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50-Team CFF League Playoff Breakdown

Updated On: November 5, 2019, 12:17 pm ET

Two years ago my Rotoworld colleagues Thor Nystrom and Mark Lindquist congregated with other noted CFF theologians to form a "High Council" of CFF elders with one mission - to create the largest, deepest, most comprehensive, most involved college fantasy league of any kind. A 50-team league.

After countless hours of consternation while locked inside a bunker reminiscent to the "War Room" from the iconic Stanley Kubrick movie ‘Dr. Strangelove’ , Thor and Mark — with help along the way from Kyle Francis of the Devy Watch, CFF guru and depth chart master Mike Bainbridge and others — constructed a 50-team, multiple-draft format where each P5 conference is paired with a suitable G5 conference to form five separate leagues of 10 teams each with their own individual drafts . The conference pairings along with their season long point totals were:

Big 12/SBC - 11,281 Points
SEC/MAC - 10,880 Points
Pac 12/CUSA - 10,729 Points
Big Ten/MWC - 10,214 Points
ACC/AAC - 9802 Points

Each owner was randomly assigned a conference, with each individual league to play only the teams they drafted against for the nine-game regular season. Once the drafts were completed, the season was played out in a 50-team master league. In the big league proper, owners were free, at that point, to trade and acquire free agents regardless of conference with a $1,000 FASP.

Below is a breakdown of the 2019 Super-16 Playoff Bracket. The top three teams in each division made the Playoff, with an additional wild card to get us to 16 teams. Seedings were determined by overall record, with points scored as our tiebreaker. 

I listed each team's ideal lineup that brought them to the dance instead of their Week 10 lineup so readers can get a feel for what comprises a playoff level team in each conference. 

#1 Seed - My Borghi is a Wonderland - Eric Froton (Pac 12/CUSA)
#16 Seed - Goodnight, Mooney (ACC/AAC)

#1 - My Borghi is a Wonderland (Pac 12/CUSA)
Coaches: Eric Froton - @NcffExpert - Rotoworld/Joe Capozzi
- 8-1 Record 
- 1320 Points
- Traded BC WR Zay Flowers to Grimes Against Humanity for Alabama D
- Impact Free Agents: Re'Man Davis - $121/Jyaire Shorter -$82/Timothy Jackson - $0 FA 

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Anthony Gordon - Wazzou - 36 PPG (Bye) - Jake Luton - 21 PPG
RB - Max Borghi - Wazzou - 24.5 PPG (Bye) - Tristan Jackson - 11 PPG
RB - ReMahn Davis - Temple - 16 PPG (Bye) - Zonovan Knight - 8 PPG
WR - Isaiah Hodgins - Oregon St. - 27 PPG 
WR - Amon-Ra St. Brown - USC - 14.5 PPG
WR - Jyaire Shorter - North Texas - 11.5 PPG
TE - Jack Freudenthal - Wake Forest - 7 PPG
SW - DeMontre Tuggle - Ohio - 13 PPG (Bye) - Michael Lawrence - North Texas - 12 PPG
D - Alabama - 15.5 PPG (Bye) - Tulane - 9 PPG
K- Cesar Silva - Fresno - 8 PPG

Gordon/Hodgins/Borghi form a high-end group of position leaders that are complimented by a rotation of solid but inconsistent secondary contributors. Davis/Amon-Ra/Jackson are dependable RB2/WR2 options but Shorter/Lawrence/Tuggle's boom or bust tendencies can leave points on the bench if not played correctly. Freudenthal is a steady, rank and file TE and Alabama's defense has been top-10 worthy. Week 10 byes benched Anthony Gordon and their top-3 RB's, pressing Zonovan Knight and Jake Luton into Round 1 service with mixed results. RB's Re'Mahn Davis and Timothy Jackson were critical FA acquisitions and the trade of WR Zay Flowers for Alabama's defense shored up a hole that immediately became a strength.


#16 Seed - Goodnight, Mooney (ACC/AAC)
Coach: Terez Paylor - Yahoo Sports
- 5 - 4 Record
- 1128 Points
- Impact Free Agents: Demetric Felton - $145/Armani Levias - $2

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Kenny Pickett - Pitt - 18 PPG
RB - DeeJay Dallas - Miami - 15 PPG
RB - Javonte Wiliams - UNC - 12 PPG
WR - James Proche - SMU - 23 PPG
WR -Demetric Felton - UCLA - 17 PPG
WR -Taysir Mack - Pitt - 14 PPG
TE - Armani Levias - Marshall - 10 PPG
SW - Darnell Mooney - Tulane - 13 PPG
D - Clemson - 15.5 PPG
K - Szmyt - Syracuse - 6 PPG

Proche led the way alongside Mack/Mooney/Felton/Amari Rodgers to form a strong WR corps that thrived in the PPR format. DeeJay Dallas, Armani Levias and Clemson Defense consistently performed at above-average levels. Paylor played the weekly QB-carousel with Pickett and Plummer, while RB2 was a weekly shuffling act between secondary options Javonte Williams and Shamari Brooks. Consistency and solid weekly producers are what brought this team to the dance, but it's lacking top end firepower beyond Proche.

Round 1 Result:

168 - 128 -> My Borghi is a Wonderland advances to Round 2

The Luton/Hodgins Oregon State pairing combined for 62 points, Air Force RB Timothy Jackson rushed for 155/1 and Wake Forest TE Jack Freudenthal caught three touchdown passes to lead the Gordon/Borghi-less coaches Froton and Capozzi to the high score for Week 1 of  the Super 16 Playoffs. James Proche was predictably amazing while DeeJay Dallas, Armani Levias, Clemson D held up their end for a Goodnight Mooney team that put up very respectable 128 points on the day. Darnell Mooney, Kenny Pickett and Demetric Felton all performed below season averages for Mooney while Zonovan Knight was injured early-on and posted a goose egg for Borghi Wonderland.

#2 Seed - Pass Me The Kavosiey (SEC/MAC)
#15 Seed - The Sindelar-ity is Near (Big Ten/MWC)

#2 - Pass Me The Kavosiey (SEC/MAC)
Coach: James Erigo and Joshua Chevalier - CFF Guys
- 8-1 Record
- 1288 Points 
- Traded WR Mike Woods - Ark 
RB Keshawn King - Va Tech
- Impact Free Agents - spent $815 of his $1000 free agent dollars shoring up the QB position on Anthony Russo/Kyle Trask/John Rhys Plumlee

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Skylar Thompson - Kansas State - 20 PPG
RB - KeShawn Vaughn - Vanderbilt - 21 PPG
RB - Jonathan Ward - CMU - 25 PPG
WR - Lynn Bowden - Kentucky - 17 PPG (Bye)
WR - Justin Hall - Ball St. - 17 PPG (Bye)
WR - Trey Knox - Arkansas - 12 PPG
TE - Giovanni Ricci - Western Michigan - 15 PPG
SW - Elijah Moore - Mississippi - 17 PPG
D - Pitt/Miss. St. - 9 PPG/11 PPG
K- Collin Larsh - Wisconsin - 8 PPG

Lynn Bowden was a CFF cheat-code after taking over the reigns at QB for Kentucky, while still qualifying at WR for CFF purposes. PPR-machine WR Justin Hall has scored at least 23 fantasy points in three of his last 4 games heading into Super 16 Round 1. BOTH were on bye Round 1. Moore, Knox and Ricci round out a talented pass-catching room that form the backbone of the team. Vaughn is in a classic "good-player, bad-team" situation while Jonathan Ward has flourished under new HC Jim McElwain, forming a desirable 1/2 punch at RB that averages 46 PPG between them. Skylar Thompson has been a pleasant surprise with some upside as Josh/James played the hot-hand approach at QB. Joshua Chevalier is a well known CFF industry guru, his team is a well-managed cast of dependable performers who must contend with a couple of key byes in Round 1 of the playoffs.


#15 - The Sindelar-ity is Near
Coach: Thor Nystrom, @thorKU, Rotoworld
- 6-3 Record 
- 1123 points
- Impact Free Agents: Isaiah Spiller - $258/Dorian Thompson-Robinson - $502(!)/Stephon Robinson Jr. - $3
- Fun Fact - There were 18 overall trades made in the league this year, Thor was involved in EIGHT of them. For brevity and my own sanity, I cannot list them. 
- I can say that Thor's October 8th deadline deal where he traded Collin Johnson - WR - Tex and Randall St. Felix - WR - USF for Dillon Gabriel - QB - UCF was instrumental in his playoff run. 

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Dillon Gabriel - UCF - 24 PPG
RB -Isaiah Spiller - Texas A&M - 12 PPG
RB - Jaylen Warren - Utah State - 13 PPG
WR - Whop Philyor - Indiana - 18.5 PPG
WR -JoJo Ward - Hawaii - 19 PPG
WR -Stephon Robinson Jr. - Kansas - 16 PPG
TE - Tyler Mabry - Maryland - 7 PPG
SW - Scottie Phillips - Ole Miss - 12 PPG/Dylan Drummond - EMU - 11 PPG
D - Ohio State - 15.5 PPG
K - Jose Borregales - FIU - 7 PPG

CFF players on Thor's team beware - he will trade you at any point in the season, so don't get comfortable! Mr. Nystrom was involved in eight-of-the-eighteen total trades in the league, the man likes action folks. Dillon Gabriel/Whop Philyor/JoJo Ward are the franchise players while Robinson, Spiller/Phillips/Ohio State D fill the secondary producer roles admirably. This team doesn't have the top-to-bottom depth of Pass the Kavosiey, but he had no byes to contend with in Round 1 and has a legit QB/WR corps that has major explosive potential. I could see RB depth being an issue down the stretch though, and TE Mabry is just a guy.

Round 1 Result:

146 - 112 -> The Sindelar-ity is Near (Thor Nystrom) advances to Round 2

Gabriel went for 33 points and Spiller ran all over hapless UTSA for an even 40 as the #15 Seed Thor Nystrom shocks the Super 16 community by advancing to the second round. JoJo Ward/Stephon Robinson/Aaron Hackett all scored at least double-digits in supporting roles. Skylar Thompson and Jonathan Ward were the only two players to score above 11 points for Pass the Kavosiey, with starting WR's Elijah Moore, Broc Thompson and Trey Knox posting only nine points total. As you will see in the following game review, Thor owns the distinction of being the only lower seed to upset a higher seeded first-round opponent.


#3 Seed - Rambo Warriors - (Big 12/SBC)
#14 Seed - Feaster Famine (SEC/MAC)

#3 - Rambo Warriors (Big 12/SBC)
Coach: Ryan McCrystal, @Ryan_McCrystal Bleacher Report
1282 Points
Impact Free Agents: Lopini Katoa - $25/Breece Hall - $575/Taye Barber - $178

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Ian Book - Notre Dame - 26 PPG 
RB - Chuba Hubbard - Oklahoma St. - 32 PPG
RB - Darius Anderson - TCU - 18 PPG
WR - Charleston Rambo - Oklahoma - 14 PPG
WR - Deshaunte Jones - Iowa St. - 17 PPG
WR - T.J. Vasher - Texas Tech - 15 PPG
TE - Isaiah Likely -Coastal Carolina - 7 PPG
SW - Breece Hall - Iowa State - 15 PPG
D - La Tech - 12 PPG
K- Matt Mercurio - SJSU - 7 PPG

The Rambo Warriors' starting lineup is as good as you are going to find in a 50-team format. Hubbard is a living legend. WR Rambo is Oklahoma's No. 2 option in the passing game behind CeeDee Lamb, WR Jones is a high-volume safety blanket for Brock Purdy and WR Vasher is the top outside WR at Texas Tech. He had as clean a draft as you're going to find as most of his lineup is Big-12 players acquired in the draft, lessening the need for roster turnover. He spent his free agent money wisely on RB Breece Hall, WR Taye Barber and RB Lopini Katoa. TE Isaiah Likely is a quality option at the thinnest position in the Super League. Ryan McCrystal's Rambo Warriors will be a force in the tournament so long as bye weeks don't deplete his starting lineup.


#14 - Feaster Famine (SEC/MAC)
Coach: Jonathan Adams, @jondadams -
- 6 -3 Record
- 1140 Points 
- Impact Free Agents: WR Freddie Swain - $210/WR Tony Brown - $11/DeJon Packer - $1

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Jon Wassink - WMU - 21 PPG/Sean Chambers - Wyoming - 22 PPG
RB -DAndre Swift Georgia - 21 PPG
RB - Tavien Feaster - South Carolina - 12 PPG
WR - Justin Jefferson - LSU - 23 PPG
WR -Jauan Jennings - Tennessee - 18.5 PPG
WR -Tony Brown - Colorado - 16 PPG
TE - Jared Pinkney - Vanderbilt - 4 PPG
SW - Freddie Swain - Florida - 12 PPG
D - LSU - 11 PPG
K - Joseph Bulovas - Alabama - 9 PPG

Much ink has been spilled on the limitations of the Georgia offense, but for his part, RB DeAndre Swift has consistently cranked out 20 point games as a weekly RB1. WR Justin Jefferson serves as an elite WR1 in LSU's #2 overall passing offense that is averaging 378 YPG passing. WR Jauan Jennings is handling goal-line carries out of the Wildcat as the star of a just-good-enough Tennessee passing attack. WR Tony Brown was a superb CFF WR3 when Shenault went down, while QB Wassink and RB Feaster held up their end of the bargain as the supporting cast. Tight End and weekly-rotating QB's were trouble spots for the SEC/MAC's 4th place finisher.

Round 1 Result:

146 - 145 ------> Rambo Warriors Advance to Round 2

Of the eight Super-16 First Round games, Four of them were decided by 7 points or less and two of those games were actually decided by ONE POINT! The story of this game boils down to this decision by Feaster Famine - If he started either RB Ty Chandler Tenn. vs. UAB (17 points) or RB DeJon "Mustard" Packer SJSU vs. Boise (14 points) over RB Tavien Feaster (8 points) or most likely at swing over WR Myron Mitchell (11 points) - he wins! Both teams had players who posted Zeroes in Jared Pinkney for Feaster Famine, and NC defense/WR JaMarcus Bradley for Rambo Warriors. The Hubbard/Book combo accounted for 69 points while RB Lopini Katoa, who  posted only 28 points combined over the previous four games, rumbled for 26 points. TE Isaiah Likely exploited Jared Pinkney's Zero to win 16-0 at the TE spot. Ty Storey got the start for Feaster Famine, who put up 29 points for a resurgent Western Kentucky. The WR corps of Tony Brown, Jauan Jennings and Freddie Swain posted 60 points combined as the backbone of Feaster Famine's offense. BYU dropped 21 points to win the defensive matchup over North Carolina 21-0. Not having top scorer Justin Jefferson definitely hurt Feaster Famine as well. Any way you cut it, an instant classic fantasy game between two great teams.

#4 - No Punt Intended (Big 12/SBC)
#13 - Elijah Lily's Price Gouging (ACC/AAC)

#4 - No Punt Intended (Big 12/SBC)
Coach: David Rogers
- 7-2 Record
- 1404 Points 
- Impact Free Agents - DK Billingsley - $60/Kaylon Geiger - $90/Dante Wright - $0 FA

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Sam Ehlinger - Texas - 35 PPG
RB - DK Billingsley - Troy - 14 PPG/Elijah Mitchell - Louisiana - 18 PPG
RB - Wesley Kennedy III - Georgia Southern - 20 PPG
WR - Omar Bayless - Arkansas State - 30 PPG
WR - Dante Wright - Colorado State - 20 PPG
WR - Kaylon Geiger - Troy - 18 PPG
TE - Charlie Kolar - Iowa State - 12 PPG
SW - Chase Claypool - Notre Dame - 15 PPG
D - Georgia Southern - 8 PPG
K- Matthew Trickett - Kent State - 8 PPG

No Punt Intended combined a strong Big 12/SBC talent pool with some savvy early season waiver wire skills to win the Big 12/SBC conference and score a nation-leading 1404 points in the regular season. A well deserved congratulations to Coach David Rogers on the scoring title!

There is a heavy Sun Belt influence on this squad with Kennedy and BIllingsley in the backfield and Bayless/Geiger out wide. The August 31st FA pickup of Dante Wright was invaluable as he has churned out 20 PPG in the WR2 role. TE Charlie Kolar is one of the nation's top CFF Tight Ends with a line of 34/486/5 thus far. QB Sam Ehlinger ranks as the third-highest weekly scoring QB in our format and is an every week lock. Chase Claypool is amongst the best Swing options in the league. This team is a force to be reckoned with coming out of the Big-12/SBC.


#13 - Elijah Lily's Price Gouging (ACC/AAC)
Coach: Marc Davidson
- 6-3 Record
- 1162 Points
-Impact Free Agents: WR Brandon Arconado - $2/RB Kobe Lewis -$13/ TE Jalen Wydermyer - $1/RB D.J. Williams - $401

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Jamie Newman - Wake Forest - 32 PPG
RB - Kobe Lewis - CMU - 15 PPG
RB - DJ Williams - Auburn - 8 PPG (Patrick Taylor - INJ)
WR - Gabriel Davis - UCF - 25 PPG
WR -Scotty Washington - Wake Forest - 18 PPG
WR -Brandon Arconado - Wazzou - 19.5 PPG
TE - Jalen Wydermyer - Texas A&M - 9 PPG
SW - Kylen Granson - SMU - 10 PPG
D - WKU - 8 PPG
K - Alex Probert - UMASS - 6 PPG

I loved what Marc did with his waiver wire moves. He cherry-picked a couple of low-priced value plays in $2 WR Brandon Arconado and $13 RB Kobe Lewis and saved his money until Whitlow went down and spent big on D.J. Williams with a $401 bid. It doesn't get any better than that. Jamie Newman is a legitimate star and running the nation's 7th-ranked offense, averaging 510 YPG and 38 PPG. WR Scotty Washington gives him the Wake Forest hookup, Gabriel Davis is a legitimate WR1 and Kylen Granson might be the hottest tight end in the country with 13 recs/203 yards/4 TD's over his last 3 games for SMU. 

Round 1 Result:

162 - 156 ------> No Punt Intended Advances to Round 2

Both teams suffered from byes, as QB Sam Ehlinger and TE Charlie Kolar missed the game for No Punt Intended and Brandon Arconado missed the game for Elijah Lily. It was another nail-biting finish with only six points separating the two teams. QB Jamie Newman was a monster once again with 41 points and RB's Kobe Lewis/D.J. WIlliams combined for 39 points to pace Marc's team. However the WR corps of Washington/G. Davis/Josh Johnson only produced 27 points, while David's WR's scored 60. The WR's were especially key to No Punt Intended's victory since QB James Morgan only scored 18 points to Jamie Newman's 41. This week Morgan will be benched in favor of returning Texas superstar QB Sam Ehlinger as David Rogers advances to Round 2 of the Super-16 Playoffs.

 #5 Seed - Buchele and a Peck (ACC/AAC)
#12 - Winters are Hard but the Starkel Endures (Pac 12/CUSA)

#5 - Buechele and a Peck (ACC/AAC)
Owner: Scot Bell, @ScottBellDMN - Dallas Morning News
- 7-2 Record 
- 1404 Points
- Impact Free Agents: RB Elijah Collins - $709

Trade Deadline Moves:

 - Traded QB Dillon Gabriel - UCF 
WR Collin Johnson - Tex and WR Randall St. Felix - USF on October 8th 12:46 AM.
- Promptly packaged WR Collin Johnson and WR Dazz Newsome - UNC 
RB JaTarvious Whitlow - Auburn to Bellamy Brothers on October 8th, 1:15PM.

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Shane Buechele- SMU - 26 PPG
RB - Kenneth Gainwell - Memphis - 31 PPG
RB - Xavier Jones - SMU - 24 PPG
WR - Reggie Roberson - SMU - 19 PPG (INJ)
WR - Justyn Ross - Clemson - 14 PPG
WR - Marquez Stevenson - Houston - 18 PPG
TE - Racey McMath - LSU - 8 PPG
SW - Kendall Hinton - Wake Forest - 16 PPG
D - Miami - 9 PPG
K- Ryan Tice - CMU - 7 PPG

Coach Scott Bell rode SMU all the way to the #5 Seed as he smartly rostered QB Shane Buechele, RB Xavier Jones and WR Reggie Roberson from the Mustangs 8th-ranked offense that is averaging 43.6 PPG. He didn't stop there though, as Bell also scooped up Marquez Stevenson, Kendall Hinton, Justyn Ross and all-world RB Kenneth Gainwell to round out his lineup. He's also got RB JaTarvious Whitlow waiting in the wings once he gets healthy. This is a certifiable, championship caliber CFF Delta Force of clandestine fantasy soldiers. Throw in Chuck Norris at Kicker just because you can and march off into playoff battle. 


#12 - Winters are Hard but the Starkel Endures (Pac 12/CUSA)
Coach: Heath Boyd
- 6-3 Record
- 1165 Points
- Impact Free Agents: WR Osirus Mitchell - $31/Kenan Christon - $300/RB Josh Hokit - $76

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Mason Fine - North Texas - 21 PPG
RB - Alex Fontenot - Colorado - 15 PPG
RB - Zack Moss - Utah - 20 PPG
WR - Aaron Fuller - Washington - 18 PPG (INJ)
WR - Kendall Parham - UAB - 15 PPG
WR - Osirus Mitchell - Mississippi St. - 13 PPG
TE - Malcom Epps - Texas - 6 PPG
SW - Artavis Pierce - Oregon St. - 17 PPG
D - Wyoming - 11 PPG
K- Tyler Bass - Georgia Southern - 8 PPG

Coach Heath Boyd assembled a deep backfield with QB Mason Fine being flanked by RB's Zack Moss/Alex Fontenot/Artavis Pierce/Kenan Christon/Josh Hokit. WR's Aaron Fuller/Kendall Parham/Orisus Mitchell for a solid, but unspectacular group and the TE position rotates weekly. Waiver acquisitions Mitchell/Christon/Hokit were good investments, but the WR depth behind an injured Fuller could cause problems in the playoffs. This is a very good team with a  ton of talent at RB, but thin at WR. A deadline deal for a low-floor WR might have helped prepare for a deep playoff run, but then again, Fuller wasn't injured a month ago, when the deadline passed. 

Round 1 Result:

137 - 130 ------> Buechele and a Peck Advances to Round 2 

Mason Fine, Zack Moss and Artavis Pierce all performed up to their main event billing, combining for 92 of Heath's 130 points on the day. However the WR/TE position accounted for only 13 points total, as Kumoku Noa, Jordan Kress and Kendall Parham all under-performed and game-time-decision WR1 Aaron Fuller was left on the bench because he had been injured the previous few games and Washington kicked off late. Scott was helped by solid down the lineup production from Gainwell/Jones/Hinton/Ross and a 456 yard, three touchdown, 34-point bomb from QB Shane Buechele to lead the way. Stevenson disappointed with only four points, but Miami's defense and CMU Kicker Ryan Tice both posted double digits to pick up the slack for Buechele and a Peck who advances to Round 2.

#6 - The Defending Champ (Big Ten/MWC)
#11 - Bellamy Brothers (SEC/MAC)

#6 - The Defending Champ
- Andrew Katz, @AndrewPKatz -
- 7-2 Record
- 1135 Points
- Impact Free Agents: John Mitchell - $308
- Traded WR Dontay Demus Jr - Maryland , WR Malik Knowles - Kansas St, TE Brycen Hopkins - Purdue 
WR Tee Higgins - Clemson, RB Patrick Carr - Houston

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Chris Robison - FAU - 22 PPG
RB - J.K. Dobbins - Ohio St. 23 PPG
RB - Xazavian Valladay - Wyoming - 14 PPG
WR - JD Spielman - Nebraska - 11 PPG
WR - Jason-Matthew Sharsh - Hawaii - 11 PPG
WR - John Mitchell - FAU - 12 PPG
TE - Aaron Hackett - Syracuse - 7 PPG
SW - Tee Higgins - Clemson - 14 PPG
D - North Texas - 7 PPG
K- Andrew Stein - Southern Miss - 7 PPG

J.K. Dobbins has been as good as almost any RB in the country and he needs to be for The Defending Champ as Dobbins is the only  true main-event level performer on the roster. Robison has become a steady option at QB for the FAU Owls, while Valladay has benefitted from injuries to Swenn and Smith to land the Wyoming starting RB role. Spielman has the talent to be a game-breaker but Martinez' injury and Wan'Dale Robinson's emergence have hurt his value. Tee Higgins scored 12 points total in the three games leading in to Round 1 of the playoffs and Jason-Matthew Sharsh only has one touchdown all season. What I'm trying to get at is, Andew's team is a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. While these players aren't scratching the ceiling of 30 points very often, the consistent weekly contributions bolstered by the occasional spike in production churn out victories in a volatile league like the 50-teamer where weekly stability can be hard to come by. 


#11 - Bellamy Brothers (SEC/MAC)
Coach: Travis Reinsch
- 6-3 Record
- 1221 Points
- Impact Free Agents: Xavier Gaines - $3/J.D. King - $49
- Traded RB JaTarvious Whitlow - Aub
WR Collin Johnson - Tex and WR Dazz Newsome - UNC

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Mike Glass III - EMU - 27 PPG
RB - Tre Harbison - NIU - 14.5 PPG
RB - LeVante Bellamy - WMU - 24 PPG
WR - Dazz Newsome - UNC - 17 PPG
WR - Kalil Pimpleton - CMU - 16 PPG
WR - Collin Johnson - Texas - 14 PPG
TE - Xavier Gaines - Marshall - 8 PPG
SW - Riley Miller - Ball State - 13 PPG
D - Florida State - 7 PPG
K - Blake Grupe - Arkansas State - 8 PPG

Obviously JaTarvious Whitlow wasn't hurt at the time, but getting Collin Johnson (16 PPG L/3 games) and Dazz Newsome (25 PPG L/3 games) was a major factor in Travis Reinsch's playoff run. When healthy, Mike Glass III has been a bankable weekly commodity (when healthy)alongside a dandy 1/2 RB combo of LeVante Bellamy and Tre Harbison. He smartly drafted Kalil Pimpleton as a weekly WR starter and picked up J.D. King for $49 to serve as his RB3. Riley Miller is a strong PPR WR for a pesky Ball State team that has won three-of-it's-last four games. 

Round 1 Result:

155 - 83 ------> The Defending Champ Advances to Round 2

QB Mike Glass threw an 80-yard touchdown to Matthew Sexton in the first-quarter of EMU's game against Buffalo and was injured soon thereafter, scoring only eight points for Bellamy Brothers. Bellamy was on bye, so Tre Harbison and J.D. King started and scored only seven points combined for a snake-bitten Bellamy Brothers. The Defending Champ however lived up to his name, getting at least 18 points from David Bailey, Mulbah Car, Tee Higgins, Rashee Rice, J.D. Spielman and, believe it or not, Bowling Green defense scored 22. Behold the power of Akron's pitiful offense, they actually made Bowling Green a top-notch fantasy D for one week! It was a consistently dominant, top-to-bottom showing from a team determined to win another title for Coach Katz in 2019!

#7 Seed - Mr. Peoples-Jones and Me (Big Ten/MWC)
#10 Seed - Judge Jeudy (SEC/MAC)

#7 - Mr. Peoples-Jones and Me

Owner: Brian Creagh, @briancreagh -
- 6-2-1 
- 997 points
- Impact Free Agents: Out of a possible $1000, Brian has only had to spend $394 of it. 

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Cole McDonald - Hawaii - 30 PPG
RB -Stevie Scott - Indiana - 16 PPG
RB - Mekhi Sargent - Iowa - 11 PPG
WR - KJ Hamler - Penn St. - 18 PPG
WR - Chris Olave - Ohio St. - 15 PPG
WR - Donovan Peoples-Jones - Michigan - 9 PPG
TE - John Raine - FAU - 9 PPG
D - FIU - 11 PPG
K - Cooper Rothe - Wyoming - 7 PPG

Coach Brian Creagh had the cleanest draft in the Big Ten/MWC, plucking CFF stars Cole McDonald, Stevie Scott and KJ Hamler to lead their respective position groups. McDonald is scoring the ninth-most points of any Quarterback in the league and leads the offense. However Stevie Scott has come on strong down the stretch, scoring 82 points over the past three games for the Hoosiers. Mekhi Sargent/Chris Olave (8TD's) and TE John Raine are all solid secondary offensive contributors for a team that finished with the most points scored (1142) in the Big Ten/MWC conference. Depth is a big issue for Coach Creagh as Hamler, Olave and Sargent are on bye Week 1 of the playoffs. 


#10 - Judge Jeudy 
Owner: Matt Cunningham
- 6 - 3 Record
- 1228 Points
- Impact Free Agents:  Bo Nix - $101

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Joe Burrow - 35.5 PPG (Bye)
RB - James Cook - Georgia - 6 PPG
RB - Jacob Kibodi - Texas A&M - 6 PPG
WR - Henry Ruggs - Alabama - 20 PPG (Bye)
WR -Terrace Marshall Jr. - LSU - 19 PPG (Bye)
WR - Jerry Jeudy - Alabama - 20 PPG (Bye)
TE - Cheyenne O'Grady - Arkansas - 12 PPG
SW - Jhamon Ausbon - Texas A&M - 15 PPG
D - Mizzou - 15 PPG (Bye)
K - Sciba - Wake Forest - 9.5 PPG

If there was ever a year to go all-in with the LSU offense - this is it! Accordingly, Coach Matt Cunningham has assembled a fantasy juggernaut built around Joe Burrow/Henry Ruggs/Terrace Marshall/Jerry Jeudy/Cheyenne O'Grady/Jhamon Ausbon. There is just one problem - he has zero starting-caliber running backs on his roster. Each week he is forced to make lemonade out of backup RB's Jacob Kibodi/James Cook/Sanon McCoy/Dameon Pierce. Even Still, his QB/WR/TE's are so explosive that Judge Jeudy scored a very respectable 1228 points and cruised to the 2nd playoff spot in the SEC/MAC. It will be interesting to see how bye weeks affect this team's playoff run, as it needs to be playing each one of it's superb WR's to overcome mediocre RB options. 

Round 1 Result:

89 - 88 ------> Mr. Peoples Jones and Me Advances to Round 2

In what was the lowest scoring game of the Super-16, Judge Jeudy managed to advance despite missing Burrow/Jeudy/Marshall/Ruggs due to bye weeks and Cheyenne O'Grady was suspended without warning and posted a zero. $101 FA acquisition Bo Nix filled in for Burrow admirably scoring 24 points to pace Judge Jeudy. Anthony Schwartz posted 17, Ausbon chipped in with 14 and Wake Forest Kicker Nick Sciba booted his way to 14 in the 89-88 squeaker. Coach Creagh was hit with byes to Hamler, Olave and Sargent, depleting his options as well. Stevie Scott ran for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, posting 32 points and Cole McDonald took the game right down to the last minute, ultimately scoring JUST enough to push Coach Creagh over the finish line with a one-point victory to advance. 

#8 - Darden of Good and Evil (Pac 12/CUSA)
#9 - Shyne Bright like a Diamond

#8 - Darden of Good and Evil
Owner - Corey Cavender, @CavenderCorey
- 6 - 3
- 1297 Points 
- Impact Free Agents: QB Justin McMillan - $11/RB Gaej Walker - $0 FA/TE Kyle Pitts - $89/QB Dustin Crum - $255

Season Starting Lineup:
QB - Justin McMillan - Tulane - 25 PPG
RB - Joshua Kelley - UCLA - 19 PPG
RB - Sincere McCormick - UTSA - 15.5 PPG
WR - Jaleon Darden - N. Texas - 19 PPG
WR -Brandon Aiyuk - AZ St. - 17 PPG (Bye)
WR - Jaylond Adams - So. Miss - 14.5 PPG (Bye)
TE - Kyle Pitts - Florida - 12 PPG 
SW - Justin Henderson - La Tech - 20 PPG (Bye)
D - SDSU - 14 PPG (Bye) - EMU
K - Staton - App St. - 8 PPG

Justin McMillan hung around waiver-wires across the nation for too long this year, as he has evolved into a weekly set-and-forget QB starter in deeper formats. The two-QB limit to each team's roster allows for significant turnover at the position and invites a musical-chairs like approach to the position if needed. It's the CFF equivalent of streaming pitchers in baseball, with highly volatile results. For a $11 investment, Coach Cavender secured the services of Justin McMillan and avoided the QB rat race. Great buy. Kyle Pitts is a top-10 Tight End who cost $89 and Gaej Walker was stolen for a $0 FA pickup. That is some exceptional waiver work. Darden/Aiyuk/Adams are a rock-solid WR group and the RB triad of Joshua Kelley/Justin Henderson/Sincere McCormick form a well-constructed and dangerous group of skill players. Even the special teams are solid with SDSU. This is a team I could see challenging for the championship.


#9 - Shyne Bright Like a Diamond
Owner: Mike Bainbridge, @MBainbridgeCFF 
- 6 - 3 Record
- 1284 Points
- Impact Free Agents: RB Javian Hawkins - $29/WR Thayer Thomas - $2/RB Jaylon Bester - $409

- Traded QB Josh Adkins - NM St, WR Josh Fleeks - Baylor, WR Reggie Todd - Troy, - Jordon Brown - Kansas State
RB/WR Caleb Twyford - Texas State and WR Sam Crawford - Tulsa

Season Starting Lineup:

QB - Jalen Hurts - Oklahoma - 44 PPG (Bye) - Garrett Shrader - Miss. St. - 19 PPG
RB - Trey Ragas - Louisiana - 16 PPG
RB - Javian Hawkins - Louisville - 16 PPG (Bye) 
WR - Sam Crawford Jr. - Tulsa -13.5 PPG
WR - Cornelius McCoy - 14 PPG (Bye) - Thayer Thomas - NC State 12 PPG
WR - Kawaan Baker - 11 PPG - South Alabama 
TE - Caleb Repp - 8 PPG
SW - Tra Minter - South Alabama - 14.5 PPG
D - Notre Dame - 12.5 PPG
K - Parker White - 7 PPG

Coach Mike Bainbridge lived up to his industry expert reputation, scoring the second-most points in the Big-12/SBC conference with 1282, and leading his team to a 6-3 record and No. 9 Seed in the Super-16. Jalen Hurts was an absolute force of nature averaging 44 PPG and savvy investments into Javian Hawkins - $29/Jaylon Bester - $409 shored up a fluid RB2 spot behind RB1 Trey Ragas. A mid-season trade netted Coach Bainbridge Tulsa WR Sam Crawford and valuable Running Back-who-qualifies-as-a-WR Caleb Twyford, who averaged 14 PPG the last four games heading into the playoffs. He rotated SBC WR's Kawaan Baker and Corenelius McCoy through the lineup based on matchups with $2 FA Thayer Thomas and Jarrin Pierce - MTSU.

Round 1 Result:

130 - 54 ------> Darden of Good and Evil Advances to Round 2

You have to feel for Mike Bainbridge, for the entire regular season Jalen Hurts performed at a god-like level, allowing him to assemble a balanced roster and run roughshod over his doomed league mates. Only in Round 1 of the playoffs Hurts was on bye and Mike was forced to rely on the scruffy, neck-beard wearing Mississippi State QB Garrett Shrader, who was cast aside by Hot Seat HC Joe Moorehead in favor of Tommy Stevens in a last ditch attempt to save his job against lowly Arkansas. Coach Bainbridge was essentially drawing dead as McMillan put up 36 points while Kelley and Darden combined for 54. Sincere McCormick, Keenen Johnson and Kyle Pitts all played important supporting roles in a convincing Round 1 victory for Coach Corey Cavender. 

Round 2 Matchups:

#1 My Borghi is a Wonderland (Eric Froton)  Vs.  #8 Darden of Good and Evil (Corey Cavender)

Back in Week 6 these two teams played, with Corey winning 158 - 147 and handing Eric his first and only loss to this point. Anthony Gordon and Max Borghi were on bye last time for Coach Froton, and Justin McMillan/Joshua Kelley are both on bye for Coach Cavender this week. Huge revenge spot here as these Pac-12 Rivals clash for the second time this season. 

#7 Mr. Peoples-Jones and Me (Brian Creagh) Vs.  #15 The Sindelar-ity is Near (Thor Nystrom)

Can the "Sindelar-ella" story of Coach Nystrom’s #15 Seed Coach Nystrom's continue? Thor faces an uphill battle, as Spiller/Stephon Robinson/Whop Philyor are all on bye! Survive and advance is the plan here for the Rotoworld High Council Member. For his part, Coach Brian Creagh loses star RB Stevie Scott to his bye week and is biting his fingernails to see if his starting QB Cole McDonald is getting benched in favor of Chevan Cordeiro. Interesting storylines abound in this matchup.

#4 No Punt Intended (David Rogers) Vs.  #5 Buechele and a Peck (Scott Bell)

Coach Rogers loses #1 overall WR Omar Bayless and freshman-phenom WR Dante Wright to bye weeks, but gets back QB Sam Ehlinger and TE Charlie Kolar from bye last week. No Punt Intended's starting lineup is still loaded with a RB group of Kennedy/Mitchell/Billingsley to go with Geiger and Claypool at WR. Coach Bell is hit hard by byes, losing superstar RB Kenneth Gainwell, star WR Marquez Stevenson, RB A.J. Davis and RB JaTarvious Whitlow. Scott is still starting Buechele with Xavier Jones/Elijah Collins alongside Hinton/Ross/Anthrop, but will need to pickup a TE. Dead Heat.

#3 Rambo Warriors (Ryan McCrystal)  Vs.  #6 The Defending Champ (Andy Katz)

Rambo Warriors will be without #1 overall RB Chuba Hubbard this week, but still have a pretty loaded lineup with every other projected starter available to play. Breece Hall and Darius Anderson lead the RB's while Rambo/Vasher/Deshaunte Jones/Isaiah Likely comprise the pass catching group. The Defending Champ will be without WR JD Spielman, but will still have a full compliment of other starters. Dobbins/Valladay/D. Bailey will start at RB/SW, while Higgins/Sharsh/Rashee Rice out wide for Coach Katz.

Please understand that I'm writing this piece to highlight what I perceive the 50-Team Super League to be - an important data set that is unique to the world of CFF. 
Whenever I explain CFF to acquaintances (we've ALL been there), people literally cannot fathom how we keep track of all 130 teams. After two decades of that conversation i've come to realize that the only thing keeping CFF from growing is the lack of accurate information and a cohesive network that can supply that information. The metaphor I like to use is from the seminal Ben Stiller classic, Zoolander.

We are the "hand models" of the fantasy football world. The NFL walks the runways and has the Sunday morning big cable network shows with their iron-fist-enforced injury report that scrolls across every Sunday morning studio ticker. We lurk in the shadows scavenging for morsels of info from the Owl Daily on who the beat writer thinks will handle the majority of carries this week. CFF and it's DFS equivalent is well on it's way to becoming a NFL level phenomenon, enjoy the ride.

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