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Week 8 Early Line Movement

by Warren Sharp
Updated On: October 27, 2020, 6:34 pm ET

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

The lookahead line was Panthers -2.5, but with their strong performance over the Saints and the loss by the Falcons to the Lions, this line reopened at Panthers -3.  It took some early Falcons money before additionally Panthers money and sits between 2.5 -120 and -3 at most spots.  This total opened at 51, but has seen consistent under money, dropping it to 49.

Indianapolis Colts at Detroit Lions

This line currently sits exactly the same as it opened on the lookahead:  with the Colts favored by 3 points.  Despite the win for the Lions over the Falcons, and this line reopening at Lions -2.5, early money showed on the Colts and brought this line back to 3.  The total took under money, from the open at 51, to now sit at 50.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

The lookahead sat at the Packers -6.5 off of their huge loss to the Buccaneers.  It was bet up to -7 before their game on Sunday, with the Vikings on a bye.  However, with the Packers domination over the Texans, the line reopened at -7.5.  However, this line took significant Vikings money to drop it to 7 and through the 7.  It currently sits at Packers -6.5.  The total has dipped from 55 to 54.5.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

The line ahead of the weekend’s games was Buffalo -3.  It took Patriots money down to -2.5, where it sat prior to Sunday’s games.  But the Patriots, and specifically Cam Newton, looked terrible while the Bills beat the Jets.  This line reopened at -4, and has taken balanced money since then, oscillating from -4 to -3.5, where it sits at present.  The total was bet down from 44.5 to 44.

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals

Last week, the line sat at Tennessee -3.5 and was bet up to -4.  After the Titans loss to the Steelers, bettors initially took some swings on the Bengals, dropping the line to -3.5.  But since then, money has steadily flowed on the Titans, raising the line to as high as the Titans -6.  It now sits at -5.5, with the total unmoving at 54.5.

Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns

Prior to last week, the lookahead was the Browns -3.5.  But that line took Raiders money, dropping it down to -3.  Even though the Raiders were blown out by the Buccaneers and the Browns beat the Bengals, this line reopened at the Browns -3.  However, with the news that Odell Beckham, Jr tearing his ACL, this line has dipped to -2.5.  This total dropped from 55.5 down to 54.

New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs

Easily the largest line of the year, the Chiefs sat at -21 on the lookahead.  Upon reopen, the line still was at -21.  But the Jets showed a few signs of life against the Bills, and some early money bought in on the Jets and dropped this number down to -19.5.  The total took early over money, rising to 49 from the open of 48, but has dropped back to 48.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

The lookahead was a massive number, sitting at -6 for the Ravens.  Despite the Ravens on a bye and the Steelers improving to 6-0, the line reopened at -6.  But it’s taken massive Steelers money since then, steadily dropping it down to the Ravens -3.5, a huge move in the span of around 24 hours.  The total likewise saw considerable movement, dropping from 49 to 47.

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

The lookhead on this game was a pick’em, and reopened Sunday night at a pick’em.  But considering the Chargers dominating performance over the Jaguars with the Broncos losing badly to the Chiefs, this line took steady money on the Chargers, moving this line from pick’em up to the Chargers -3.  This total opened at 44.5 and now sits at 45.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

This line saw massive movement, but it was done during the in-game market rather than by the bettors.  The lookahead was Seattle -6.5.  It was bet down to -5 before Sunday’s action.  But on Sunday, the 49ers dominated the Patriots and Seattle lost to the Cardinals.  At books that never closed, this line took steady 49ers money, dropping the number to -3.5.  At Vegas shops, it was off the board and reopened after the Seahawks loss at -3, which is where this sits at present.  This total opened at 54 and hasn’t moved.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants

Prior to Sunday, this lookahead was the Buccaneers -8.5.  At reopen following Sunday’s games, the line sat at -10.  Early money showed on the Buccaneers (unsurprisingly) and has shifted to -10.5.  The total opened at 48 at some spots, 47.5 at others, and now sits at 47.

Warren Sharp

Warren Sharp is a football and betting analyst for NBC Sports. As a leading voice in football analytics, Warren writes a yearly book previewing the upcoming season from all angles at his Sharp Football Analysis website. You can follow Warren Sharp on Twitter @SharpFootball.