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FanDuel MLB Plays: Tuesday

by David “headChopper” Kaplen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:06 pm ET

We've reached one last Tuesday write-up for me on Rotoworld for what has been a very fun MLB season. Hopefully you have taken some of the plays in this article throughout the season and turned them into some FanDuel cash. So, for the last big Tuesday, let’s get after it!             





Kevin Gausman: $8,800 (vs. Pittsburgh Pirates)


Gausman is easily my favorite pitcher on FanDuel tonight. He gets a huge benefit in traveling from his home ballpark in Baltimore to take on a weaker National League team in their ballpark, which happens to be incredibly pitcher friendly. Sometime in mid-July it clicked for Kevin Gausman and he’s been really good ever since. He’s showing no signs of letting up, as his last two starts have seen him pitch a combined 15 innings with 13 strikeouts and only one run allowed. Between super high salaries and question marks with some of the other studs, this is my lock-and-load pitcher of the night.       



Bartolo Colon: $44 (vs. Cleveland Indians) 


First off, I don’t want to confuse anybody into thinking that I love Bartolo Colon tonight. There are probably 15 to 20 other pitchers that I think are better than him. But from a strategic standpoint, in GPPs, there is merit to looking at Colon and this gimmick $44 price tag. FanDuel was having a little fun and decided to pay homage to Bartolo Colon’s age and they stuck him with this price tag, but a $44 player will get you whatever you want at every other position on the board. If we take out the terrible game at Kansas City three starts ago, Colon has been a pitcher that has got you positive FanDuel points in the other 10 outings surrounding that one. In fact, he had a stretch in late August in which he was putting together 30 to 40 point FanDuel games. It doesn’t take much for him to blow away this price tag tonight, and if he stays in the positives and you nail all the big guns with the rest of your MLB lineup, this could be a very shrewd play.     



Others to Consider: Chris Sale, Robbie Ray





Chris Iannetta: $2,700 (vs. San Francisco Giants) 


The decision here came down between a $2,200 James McCann against a left hander or Chris Iannetta, the Arizona catcher who also takes on a southpaw tonight. For $500 more I’m going to recommend Iannetta, but if you just can’t come up with that extra money, McCann is perfectly fine. Iannetta has had a career year against left-handed pitching this year, as he’s racked up a .397 wOBA, .234 ISO and 141 wRC+. Over 11 seasons the career numbers against left handers look fantastic on their own (.371, .214, 130), so this isn’t a fluke.          



Others to Consider: Gary Sanchez, James McCann




First Base


Joey Votto: $4,100 (vs. Milwaukee Brewers)


It’s Tuesday night, it’s a full slate, and per usual there are a dozen great first basemen you could use. Joey Votto gets a decent matchup against a right hander tonight in a very hitter friendly environment. What swings the pendulum at this position to me is the solid history against Zach Davies. He’s got 20 at-bats and it’s led to a .429 wOBA for him with only two strikeouts. You could sit here and plug away at numbers all day long, and the differencess between guys like Votto and other great first basemen like Freddie Freeman, Edwin Encarnacion, etc. are very minuscule. I’m going to use the batter versus pitcher numbers to break the tie for me tonight.        



Others to Consider: Paul Goldschmidt, Eric Thames




Second Base     


Ian Kinsler: $3,600 (vs. Kansas City Royals)     


Kinsler has looked much better late in the year and tonight gets a matchup against a left hander. This is another player that has solid numbers against his particular pitcher. In 64 career at-bats against Jason Vargas, Kinsler has only struck out two times. That is an incredible number considering Kinsler’s propensity to swing and miss often. He holds a career .379 wOBA against left-handed pitching and this season has been no different, as he has put up a .372 wOBA. All things considered, this is my favorite second baseman on the night.          



Others to Consider: Whit Merrifield, Jason Kipnis    




Third Base     


Travis Shaw: $3,400 (vs. Cincinnati Reds)   


This was one of the tougher decisions, as I think it would be very difficult to pass up an $800 cheaper Mike Moustakas in a matchup against Anibal Sanchez. However, Travis Shaw is playing at home for a team that has a 5.7 implied run total against a right hander that only has 5+ innings of major league experience under his belt. Shaw has been an absolute monster this year, racking up 31 home runs and 10 stolen bases for the Milwaukee Brewers. Twenty six of those home runs have come against right-handed pitching, so this is a phenomenal matchup.   



Others to Consider: Manny Machado, Mike Moustakas






Corey Seager: $2,600 (vs. San Diego Padres)     


Shortstop was a real struggle today to figure out how to spend my salary. I love guys like Turner and Cozart, but they're far too expensive considering I absolutely have to have a couple of hitters in this write-up that are on the high-priced side. So, perhaps for $2,600 you can turn to Corey Seager at home taking on a right hander. It’s crazy to imagine that a hitter this talented who was running so well earlier in the season has dropped all the way to $2,600, but that’s the way it is. The pros for Seager tonight are that the opposing pitcher allows much higher numbers all the way across the board when he’s on the road as opposed to his very pitcher friendly home ballpark. For all of his struggles late in the season, Seager is still hitting for a .359 wOBA and .176 ISO while walking 10.8% of the time. He’s too good of a hitter to stay in a slump forever, and this is a great price tag.       



Others to Consider: Matt Holliday, Trea Turner





Giancarlo Stanton: $5,200 (vs. Colorado Rockies)       


If you choose not to take a super expensive pitcher tonight and you find some of these value spots along the way, that’s going to give you the opportunity to roster Giancarlo Stanton tonight. He is easily my favorite overall hitter on this slate, regardless of price tag. He’s in Coors Field and taking on a left hander. He’s been phenomenal this year with 57 home runs, and he has hit a home run against left-handed pitching this year once every 8.3 at-bats. That’s a homer approximately once every two games against a left hander. Those power numbers in average major league ballparks are phenomenal, and then when you take into account this is Colorado, this is a no-brainer.            



Chris Young: $2,100 (vs. Toronto Blue Jays)        


If were still struggling with salary to get some of the players in that we really want at other positions, one way you could save money is your last outfield spot with Chris Young. He’s at home tonight taking on a left-handed pitcher (J.A. Happ), and as I’ve said before, the only reason Chris Young is still in the major leagues is because he’s good at hitting left-handed pitching. Against this particular pitcher he has 18 career at-bats and has hit two home runs with only one strikeout. For only $2,100 you are probably going to get an outfielder that sees three at-bats against this starting pitcher and more than likely going to put the ball in play each time and give you an opportunity for some sort of fantasy points at minimum price.  



Others to Consider: Mike Trout, Jay Bruce

David “headChopper” Kaplen
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