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FanDuel Bargain Bin Tuesday

by Renee Miller
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:04 pm ET

FanDuel Bargain Bin


You’ll often need to dig deep to find some value plays that allow you to fit in the studs you want. Here I’ll give you the guys I’d use at each position and provide some context for which I think are true punts vs. those that are actually safe enough for cash games. I try to keep them under $6000 (well under if possible).




Emmanuel Mudiay $5400: Mudiay isn’t shooting great from the field, but he’s taking enough shots, and adding enough rebounds, assists, blocks (!) and steals to make up for it. He’s facing the Lakers today and should get those shots down a bit easier. I think he has his best game of the season so far tonight.


Jeremy Lin $4800: Lin may go a bit overlooked tonight as he plays in the lowest scoring game according to the current Vegas lines, but don’t let that scare you off. He’s been doing a little bit of everything off the bench to score between 19 and 21 fpts in each of the three games he’s played. I like my second PG to be cheap, but consistent and Lin is that guy tonight.





Will Barton $5000: Continuing a theme of targeting the Lakers, Will Barton is another guy that has been really steady so far both in usage and production. He’s scoring double-digit points each night and has five steals already.


Terrence Ross $3800: With DeMarre Carroll playing well in front of him, Ross is relegated to a bench role, but at least it’s a fairly consistent bench role so far this season. He’s seen 20+ mpg in the last two, and responded with around 23 fantasy points in each. Regular wing rotations in Toronto might be my wishful thinking, but I’m happy to pay this price for what Ross can do…especially in a nice high scoring game with Dallas.





Marcus Morris $5800: Morris has been a great add for Detroit as he’s seeing upwards of 40 mpg and averaging over 30 fpts/game. The Pacers are known as a hard-nosed defensive team, but have been pretty generous to the SF position so far this season. Detroit, as I said on opening day, has been fun to watch and a better team so far. They’re 3-0 and favored vs. Indiana tonight in a high scoring game. Morris is a safe and relatively cheap way to get exposure.


Note: I really don’t think you have to go cheaper than Morris at SF tonight. Danilo Gallinari gets the Lakers, Rudy Gay will play without DeMarcus Cousins, DeMarre Carroll should be solid vs. Dallas. Luol Deng has been very consistent, but we know that’s not exactly his style in Miami. He could go off for 40 fpts tonight…or sputter his way to 4 fpts. The risk starts to outweigh the reward pretty quickly here.





Marvin Williams $4800: We do get solid value at PF, though, with the underpriced Williams leading the list. He’s starting and producing for the Hornets with between 25 and 32 fpts/game so far. Targeting two Hornets might be too much given the low total on this game, but either Lin or Williams is an excellent way to save some cap space tonight.


Aaron Gordon $4100: A healthy Gordon, whether starting or coming off the bench, has been a nice boost for Orlando so far this year. He plays in a high pace, high scoring game against the defensively challenged Pelicans tonight (they have the league’s worst defensive efficiency of 114.7). Gordon’s ability to contribute in multiple categories raises his floor and I think he makes a safe second PF in cash games tonight.





Roy Hibbert $5300: In a great matchup with the injury-decimated-but-weak-anyway Denver frontcourt, Hibbert stands out as a value. He’s been averaging 25 fpts a night with nine blocks and has more assists than the starting PG in LA.


Kosta Koufos $3800: With Cousins set to miss tonight’s game, Willie Cauley-Stein ($5200) and Koufos will both start vs. Memphis. It’s not a great matchup historically, but given what the Warriors did to the Grizzlies last night, they could be mighty demoralized. Regardless of matchup however, this opportunity should not go overlooked. Even with DMC playing, both Cauley-Stein and Koufos were averaging around 21 FanDuel points. If I’m punting center, give me the cheap guy.