198132
Tavon WilsonSSafety 6'0'215 lbs3/19/199024
Jerel WorthyDTDefensive Tackle 6'2'308 lbs4/26/199024
Tim WrightTETight End 6'4'220 lbs4/7/199024

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