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NBA DFS Plays: Wednesday

by David “headChopper” Kaplen
Updated On: December 3, 2018, 6:08 pm ET

The day has finally arrived. The end of the regular season NBA is upon us. Things are completely haywire tonight, so be aware of that when you sign up for games. We throw salary caps and stats out the window. We are merely trying to find the players that are going to get run tonight. Some of these names are completely unknown, but that’s okay. So, without further ado, let’s dig into my top picks for the night. Keep up with the latest news via the RotoGrinders DFS Alerts app - we’ll push injury news directly to your phone for free with a DFS spin.



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Point Guard


Russell Westbrook (vs. Memphis)       


So, there’s a ton of value and you can throw away your salary cap because you probably won’t need to use all of it tonight. In fact, if you are using all of it you may just be playing this slate completely wrong. However, there are a few spots where you could spend up and feel confident that your players are going to get plenty of action, and I think Russell Westbrook will be one of them. Oklahoma City could still use a win here and if this game stays competitive I would expect to see Westbrook racking up the minutes. Westbrook has not only averaged 64.9 Fanduel points per game over his last five games, but he is also 16 rebounds short of averaging another triple-double this year. In this late stretch in which he is trying to push Oklahoma City into the playoffs he has reasserted himself as a premier fantasy player and is racking up a ton of minutes right now. So, we have that going for us along with the narrative of wanting to finish off the season with a triple-double. The only thing that could hold down the production for Westbrook tonight is a severe blow out, but with so much salary left over this is a tough fade for me.            



Others to Consider: De'Aaron Fox, Tim Quarterman




Shooting Guard


Gerald Green (vs. Sacramento)


This is one you’re going to want to stay close to your computer by to make sure it plays out the way I think it will. Houston has nothing to play for and I think there is a very distinct possibility we see Chris Paul, James Harden and Eric Gordon all resting tonight. If that’s the case, then I think Gerald Green becomes one of the better plays on this entire slate. Even in limited time this year when we have seen one of those guys sit out it has been Gerald Green who is put up decent numbers in his place. If two of those guys sit out, then Gerald Green becomes a superb play. If all three sit out than Green becomes the number one player at this position on the board for me. He’s perfect for this situation. He has no remorse about taking unlimited field-goal attempts and will stat-pad with the best of them. This is one where we need to be aware of the final outcome of the starting lineup, but early indications are that Gerald Green is going to get plenty of action tonight and that’s enough for me to lock him into lineups.



Others to Consider: MarShon Brooks, Will Barton




Small Forward  


Michael Beasley (vs. Cleveland)


Michael Beasley has long been known as a king of garbage time. This entire last two weeks of the season for the Knicks has been nothing but garbage time. It has allowed Beasley to drop 36 or more DraftKings points in a game in four the last five games he’s played in. In those five games he’s attempted 18 field-goal attempts per game. This matchup tonight against Cleveland is a game where I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I think LeBron James suits up and plays at least a good portion of the first half which keeps this thing competitive. That may be enough to get Beasley 25+ minutes tonight, which is kind of the landmark I’m looking for with his production. Of all the guys I’m listing in this article I think this is the riskiest one but just about anybody you play tonight is going to be risky in their own way.  



Others to Consider: Paul George, Ersan Ilyasova




Power Forward


Montrezl Harrell (vs. Los Angeles Lakers)      


The Los Angeles Clippers are eliminated from the playoffs and that means we could see plenty of Montrezl Harrell tonight. In their last game against New Orleans, the first game in which their playoff hopes were over, we saw Harrell get 33 minutes of playing time and take 15 field-goal attempts. He’s also a very active player and racked up three blocks and two steals. The pace of the game tonight against the Lakers should be extremely casual again, as the Lakers are a team with a ton of injuries and nothing to play for themselves. There are a lot of frontcourt options on tonight’s slate. With a lot of these options we will be grasping at unknowns. However, I think Harrell is a very safe option on the slate.        



Others to Consider: Anthony Davis, Eric Moreland






Nikola Jokic (vs. Minnesota)   


One distinct strategy tonight is to stack this Denver/Minnesota game as many ways possible and just fill in with parts around it. It is the game tonight that has the most on the line and you will see a 100% effort from both squads. The best player in this game is Nikola Jokic. He’s consistently getting minutes now, which was an issue for much of the year. He’s played at least 34 minutes in each of the last seven games. In those games he hasn’t dipped below 52 DraftKings points and has clocked 63 or more in four of those games. Considering his recent performance and what’s at stake tonight, Jokic is the best player on the board tonight.           



Others to Consider: Karl-Anthony Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein

David “headChopper” Kaplen
David “headChopper” Kaplen is one of the godfathers of Daily Fantasy, having been near the top of the rankings since DFS emerged in 2010. Nearing double-digit live final qualifiers, David’s crowning achievement is winning the 2013 FanDuel Basketball Champion in Las Vegas. HeadChopper can be found on twitter @headChopper.