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FanDuel Bargain Bin: Thursday

by Spencer Limbach
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

Majority of the attention for FanDuel’s evening slate will likely revolve around a predictively high-scoring affair between the Mets and Blue Jays.


This matchup checks in as the highest scoring contest of the night, holding a 9 run over/under aided by the hitter-friendly atmosphere of Toronto’s Rogers Centre.


R.A. Dickey has struggled with the deep ball this season, something you may expect from time to time when dealing with a soft-throwing knuckleballer. If he can’t get desired movement on that signature pitch, it’ll cross the plate like a “batting practice meatball” begging for a trip over the wall.


Speaking to that, target some New York Mets accordingly, as they’ll enjoy a sizeable park shift tonight as well. Listed in order of preference, the best FanDuel prospects are Lucas Duda (1B), Curtis Granderson (OF), Wilmer Flores (SS), and Travis d’Arnaud (C).



This article will focus on FanDuel’s later slate, starting at 7:05 ET.






Lucas Duda – 1B – NYM (FanDuel Price: $3,300)


Duda has been solid recently, but not stealing the headlines type of good. He hasn’t hit a homer in the month of June, and some people may use the “he’s due” rationale. I’d rather subscribe to the notion of an upgraded park factor, reasonable price point, and matchup against an up-and-down knuckleballer while describing Duda as one of the better “per dollar” picks on the board.



Kyle Seager – 3B – SEA (FanDuel Price: $3,100)


San Francisco pitcher Ryan Vogelsong is no stranger to getting hit hard. That has been the theme as of late, with Vogelsong allowing 12 earned runs over his past three starts (16 innings). Like many right-handed tossers, he has a susceptibility against lefties, owning an inflated .350 wOBA mark against those with the platoon advantage. Insert Seager, who has tremendous splits at home, heating up just in time to enjoy this salivating matchup.



Chris Colabello – OF – TOR (FanDuel Price: $2,800)


On the flip side of this Mets-Jays game, we have Colabello representing the lone bargain from Toronto (every other viable bat has an extreme price point). Colabello has been steady in the 5-hole, presenting a nice cash game option with significant RBI potential backing up the likes of Donaldson, Bautista, and Encarnacion. He’s the cheapest way to gain some exposure to the highest projected scoring team of the night (4.82 runs).



Also Consider: Adrian Gonzalez – 1B - LAD






Robinson Cano – 2B – SEA (FanDuel Price: $2,200)


I can hear the collective groans already. Please, just hear me out for a second. Even though this has been a disastrous year for Cano, I believe there’s plenty of merit in selecting him tonight, and here’s why: 1) He’s minimum salary at a position that doesn’t have many other well-priced, inspiring options. 2) As I mentioned in the Seager write-up, Ryan Vogelsong is extremely kind to lefties with a .350 wOBA mark. 3) You don’t need him to do much, and the savings will allow you to spend on guys you actually feel confident in.



Francisco Lindor – SS – CLE (FanDuel Price: $2,400)


Lindor was disappointing last night. However, I’m guessing his 0-4 performance was the least of Cleveland’s concerns in a 0-17 stomping against the Cubs. If Lindor is batting second again, he’s a fine punt play with upside. He has multi-hit and stolen base potential, while Chicago starting pitcher Jason Hammel owns a higher-than-average .336 wOBA mark against lefties.



Yan Gomes – C – CLE (FanDuel Price: $2,200)


You’d probably much rather target Gomes against a left-handed pitcher, but he’s fully capable of inflicting some fantasy damage in this matchup as well. Simply put, his talent level far exceeds this minimum price point, clearing cap space to stack the rest of your lineup.



Also Consider: Jeff Baker – 2B – MIA






Nelson Cruz – OF – SEA (FanDuel Price: $3,200)


Anytime you can get one of the top sluggers in the league for a reduced $3200 price point, you need to at least consider it for tournaments. I fully recognize that Cruz has been struggling as of late, dealing with a back injury that has clearly plagued his recent performance. However, a turnaround is just around the corner, and facing a mediocre pitcher such as Ryan Vogelsong could represent the inflection point we are waiting for. While building multiple lineups, it makes sense to take a calculated risk by blending Cruz within a lineup or two.



Curtis Granderson – OF – NYM (FanDuel Price: $2,900)


As I mentioned in the introduction, the Mets’ have significant upside against R.A. Dickey tonight. Granderson can be viewed as a borderline cash game option, with homerun (or two) upside desired for tournaments. There’s always risk when selecting hitters against the knuckleball, as you’re never quite sure how they’ll react. However, this is a nice spot for Granderson, and the opportunity cost is realitively low in this evening slate – making it easier to take the plunge.



Adam Lind – 1B – MIL (FanDuel Price: $2,500)


Lind can be designated as a “tournament only” pick with very realistic 0-4 prospects or a beastly 3-4, HR, 3 RBI stat-line. There’s good news and bad news within today’s matchup. The good news: Royals’ pitcher Jeremy Guthrie loves surrendering to left-handed power, holding a .386 wOBA, 1.70 HR/9 mark in that regard. The bad news: Kauffman Stadium notoriously mutes power-hitters, somewhat decreasing Lind’s upside … Therein lies the risk/reward proposition.



Also Consider: Logan Morrison – 1B – SEA ... Matt Duffy – 3B - SF


Spencer Limbach
Spencer Limbach is a multi-sport daily fantasy specialist for Rotoworld. He can be found on twitter @Spencer_JL.