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Mock Draft

Expert Half-PPR Mock Draft

by Patrick Daugherty
Updated On: October 4, 2018, 4:09 pm ET

With draft season in full swing, we got the band together for a half-PPR mock on Monday (8/18). Scoring is otherwise standard, with six bench spots. Starting positions are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (RB, WR, TE), K and DEF. Without further ado … the drafters:

1. C.D. Carter

2. Ryan McDowell

3. Adam Levitan

4. Nick Mensio

5. Jeff Ratcliffe

6. Mike Gallagher

7. Raymond Summerlin

8. Chet Gresham  

9. Patrick Daugherty

10. Fantasy Douche

11. Ryan Forbes

12. Mike Clay

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Round 1

1. C.D. Carter — Jamaal Charles, RB

2. Ryan McDowell — LeSean McCoy, RB

3. Adam Levitan — Adrian Peterson, RB

4. Nick Mensio — Calvin Johnson, WR

5. Jeff Ratcliffe — Matt Forte, RB

6. Mike Gallagher — Eddie Lacy, RB

7. Raymond Summerlin — Jimmy Graham, TE

8. Chet Gresham — DeMarco Murray, RB

9. Patrick Daugherty — Demaryius Thomas, WR

10. Fantasy Douche — Dez Bryant, WR

11. Ryan Forbes — Montee Ball, RB

12. Mike Clay — Julio Jones, WR

Notes: Fairly standard first round, though I believe McCoy is the unassailable No. 1 overall player. … Wasn’t sure how Levitan would go at No. 3. I think Peterson is the right call over Forte, but many others seem to disagree. … I’ve had talks with Nick about his preferred draft strategy, and he’s been upfront about being willing to go receiver first this year. Still surprised to see him let Forte slip by, but it’s hard to argue with Megatron. … In my perfect world, I would get a running back in Round 1, but I just couldn't justify any of the remaining runners over Thomas. … Ball versus Giovani Bernard is a defining question for me this season. Forbes is firmly aboard #TeamMontee. … I think Julio’s injury risk is too great for the Round 1 plunge, but Clay always has a plan and strong reasoning.    

Round 2

13. Mike Clay — Rob Gronkowski, TE

14. Ryan Forbes — Arian Foster, RB

15. Fantasy Douche — A.J. Green, WR

16. Patrick Daugherty — Marshawn Lynch, RB

17. Chet Gresham — Brandon Marshall, WR

18. Raymond Summerlin — Jordy Nelson, WR

19. Mike Gallagher — Alshon Jeffery, WR

20. Jeff Ratcliffe — Giovani Bernard, RB

21. Nick Mensio — Zac Stacy, RB

22. Adam Levitan — Antonio Brown, WR

23. Ryan McDowell — Doug Martin, RB

24. C.D. Carter — Keenan Allen, WR

Notes: Remember when I was just praising Clay’s planning and reasoning? I was being serious, but I simply can’t get behind Gronk in the second round. It’s pretty much become a question of how many games Gronk will miss, not if he’ll miss games. Clay has enormous upside with Julio and Gronk, but downside to match. … A.J. Green is being under-drafted across the board. … I practically fell out of my $59.99 Office Depot chair when Beast Mode fell into my lap at No. 16. Can’t believe Forbes took the Foster plunge instead. … Ratcliffe got Bernard right at his ADP, which is a bargain since it seems like he gets over-drafted every other draft. … Simply don’t understand the concern over Stacy, an every-down back who’s the foundation of his team’s offense. … Antonio Brown, who was second in the NFL in catches and yards last season, is going to win a lot of leagues in 2014.

Round 3

25. C.D. Carter — Andre Ellington, RB

26. Ryan McDowell — Le’Veon Bell, RB

27. Adam Levitan — Randall Cobb, WR

28. Nick Mensio — Michael Floyd, WR

29. Jeff Ratcliffe — Roddy White, WR

30. Mike Gallagher — Peyton Manning, QB

31. Raymond Summerlin — Alfred Morris, RB

32. Chet Gresham — Joique Bell, RB

33. Patrick Daugherty — Toby Gerhart, RB

34. Fantasy Douche — Larry Fitzgerald, wr

35. Ryan Forbes — Victor Cruz, WR

36. Mike Clay — Andre Johnson, WR

Notes: I was surprised to see Ellington go at No. 25, but he actually went No. 24 in Rotoworld’s first half-PPR mock in July. … The panic over Bell is real. Last time Rotoworld put out the All-Star clarion call, he went No. 17 to Sigmund Bloom. … To me, Floyd over Cobb is an easy call, but Levitan always has a blueprint in mind. I could be wrong, but feel like I’ve never known him to pass on an upside compiler. … I’ve been beating the Gerhart drum all summer, but would be lying if I said I was ecstatic about making him my No. 2 back at No. 33 overall. He has the role, but I’m still not sold on the skill. … I like Cruz the best of the three established wideouts who rounded out Round 3.  

Round 4

37. Mike Clay — C.J. Spiller, RB

38. Ryan Forbes — Vincent Jackson, WR

39. Fantasy Douche — Reggie Bush, RB

40. Patrick Daugherty — Michael Crabtree, WR

41. Chet Gresham — Julius Thomas, TE

42. Raymond Summerlin — Torrey Smith, WR

43. Mike Gallagher — Drew Brees, QB

44. Jeff Ratcliffe — Pierre Garcon, WR

45. Nick Mensio — Jordan Cameron, TE

46. Adam Levitan — Shane Vereen, RB

47. Ryan McDowell — Aaron Rodgers, QB

48. C.D. Carter — Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

Notes: First things first, poor Mike Gallagher’s selection of Drew Brees one round after taking Peyton Manning was a computer error that couldn’t be reversed with the skeletal mock-draft technology at our disposal. … A solid overall round, but Torrey Smith is the pick that sticks out to me. A player who’s gotten better every year playing for a great coordinator in Gary Kubiak? He’ll take yet another step forward in 2014. … “Expert” mocks are infamous for letting quarterbacks fall farther than they do in “real life,” but McDowell was wise to stop Rodgers’ slide. … That’s the right spot for Patterson. Aggressive, but not insanely high.  

Round 5

49. C.D. Carter — Mike Wallace, WR

50. Ryan McDowell —  Percy Harvin, WR

51. Adam Levitan — DeSean Jackson, WR

52. Nick Mensio — Ben Tate, RB

53. Jeff Ratcliffe — Kendall Wright, WR

54. Mike Gallagher — Vernon Davis, TE

55. Raymond Summerlin — Ryan Mathews, RB

56. Chet Gresham — Wes Welker, WR

57. Patrick Daugherty — Frank Gore, RB

58. Fantasy Douche — Rashad Jennings, RB

59. Ryan Forbes — T.Y. Hilton, WR

60. Mike Clay — Marques Colston, WR

Notes: Mostly a chalk round, but I was stunned how far Gore fell. Let’s just say I ran to the commish to get my card in. Gore is on the downslope, but still has major touchdown upside. Crazy value that he’s my No. 3 back. … I think all the hand-wringing over Hilton will look silly in hindsight. He’s a big-play machine who is going to force the conservative Colts coaching staff’s hand sooner rather than later. … Welker is a guy I’d let keep falling this season.

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Round 6

61. Mike Clay — Julian Edelman, WR

62. Ryan Forbes — Stevan Ridley, RB

63. Fantasy Douche — Lamar Miller, RB

64. Patrick Daugherty — Bishop Sankey, RB

65. Chet Gresham — Reggie Wayne, WR

66. Raymond Summerlin — Golden Tate, WR

67. Mike Gallagher — Trent Richardson, RB

68. Jeff Ratcliffe — Chris Johnson, RB

69. Nick Mensio — Justin Hunter, WR

70. Adam Levitan — Emmanuel Sanders, WR

71. Ryan McDowell — Eric Decker, WR

72. C.D. Carter — Bernard Pierce, RB

Notes: Surprised to see Miller go after Ridley, but both are coin flips. There isn’t a truly convincing argument to be made for one over the other. … Rookie running backs always seem to disappoint, but that’s a fair price for Sankey. … That’s not where you’ll see Hunter go at home. Although that’s not a terribly uncommon spot for Hunter in an “expert” draft, his FantasyPros aggregate ADP is 144. You can wait. … Decker is still one of the biggest steals of the 2014 season. … What’s true for Hunter in “home” drafts is also true for Pierce. He’s not going to go that early.

Round 7

73. C.D. Carter — Brandin Cooks, WR

74. Ryan McDowell — Kelvin Benjamin, WR

75. Adam Levitan — Terrance West, RB

76. Nick Mensio — Jeremy Maclin, WR

77. Jeff Ratcliffe — Terrance Williams, WR

78. Mike Gallagher — Ray Rice, RB

79. Raymond Summerlin — Pierre Thomas, RB

80. Chet Gresham — Matthew Stafford, QB

81. Patrick Daugherty — Aaron Dobson, WR

82. Fantasy Douche — Cecil Shorts, WR

83. Ryan Forbes — Jordan Reed, TE

84. Mike Clay — Rueben Randle, WR

Notes: Like Clay or Levitan, C.D. never drafts without a plan, but Cooks is way too rich for my blood at No. 73. … Which may make me sound like a hypocrite when I say I love Benjamin at No. 74. Not nearly as many mouths to feed in Carolina. Benjamin is being forced into his role. The Saints don’t have to force anything with Cooks. … Stafford is just the fourth quarterback off the board at No. 80. We all know that’s not how your “home” draft will unfold. … It’s only been three days, but I already wish I had taken Randle instead of Dobson. Just much less uncertainty.   

Round 8

85. Mike Clay — Steven Jackson, RB

86. Ryan Forbes — Dwayne Bowe, WR

87. Fantasy Douche — Fred Jackson, RB

88. Patrick Daugherty — Andrew Luck, QB

89. Chet Gresham — Kyle Rudolph, TE

90. Raymond Summerlin — Matt Ryan, QB

91. Mike Gallagher — Riley Cooper, WR

92. Jeff Ratcliffe — Markus Wheaton, WR

93. Nick Mensio — Zach Ertz, TE

94. Adam Levitan — Dennis Pitta, TE

95. Ryan McDowell — DeAndre Hopkins, WR

96. C.D. Carter — Mark Ingram, RB

Notes: I couldn’t be more off the S-Jax bandwagon. I think he’s done. … I made Luck the fifth quarterback off the board. Instead of worrying about Luck’s play-calling, I’ll count on his talent again coming through in the end. … I would have taken Ingram before many of the backs who came off the board ahead of him. … Of this round’s tight ends, I like Ertz the most, but Rudolph is unquestionably the safest.

Round 9

97. C.D. Carter — Jarrett Boykin, WR

98. Ryan McDowell — Mike Evans, WR

99. Adam Levitan — Jeremy Hill, RB

100. Nick Mensio — Andre Williams, RB

101. Jeff Ratcliffe — Jason Witten, TE

102. Mike Gallagher — Danny Woodhead, RB

103. Raymond Summerlin — Chris Ivory, RB

104. Chet Gresham — Darren McFadden, RB

105. Patrick Daugherty — Greg Olsen, TE

106. Fantasy Douche — Sammy Watkins, WR

107. Ryan Forbes — Jonathan Stewart, RB

108. Mike Clay — Maurice Jones-Drew, RB

Notes: A round where many of us likely felt shame, though I loved my Olsen pick. He’s perennially underrated, and at worst, will be Cam’s No. 2 target. Another 70/800/6 is in the offing. … I would have left McFadden at home. … I want to write off MJD, but there’s a strong chance he ends up this round’s most-productive back. … Woodhead is a guy there’s no shame in owning, but he’ll probably end up on the wire at least once.  

Round 10

109. Mike Clay — Greg Jennings, WR

110. Ryan Forbes — Nick Foles, QB

111. Fantasy Douche — Ladarius Green, TE

112. Patrick Daugherty — Devonta Freeman, RB

113. Chet Gresham — Carlos Hyde, RB

114. Raymond Summerlin — Brian Hartline, WR

115. Mike Gallagher — Kenny Stills, WR

116. Jeff Ratcliffe — Christine Michael, RB

117. Nick Mensio — Cam Newton, QB

118. Adam Levitan — Jay Cutler, QB

119. Ryan McDowell — Martellus Bennett, TE

120. C.D. Carter — Anquan Boldin, WR

Notes: Foles ahead of Cam is absolute lunacy to me. … Can’t believe I landed Freeman in Round 10. He’s typically the kind of player who gets extremely overhyped, so it’s been bizarre to see him generate almost no buzz this summer, even as he’s looked like one of the best rookie backs in the preseason. … Raymond, I love you, but probably too early for Brian Hartline. … Like seeing Levitan snag a high-upside quarterback while the rest of us are going after handcuff backs.  

Round 11

121. C.D. Carter — Tony Romo, QB

122. Ryan McDowell — Travis Kelce, TE

123. Adam Levitan — Kenny Britt, WR

124. Nick Mensio — Ahmad Bradshaw, RB

125. Jeff Ratcliffe — Tom Brady, QB

126. Mike Gallagher — James Starks, RB

127. Raymond Summerlin — Doug Baldwin, WR

128. Chet Gresham — Darren Sproles, RB

129. Patrick Daugherty — Jordan Matthews, WR

130. Fantasy Douche — Tavon Austin, WR

131. Ryan Forbes — Josh Gordon, WR

132. Mike Clay — Robert Griffin III, QB

Notes: I think Brady is falling way too far this season. We should all have “down” years like his 2013. Pats are more committed to the run, but still don’t have the horses to go true smash mouth. … Injury risk and all, Bradshaw probably should have gone before Hyde and Michael. He has a clearer path to carries. … Was surprised to get Matthews when I did. Is it possible we are getting too disciplined with rookies? No one wants to take the first-year bust, but you have to live a little. … Right as I say “you have to live a little,” I say “ehhhh” to the Gordon pick. When you stash players with long-term injuries or suspensions, you’re basically saying “I know I’m going to make the playoffs, I won’t need this roster spot in September and October.”  

Round 12

133. Mike Clay — Colin Kaepernick, QB

134. Ryan Forbes — LeGarrette Blount, RB

135. Fantasy Douche — Marqise Lee, WR

136. Patrick Daugherty — Hakeem Nicks, WR

137. Chet Gresham — Dexter McCluster, RB

138. Raymond Summerlin — DeAngelo Williams, RB

139. Mike Gallagher — James Jones, WR

140. Jeff Ratcliffe — Dwayne Allen, TE

141. Nick Mensio — Andre Holmes, WR

142. Adam Levitan — Danny Amendola, WR

143. Ryan McDowell — Knowshon Moreno, RB

144. C.D. Carter — Tyler Eifert, TE

Notes: Very surprised to see Kaep go after RGIII. I think Kaep is the easy call this year. … Not thrilled with my Nicks pick. Would probably be one of my first drops in a “real” league. Just thought I needed a “proven” body. … D-Will going so late is mind-blowing to me, especially so long after Jonathan Stewart. People don’t want the hassle, but is it really a hassle when he’s one of the final guys on your bench? Could be an RB2/3 for multiple weeks. There’s real value in that. … People are probably sleeping on James Jones. Bad quarterback and all, he’s going to score touchdowns.

Round 13

145. C.D. Carter — Stephen Hill, WR

146. Ryan McDowell — Khiry Robinson, RB

147. Adam Levitan — Heath Miller, TE

148. Nick Mensio — Jonathan Grimes, RB

149. Jeff Ratcliffe — Mohamed Sanu, WR

150. Mike Gallagher — Andrew Hawkins, WR

151. Raymond Summerlin — Knile Davis, RB

152. Chet Gresham — Kenbrell Thompkins, WR

153. Patrick Daugherty — Robert Woods, WR

154. Fantasy Douche — Ben Roethlisberger

155. Ryan Forbes — Seahawks Defense

156. Mike Clay — Lance Dunbar, RB

Notes: Only players that are real threats to contribute are Big Ben and Miller. The rest are hopes and prayers, which is fine for this stage of the game.

Round 14

157. Mike Clay — Bengals Defense

158. Ryan Forbes — Jerricho Cotchery, WR

159. Fantasy Douche — Patriots Defense

160. Patrick Daugherty — Miles Austin, WR

161. Chet Gresham — Carson Palmer, QB

162. Raymond Summerlin — Brian Quick, WR

163. Mike Gallagher — Steve Smith, WR

164. Jeff Ratcliffe — Cody Latimer, WR

165. Nick Mensio — Ryan Tannehill, QB

166. Adam Levitan — Jerick McKinnon, RB

167. Ryan McDowell — Russell Wilson, QB

168. C.D. Carter — Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB

Notes: I think there’s a lot more talent in this round than there was in Round 13. Austin could, stunningly, have WR3/4 value until he blows out his hamstring. Palmer is an elite streamer. Tannehill could be the same. And Russ Wilson at No. 167? He’s not an ideal fantasy starter, but damn. … Just like last year, Cotchery could be a weekly touchdown threat who you don’t want to take seriously, but he gives you no choice.

Round 15

169. C.D. Carter — Panthers Defense

170. Ryan McDowell — Chiefs Defense

171. Adam Levitan — Broncos Defense

172. Nick Mensio — Jaguars Defense

173. Jeff Ratcliffe — Rams Defense

174. Mike Gallagher — Fortyniners Defense

175. Raymond Summerlin — Stephen Gostkowski, K

176. Chet Gresham — Texans Defense

177. Patrick Daugherty — Eagles Defense

178. Fantasy Douche — Shonn Greene, RB

179. Ryan Forbes — John Brown, WR

180. Mike Clay — James White, RB

Round 16

181. Mike Clay — Matt Prater, K

182. Ryan Forbes — Dan Bailey, K

183. Fantasy Douche — Justin Tucker, K

184. Patrick Daugherty — Phil Dawson, K

185. Chet Gresham — Mason Crosby, K

186. Raymond Summerlin — Ravens Defense

187. Mike Gallagher — Steven Hauschka, K

188. Jeff Ratcliffe — Shayne Graham, K

189. Nick Mensio — Matt Bryant, K

190. Adam Levitan — Greg Zuerlein, K

191. Ryan McDowell — Nick Novak, K

192. C.D. Carter — Ryan Succop, K

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Patrick Daugherty
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