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MLB Daily Plays: Tuesday 8/13

by Stevie "stevietpfl Young
Updated On: August 13, 2019, 3:20 pm ET

Tonight we have a massive MLB DFS slate, with a lot of great hitting options to choose from, along with some high-upside pitchers. It's a nice mix, which should lead to some high fantasy scores.

As always, make sure to also check MLB lineups and MLB weather before lineup lock. Now, let’s get into some of my top DFS plays for FanDuel and DraftKings.



Matthew Boyd vs. Seattle Mariners

With Kershaw moved to Wednesday and Cole not on the slate, Boyd quickly becomes one of my favorite plays on this slate. There could potentially be five left-handed hitters in this lineup tonight, and that's a huge bump to Boyd. He has a .302 wOBA with a 33.3% strikeout rate against left-handed hitters this season. He gives up a lot more power to right-handed hitters, but he still has a 31.5% strikeout rate against righties this season. I really like this spot for Boyd, and I'm leaning him over the pitchers in the Boston game as my top option tonight.


Dustin May @ Miami Marlins

May will start tonight with Kershaw moved to Wednesday. He's getting a ballpark upgrade and facing one of the worst offenses in baseball. The projected starting lineup has a .124 ISO with a .297 wOBA and a 25.9% strikeout rate against right-handed pitching. They rank bottom five in a lot of offensive categories against right-handed pitching. May has shown really good stuff in the Minors this season and has been strong against righties in his two Major League starts. I think he's a top option, and one of the best point-per-dollar plays on this slate.



Tony Wolters vs. Zac Gallen

Wolters isn't going to pop on any projection sheets, but he's a cheap catcher in Coors with the platoon advantage. He's hitting .343 over his last ten games, and he's facing a young pitcher making his first start in Coors Field. I think Gallen is talented, but this is a hard place for any pitcher to pitch in. If you want to pay up for catcher, I think Sanchez is in a good spot, but I like to save some money at catcher on most slates.


First Base

Rhys Hoskins vs. Chicago Cubs

Quintana is certainly not a gas can, but he's really struggled with right-handed hitters this season. He has a .329 wOBA with a .180 ISO and a 38.4% hard-hit rate against right-handed hitters this season. Hoskins continues to crush left-handed pitching, and he's a little underpriced for his upside in this matchup. He has a .303 ISO with a .453 wOBA and a 17.2% strikeout rate against left-handed pitching this season. I really like this matchup for him, and I'd expect him to be a little lower owned with so many good options at first base on this slate.


Second Base

Gleyber Torres vs. Baltimore Orioles

Torres is crushing the ball right now, and he still has a very affordable price point on DraftKings. He has six home runs over the nine games and draws a matchup against a fly ball lefty tonight. He has a .238 ISO with a .367 wOBA and a 42.5% hard-hit rate against left-handed pitching this season. Means has a low 17.3% strikeout rate against right-handed hitters this season and he has a 1.40 HR/9. Hopefully Torres can stay hot in this spot tonight.


Third Base

Jake Lamb @ Colorado Rockies

I like Arizona tonight, and it's more of liking the price point on some of these guys for Coors Field. Lamb is first base on FanDuel, but luckily you can play two first basemen over there. I like this price point for DraftKings as well. Jon Gray has a .354 wOBA with a .182 ISO and a 32.1% hard to soft contact ratio against left-handed hitters this season. Lamb is bouncing back from injury and continues to look better and better each night.



Jean Segura vs. Chicago Cubs

Segura has been great against left-handed pitching this season, and I don't think he will be too popular tonight. He has a .293 ISO with a .387 wOBA against left-handed pitching this season. The impressive thing about Segura is his 91.4% contact rate with his 335.4 average air distance against lefties. I talked about Quintana's struggles against right-handed hitters above, and I'm going to take some shots on this offense tonight.



Aaron Judge vs. Baltimore Orioles

With Means having a low strikeout rate against right-handed hitters, I like this spot for the Yankees. Judge has a big strikeout rate against lefties, but he has a really high ISO and low groundball rate. This profile of a pitcher is really good for Judge. Judge has a 64.3% hard-hit rate with a 96.9 average exit velocity against lefties this season. There is a lot of upside in this matchup if Judge can make contact, and that's why I like to target him against below average strikeout pitchers.


Joc Pederson @ Miami Marlins

I'm not a fan of Yamamoto, and his numbers suggest he has some massive regression coming. He has a .272 wOBA with a .152 ISO against left-handed hitters this season. He also has a .164 BABIP with a 4.90 xFIP against left-handed hitters. His 1.59 HR/9 against lefties is already the first number increase. He had a .191 wOBA through with zero home runs his first 29 innings, he has a .324 wOBA with six home runs in his last 25 innings. Joc Pederson can hit it out of all ballpark and comes into this game with a .285 ISO and 45.4% hard-hit rate against right-handed pitching. I think the Dodgers are a sneaky low owned stack in Miami tonight.

Stevie "stevietpfl Young
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